Saturday, January 31, 2015

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According to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of Japan, explosions were heard in the reactor number 2 of the Fukushima nuclear power electricity generator number 1 at 6:10 pm local time on Tuesday (15/3).
2015 (40) January (40) 2014 (1027) December (12) November (22) October (33) September (31) August (77) July (315) June (70) May (49) April (75) March (100) February (122) January (121) 2013 (740) December (50) November (49) October (48) September (73) August (117) July (170) June (37) May (34) April (71) March (39) February (15) January (37) 2012 (552) December (38) November (48) October (38) September (33) August (23) July (59) June (17) May (5) April (29) March (45) February (72) January (145) 2011 (1992) December (137) November (175) October (172) September (158) August (149) July (182) June (109) May (179) April (126) March (254) believe Obama will topple Libyan leader 2010 - Illegal Israeli Development Rises 4 Kali G ... EGYPT - Election of the President in November LIBYA: Gaddafi captured Ras Lanuf re-Discrimination Islam in UGANDA UNITED consider protection for Gaddafi is expected to be dissolved Cabinet SYRIA West wants broke two LIBYA LIBYA: Gaddafi forces attack Misrata PALESTINE - Israeli aircraft attacked Jabalia Camp LIBAYA - Proof of Child Ghaddafi Not Killed along turbulent RUSSIA SYRIA consider Allied attack hit re ... BAHRAIN KUWAIT so Denies UN mediator urged The executable ceasefire in Libya Explosive weapons factory in YEMEN, 70 fatal LIBYA Rebels captured Sirte 7 FRENCH destroy government plane in Zintan, M ... JAPAN: The level of radiation in the reactor Fukushima too ... 'Western public life no matter LIBYA' 7 deadly chaos in SYRIA LIBYA: Allied delrin Forces do 160 mission came LIBYA LIBYA Rebels: Ras Lanuf topple delrin Qaddafi Forces Kill 8 People More Successful Containing Uranium Bombs Dropped in LIBYA TURKEY responsible care for war victims JAPAN effects highest level of radioactive iodine LIBYA: Gaddafi Forces weakening Qaradawi Role Brotherhood in LIBYA LIBYA - Running From Military Ghadafi Ajdabiya City LIBYA: Air Force Britain, France exhale ping ... TURKEY bow to pressure delrin from Nato Earthquake in MYANMAR, delrin 75 reported fatal FRANCE: NATO undivided 17 killed in Syria demonstrations marred shot ... President YEMEN existing delrin submarine resigned delrin along smoothly delrin Tomahawk BRITAIN LIBYA: Many civilians died Gaddafi Forces will be destroyed some day: Juppe Allied Forces continue to attack LIBYA LIBYA: air defense destroyed IRAN page Urges Israel To Train suicide bombers Close Urges Facebook Page Intifada LIBYA - 1 Cheap Shot FRENCH FALL? LIBYA: 8 rocket attack injured when trying to view j ... CHINA: delrin Oil major goals of the war EGYPT: Al Azhar denounces Allied military leaders will try eternal power LIBYA: Obama LIBYA: Gaddafi hanging delrin sure beat West BAHRAIN SYRIA LEBANON flights: 6 protesters Fatal PALESTINE: Israel rifle Gaza City, 8 fatal LIBYA: Gaddafi Slams Western powers PALESTINE - one Jewish Killed, Dozens Injured Brotherhood Internal Opposition Forms New Party Pope Contact Mursyidul Am Muslim Brotherhood Experience 20 Years in Prison LIBYA LIBYA: Urban Tribes Guededfa target LIBYA : Residential Gaddafi attacked again LIBYA: Nobody knows where Gaddafi US continues to urge resignation LIBYA Gaddafi intensified attacks on US bomber crashed Libyan leader suicide attempt is not a wise idea: Gate ... VENEZUELA denounces US raid allies violate international law : CHI ... LIBYA: Grave evidence reluctant confederate EGYPT EGYPT: Ban ki -moon say anything QATAR, UAE defended the action, denounces IRAN IRAN: Khamenei worried about the fate of dissidents in the Gulf LIBYA: NATO help block the US arms: Pastor Wayne Sapp fuel Quran 14 million people vote amend the Constitution EGYPT LIBYA: Gaddafi's son reported killed LIBYA: Gaddafi forces continue bombarded Former Israeli President delrin Jailed 7 Years, Memperko ... PALESTINE - Israel Attacked 50 Mortar Ammunition AS - Children's Fruit Chief Terry Jones Burn Quran Support delrin the Libyan Opposition Forces YEMEN available annihilated 'cross pact' LIBYA missiles bombarded JAPAN: Two victims were found safe Allied Troops attack LIBYA UAE - Al-Quran Gold Exhibited

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