Friday, January 9, 2015

A given rate, or measured temperature would then trigger the alarm, even before there is actual fir

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The plane disappeared from radar screens last night at. 21:12 Danish time and found debris in an area 130 km west of the Korean island being of Jeju, where the pilots had informed air traffic controllers that they would attempt an emergency landing.
There rug currently no further information, but information that there was lithium-ion batteries as cargo, will probably get the debate about the safety of these batteries to again flare up. Documentation
Niels Hansen 3 years ago Dubai
Several safety rekommendationer allerede er-issued as result of the ongoing Investigation, all related til transport of lithium being batteries. The FAA hatred allerede-issued a safety alert for operators being (SAFO). http: // article = 4307772e / 000 ...
Karl Lohse 3 years ago Aw, now again!
It is virtually impossible to deal with a fire on board an aircraft - that is a major fire. Especially if it's lithium batteries overheating, even on ground being with plenty of turnout, it is quite a challenge.
If you have to do anything further to prevent these accidents, it is primarily DETECTION you have to have improved. Main deck on a B747 is equipped with some smoke alarms where air is circulated past sensors that works with light. Is there a (visible) smoke, being the alarm will go. Sorry, there are well go for a while from a fire occurs the alarm goes off. These spilled minutes may be those are lacking in the other end, to the aircraft placed on the ground being (or water)
Unfortunately, some of the 747 models who have problems with false alarms, especially when you put the temperature in the lower cargo hold at a lower temperature and the air is humid outside (with doors open during loading and unloading). That's when condensation that smoke alarms think it's smoke, not steam.
I have previously suggested that one could install some thermal imagers certain places in cargo compartments. These would record being the temperature, and then follow if there is a development, being for example. a sustained increase in temperature. When the doors to the cargo compartments are closed, being the temperature being should not rise further (eg. If otherwise it's hot outside). Is the lithium batteries that are initiated with a meltdown, it should be recorded being by these cameras, long before the smoke alarms do it.
A given rate, or measured temperature would then trigger the alarm, even before there is actual fire in the pallet. Some fires develop lots of smoke immediately, while others do not give so much smoke - to start with.
It is expensive to develop and have such a system approved. But what does it cost every time a 747 crashing? If I had insurance, I would ask for anything better being security than there are now.
Statistics show that in the event there has been a serious fire on board an aircraft goes there often between 13 and 17 minutes you can not fly more. There is no time to dump fuel for discussion or other considerations, in addition to countries as soon as possible - regardless landing weight, weather being and other traffic. Also if it should be on the sea, in a desert or ... anywhere. Just LAND ...
The Boeing 747-400F took off from the Inchon airport west of Seoul at 3:05 am on Thursday, bound for Pudong, China. It was carrying 58 tons of electronic and machine parts, herunder lithium batteries, paint and other chemicals betragtet flammable, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs said in a statement. In the pilots' last communication with the Shanghai air traffic being control center to 4:03 am, they redovisade the fire, Kim Han-young, a senior ministry official in charges of air transport policy, said at a news briefing. The jet is mente two seas crashed nine minutes later, as it turned around and headed for an emergency landing at the Jeju airport, Mr. Kim said.
Now it is not to be krakilsk, being but chemically are not amino acids, also known as protein, but amino acids linked together being in chains and the formation of protein. Thus, they are also chemically different, which is essential. About this makes them dangerous in a fire situation, I do not. Perhaps being some of them. But take for example. acrylamide, being but not an amino acid but extremely toxic as monomer. It can polymerize to polyacrylamide, which is quite dangerous. but some of poly'en will always be released by the toxic monomer. Poly'en include being as it is in the "Brank" from cooking, and is used, inter alia, also in gaskets in bored tunnels. Again, there will always be released small amounts of the toxic monomer. being A polymer is most often not the same chemical properties as a monomer.
The front right now
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