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According to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of Japan, explosions were heard in the reactor number 2 of the Fukushima nuclear power electricity generator number 1 at 6:10 pm local time on Tuesday (15/3).
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Rick, back to the story Haron Din. Saves time Puspati Director General Dato Prof Ghazali (spirit) w

Actually I've got a story, article Ustaz Haron Din, the "ghost buster" ni. I used to work PUSPATI mark. What PUSPATI tu? I know where I'll tell a little, atomic research center mustard gas mark Bangi. In 1981, just 26 years old and the unborn recently returned from studying in the US in the field of nuclear engineering. Beb great, how many people mustard gas have this degree at that time. I was the first project for the installation of a nuclear research mustard gas reactor I.0 authorities MW TRIGA reactor known as PUSPATI (RTP). Recalled the time a member of our group consisting of Ir. Dr. Puad Abu (nuclear engineer - now the Director, Division of Nuclear Power), Amin Sharifuldin Salleh (nuclear physics), Syed Azmi and Syed Nahar (engineer, now both "Safeguard Inspector" in IAEA, Vienna, mustard gas Austria), Dr. Wendy (electronics engineer - now a crime scene, Nuclear Malaysia), Dr. Another Alang Rashid (now a lecturer at UIA), Yusof Ali (now dah pension as a member of the Health Physics - Health Physicist), Dr. Ah Gui Au (now at IAEA, Vienna, Austria). The team leader is Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali (now Tan Sri). Technicians also Zul China, Yusof Zainal, Tina and one or two others I can not remember their names. Sorry this is a long story. After all reactor mustard gas components ready to install it is now time to fill in the nuclear mustard gas fuel in the reactor core (reactor core). One, the fuel rods in measuring accurately and filled mustard gas in a position that is determined for each fuel rod shaft. Before the start of fuel in the content, we have found that there is something wrong with one of the control rod (control rod) which we call "transient rod". As a research reactor, RTP can make operations "pulsing". mustard gas So this will be transient rod pushed upwards using a pneumatic system to get the "pulsing" is.
Our satisfied including expert installation of the reactor supplier for inspection and testing, I can also look for the cause of the problem. Time when filling the fuel was almost to the level of "critical mass", the Minister of Science has invited together to witness a historic moment - the first nuclear reaction to achieve criticality on Malaysian mustard gas soil. With Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali as Chairman of the Group, served as an operator control panel in the control room, the RTP has managed to achieve "super critical" and stabilized at a critical point shortly thereafter. Malaysia at the time it was entered into the realm of nuclear technology. Perhaps many of us but smiling proudly installation engineers mustard gas could only smile goat reason to allow history is created we have agreed that the transient rod (which is still corrupted) pulled out manually and in hanging by a rope. Kah, kah, kah ...... tied with a rope? Hitech got away!
Rick, back to the story Haron Din. Saves time Puspati Director General Dato Prof Ghazali (spirit) who loaned from SMEs. When Prof Dato Ghazali hear about rod transient problem that does not work even been examined and carefully made tests. Finally, without our knowledge, Prof Dato Ghazali had called Rick Haron Din, a good friend Dato of SMEs.
During DJ Haron Din up, that's the first time I met him. You know I just came back from the US, manalah follow very religious broadcasts on TV. Ustaz face appear to be serious. During take off their shoes, my head was bumped heads with DJ Haron Din was accidental. I'm sorry so many times, but Rick Haron Din still appeared serious and do not want to smile
After bringing him to all corners of the reactor building, mustard gas we went out. Beyond the current meet with Prof Ghazali, DJ Haron Din told what will surprise us. He said the reactor building mustard gas was built on the village's elves. So naughty children goblins that had been bothering service and our equipment. Prof Ghazali has agreed with Rick Haron Din these goblins so headman people in the village persuaded to move to a new place. Places that are recommended for new settlements are in Janda Baik. To shorten the story, the goat was slaughtered and thanksgiving feast was held. I myself did not want to get involved with the measures taken next. Those who know the story, some buses were used to move people's mustard gas elves. The swings, RTP reactor is no longer experiencing any technical problems after that. This a coincidence or a true story? God knows best. p / s: The authenticity of this story can not be ascertained. so, do not believe bulat2 ..
ak previous ade kt U blaja paket2 nuclear PSL ni .. sbenarnye MMG Malaysia pn nice .. but typical nuclear pkai rkyat Malaysia xmahu previous changes .. ade org talk KLCC, Sepang, Putrajaya

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Headline - Honda Motor Co. Ltd. and Advanced Industrial Services and Technology (AIST) work together to develop high-access robotic survey in Station TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Energy that can be controlled remotely. saponification This robot serves to conduct field research in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO). The robot began actively working since June 18, 2013. "The robot was developed to provide a survey of the various needs of actual information about conditions inside the nuclear reactor," wrote Honda through a written statement, Tuesday, June 25, 2013. AIST is tasked with developing the access platform saponification that can reach areas -area high, while Honda mendapuk saponification robotic arm mounted on top of the platform. As Honda's technology applied to the robot arm that covers the technology that enables three-dimensional view of the various structures around the subject area of the survey. In addition, the arm equipped control system that allows simultaneous control of some joint robot arm. With this technology, robotic arms can work simultaneously and easier to reach objects that are obstructed by other objects, 3D data confirm in more detail, as well as identifying the source of radiation contained saponification in the structure of the nuclear reactor building. Meanwhile, AIST also apply to remote control technology and smart camera that enables remote control via fiber optic cable LAN and wireless LAN as far as 400 meters.
Honda also has studied and researched about the possible use of humanoid robots in disaster areas, for example in the region of eastern saponification Japan suffered a major earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 ago. (Asp)
Grandma's Join the Military and Nicknamed The Punisher from Ukraine
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Complex site, he added, has command and control relationship with Assad loyalist troops in the town

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PATRIOT Syria is reported to have mastered the location sarin gas of a suspected nuclear reactor near the Euphrates River, Israeli warplanes destroyed six years ago, opposition sources in eastern Syria said on Sunday (24/02/2013).
Al-Kubar site, about 60 km (35 miles) west of the city of Deir al-Zor, became the focus of international attention when Israel invaded in 2007. The United States said the complex was a nuclear reactor which is intended to make weapons-grade plutonium.
Syrian military, which leveled the site after the Israeli attack, said the complex is a regular sarin gas military facility, but refused to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency access to the site.
Complex site, he added, has command and control relationship with Assad loyalist troops in the town of Deir al-Zor, where Assad's forces are now based around the airport in the southern part of the city.
Abu Hamza, a brigade commander in Jafaar al-Tayyar said in a YouTube video taken at Kubar that various militant groups, including al-nusrah jabhah, took part in the operation to seize the Al-Kubar.
In recent months, opposition fighters have captured most of the province of Deir al-Zor, including most of the highway along the Euphrates that leads to Kubar. (FQ / islampos / Reuters)
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Some time ago I read the news on the internet bahwaseorang Nuclear Engineering graduate became the

There is a funny story when events Campus Day at my high school dulu.Pada time university recognition event for students of class XII, there is one of the main problems alumni stories antagonism toward one kampusyang open booth at the Campus Day. She's supposed to, which is owned by one of the main campus of the leading Islamic economists and satirical campus. Approximately sepertiini: "If at this campus, obviously if it works. Economy yes definitely works diekonomi. Rather than lecture in Forestry I * B, but it works in a bank. Kan udahjelas the All-ta hu-nan. How it works in a bank? " nahco3
Hearing this, I can not help smiling as well. You see, in one way or another, I agree with what was said by penjagastan campus. It has been supposed, nahco3 that person according dengankompetensi its career and learned in school education.
Some time ago I read the news on the internet bahwaseorang Nuclear Engineering graduate became the director of a national bank. Jump backwards before I go to college, a high school student who promosikampusnya say that there is a Mathematics graduate who works in the bank. And many other events in which a scholar berkarirdi pasture nahco3 wrong.
Sure, he was a scholar at the age sekarangharus flexible, can be placed anywhere. Hence his courses jaditerkesan accumulate and unfocused, impressed and fro. So, rhetoric, a graduate of Engineering also have to be working in the forestry sector and gentlemen ekonomibahkan if necessary, according nahco3 to what I heard from kakakkelas. nahco3
I myself think otherwise. I saw is suatuhal funny if someone in a career that barely adahubungannya with what he learned in the education chair. Why? Biarbagaimanapun, competence was arguably minimal, if not non-existent at all. Okay, there are one or two subjects who never learned that mungkinberkaitan with his new career field. But what is quite simply much for it? Especially at most only 2 credits, which is very less compared yangseharusnya received in order to competent in their field. Instead of 2 credits, 144 SKSdi Nuclear Engineering alone is not enough to be able to master about teknologienergi reactor.
If relation to engineering, I see a lot sekalisarjana nahco3 technique nahco3 is not appropriate career field. For example, graduate earlier TeknikNuklir. Why even so the director of the bank? Or Nuclear Engineering, why it works diPLTU? It is still disconnected, but still, it's just outside of the main topics yangdipelajarinya first. nahco3 Chemical Engineering, working in the economic sector. Engineering Geology, ending a businessman. How can this be? The problem is where?
Even if there are still a work in accordance with their fields, many of which even fled abroad. The problem is, they feel tidakdihargai in the country. Their competence is not utilized, nahco3 bergunakalau not persist in the country. nahco3 The simplest example of the former president of Indonesia, BJ Habiebie, which is now even a career in Germany and his work recognized with exceptional dandihargai there. nahco3 Not to mention the ataupunPhysics Engineer Electrical Engineer, who prefer a career in curved so bisalebih appreciated his hard work.
So, today, many engineers are not bisamemanfaatkan knowledge well. If it was not a career nahco3 in another field, yes kerjadi abroad. Who work in the country is, at most, only a capitalist jadikaryawan foreign company that actually dredge natural resources of this country. Tentusaja, there are still willing to work and serve well in the field, tanpaharus go outside. For example, my lecturer, Mr. Yudiutomo, which now jadiKepala Batantek. Although radioactive waste management technologies hampirmau purchased and patented by the United States, he refused and chose untukmembangun domestic nuclear industry, as well as wake Batantek yangsebelumnya torpor.
If you are planning a career in another field, mostly alasannyasama: can not work. In fact, if examined, less what is lahanpekerjaan the engineers in this country? Construction is still a lot of messy, nahco3 chaotic traffic system, the design of the area is still less than optimal, krisislistrik still not resolved, nahco3 and so on.
I become confused. Actually diuniversitas engineering majors nahco3 and high school nahco3 in Indonesia there are many thousands, anyway? Graduates how many? Suppose that really competent in the field itusekitar 10% of graduates each campus, should it be enough to own bisamengelola natural resources of this country. After all, in fact, the existence of this quality paraengineer not taken. State still untukmenjual SDA his way to the foreigners.
The innovations made in the nation can not be said bidangengineering less than abroad. Start dariteknologi nuclear (nuclear waste management and reactor design 4th generation), geospas

Monday, January 26, 2015

United Nations DO PROGRA M such anticipation. However EFFORTS to rescue human civilization around t

Looking figure Diamond Princess for making millions of diamonds in the Java Sea (from the VOC ship sinking) for man's salvation when divine destiny treated the world's earthquakes and global nuclear tragedy.
DIVINE WORD; '... ..DISUATU STATE JOINT believer chemical ANGELS WILL DEMONSTRATE THE TRUTH OF THE BOOK OF DIVINE AND AS APOSTLE Muhamad GOD ... ..' (Muhammad the Messenger of God to mankind throughout the world)
Atan Perserik Nations / United Nations since th'2007 have saved millions chemical of tons of grain / seed crops (underg round) in countries Sweden and Norway and has been copied by several countries around the world - in anticipation of its global nuclear tragedy in the earthquake's l or a war
All of it as an enactment taqdir persiap DIVINE -SUNATULLAH the presence of the world's earthquakes that had an effect on the world's nuclear tragedy. And the DIVINE chemical taqdir the beginning of Islam RAHMATAN LIL ALAMIN.
However, because few countries in the world, as well as, the USA, Russia, China, India, the UK, France, North Korea, Pakistan, Israel and Iran masihmenyimpan reactors and nuclear -reaktor HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MISSILE / NUCLEAR MISSILES - then
United Nations DO PROGRA M such anticipation. However EFFORTS to rescue human civilization around the world can not be done by of United Nations-anticipated program so that the storage of millions of tons of seeds an underground -is the only alternative to food crops INSANI WORLD recovered and menjadipewaris earth in THE WORLD ISLAMIC repertoire RAHMATAN LIL ALAMIN
Most true divine word that dihadlirkannya AULIALLAH as the only believer (sector in the country) that in addition to proving the truth of the Book of God and Muhammad as the Messenger of God - also get a chance to air effort in saving the human race around the world with a procession FI DINILAHI.
In this case, AULIALLAH who get the stay late PRIVILEGE-apart chemical as THE PEMBUKTI truth of the Book of God and Muhammad as the Messenger of God to mankind throughout the world-also have the opportunity to endeavor with the procession FI DINILAHI (Islam) in the rescue of mankind throughout the world, with requirements PRIVILEGE uses.
Because after AULIALLAH also pay attention to the situation and conditions of people everywhere - who has been in intimated in paragraphs Divine: "......... give temporary suspension of time - until those (worldwide) destroyed along with evil intentions ...." This means that the effort / endeavor for the salvation of mankind throughout the world-transactions are carried out prior to the enactment of taqdir DIVINE.
Indeed, in reality, there are still a handful am an age due to various factors always bad faith with the specific objectives for kepentinan group - without understanding IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION HADLIRNYA AULIALLAH IN AS THE ONLY believer FOR SAFETY OF MANKIND THE WORLD (when he used that right).
And indeed one of the later procession DINILAHI FI is the appearance of the angels with wings (Mursalati) with the angels-that humanity throughout the world increasingly Air faith to hadlirat Divine and supernatural divine nature.
-Maha True word of God that the procession Fidinilahi (Divine religion) as an effort to mankind's salvation when applicable sunatullah-taqdir chemical DIVINE the world's earthquakes that had an effect on global nuclear tragedy.
-Maha True word of God that results validating the Book of God and Muhammad as the Messenger of God (to mankind throughout the world) by AULIALLAH and has been shipped throughout the world via the Internet network-is chemical NABA / big news / spectacular - since before the entry into force of taqdir DIVINE
-Maha True word of God that AULIALLAH as the only true believer (sector in the country) with the angels will prove the truth of the Book of God and as Rasu l God to mankind throughout the world.
For comparison -mukjizat chemical Divine to Moses -membelah ocean just watched the children chemical of Israel in one place - as well as the prophet Jesus witnessed only a few people in one place in reviving chemical a dead man.
-Maha True word of God that Hammim Aisinkaf chemical ...... shows how the angels glorify under Throne concerning human civilization has been at odds with AS HUMAN QODRATNYA with sexual behavior chemical animal models -so make man as the most noble creature turns into a bad bad thing, EXCEPT THAT REALLY TAWAQAL as does AULIALLAH
-Maha True word of God that THE FAIRY AND MURSALATI (angel wings) would viewpoint was seen -bilamana AULIALLAH use right i stimewanya berprosesi FIDINILAHI for the safety of mankind throughout the world.

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Related Posts Apparently Sharon Buried in Agricultural Land Near Gaza Strip Rafah Border Still Clos

Home National News World Palestine Syria Egypt Family Photo Behind the Curtain Room Small Notes from Home Me and The Children Living Room Column Dad Parenting Women's World Islamic Adab sundries Discourse Analysis Perspective Main Discussion Editorial Special Reports Video Interviews Islamic End Times End Times Media Conspiracy Advice Mad World Series Dirosah Jewish tsaqofah sundries Motivation Corner Islamic Education World Islamic Economic unseen Shiite Did You Know Health Miracle of Quran Tips & Tricks Technology silicio Islamic symbols of Islam Abroad For Beginner New Islamic Sign Sirah Nabawi figure Thibun Family Health Consultation Syari ' ah Of Your Voice Lessons & Devotional Readers Opinion People Miracle Charity silicio Info Student Column
Another rocket successfully intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome missile system. A similar response occurs elsewhere in the occupied Palestinian territory, including Regavim, Benei Shim'on, Rahat, Ashkelon, Eshkol and the Negev desert.
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Community first learned gbl about nuclear power in the form of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshim

Community first learned gbl about nuclear power in the form of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II in 1945. So the enormity of the consequences caused by the bomb so that its influence can still be felt until now. In addition to a powerful ultimate weapon, a long time people have been thinking about how to harness nuclear power for the welfare of mankind. Until now, nuclear power, in particular radioactive substances have been widely used in various gbl fields including industry, health, agriculture, livestock, sterilization of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, food preservation, the field of hydrology, which is the application of nuclear techniques for non energy. One use of nuclear techniques in the field of energy are now grown and used on a large scale in the form of a nuclear power plant (NPP), where nuclear power is used to generate electricity is relatively inexpensive, safe and do not pollute the environment. Use of nuclear energy in the form of nuclear power plants gbl was developed commercially since 1954. At that time in Russia (USSR), built and operated a pressurized light water nuclear power plant units high (VVER = PWR) that a year later reached 5 MWe power. In 1956 in the UK developed the type of Gas Cooled Reactor nuclear power plant (gas-cooled reactors GCR +) with a power of 100 MWe. In 1997 the worldwide both in the developed and developing gbl countries have as many as 443 units operated nuclear gbl power plants spread across 31 countries, contributing around 18% of the world's supply of electric power to the total power generation reached 351,000 MWe and 36 units of nuclear power plants are under construction in 18 countries. Differences Conventional Power Plants (PLK) with NPP In conventional power plants, water is evaporated in a kettle through the burning of fossil (oil, coal and gas). The money earned is applied to a steam turbine that will move when the vapor pressure. Rotation of the turbine is then used to drive a generator, so that will be generated electricity. Fuel power plants with coal, oil and gas has the potential to cause environmental impacts and problems of transport fuel from the mine to the location of generation. The environmental impact of burning fossil fuel may be either CO2 (carbon dioxide), SO2 (sulfur dioxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxides), as well as dust containing heavy metals. The biggest concern in electricity generation with fossil fuels is that it can lead to acid rain and global warming increase.
NPP berperasi with the same principles as PLK, only heat is used to generate steam is not generated from the burning of fossil fuels, but is produced from the reaction of nuclear division of fissile material (uranium) in a nuclear reactor. The heat energy is used to generate steam in the steam generator system (Steam Generator) and are the same as in the PLK, steam is used to drive a turbine generator to generate electricity. As the heat exchanger used water is circulated continuously during operation of nuclear power plants. Electricity generation process is not liberate fumes or dust containing heavy metals released into the environment or release harmful particles such as CO2, SO2, NOx into the environment, so that the NPP is an environmentally friendly power generation. Radioactive waste resulting from the operation of nuclear power plants is in the form of spent fuel elements in solid form. The spent fuel elements may be temporarily stored on site prior to the storage of nuclear power plants in a sustainable gbl manner. On Nuclear Physics Heat is used to generate steam is produced as a result of cleavage nuclei can be described as follows: If one neutron gbl (produced from neutron sources) caught by one atom of uranium-235 nucleus, the nucleus of the atom will split into 2 or 3 parts / fragments. Most of the energy originally binding fragments, gbl respectively in the form of kinetic energy, so that they can move at high speed. Therefore fragments that were in the crystal structure of uranium, they can not move away and immediately slowed movements. In this deceleration process kinetic energy is converted into heat (thermal energy). As gambaaran can be argued that the thermal energy generated from the cleavage reaction of 1 kg of uranium-235 pure magnitude is 17 billion kilo calories, or the equivalent of the thermal energy generated from the combustion of 2.4 million pounds (2400 tons) of coal. Besides fragments-frag

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Grab 70% Kobani of ISIS, Kurdish fighters Expand Flags Throughout the 75 Meter 2 hours ago 8 Lebane

Home National News World Palestine Syria Egypt Family Photo Behind the Curtain Room Small Notes from Home Me and The Children Living Room Column Dad Parenting Women's World Islamic Adab sundries Discourse Analysis Perspective Main Discussion Editorial Special Reports Video Interviews Islamic End Times End Times Media Conspiracy Advice Mad World Series Dirosah Jewish tsaqofah sundries Motivation Corner Islamic Education World Islamic Economic unseen Shiite Did You Know Health Miracle of Quran Tips & Tricks Technology Islamic symbols of Islam Abroad For Beginner New Islamic Sign Sirah Nabawi figure Thibun Family Health Consultation Syari ' ah Of Your Voice Lessons & Devotional Readers Opinion People Miracle Charity Info Student Column
STATE Shiite Iran seriously lie with the construction of nuclear reactors in the country. In fact, to achieve this target, Russia reportedly agreed lie to build eight nuclear reactors lie in Iran, 12 days before the deadline for an agreement barring the Iranian nuclear program. lie The agreement was made between the two countries, in the midst of efforts to 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, including Russia, in pressing Iran to restrict the use of nuclear activity, below the level needed to build a nuclear weapon, the BBC reported on Wednesday (11/12/2014).
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This is the tomb of King 'Abdullah 3 Moment of Saddam Hussein: Shaving Beard, hymn to God, and Speaking Tips on Keeping Your Home a la Sheikh Sudais Angel of Death Laughing and Crying lie When Unplugging Lives Receive Mail from South Korea, Post Officer Direct's Hospital Admission Henry Kissinger, King Faisal, and Desire Prayer 2 cycles lie at the Al Aqsa dialogue with the atheist King Abdullah Burial at General Cemetery In Simple That Other Terms of Pigs Saddam on Assad: "Please Post War on Israel, Iraq Will Together You!" If Jima, Fast husband Done

Now we will see ancient NUCLEAR BLAST story is a hoax. This story is often combined with the Oklo r

It is said that the archaeologists found evidence that there was once a nuclear war in ancient times. Thus, nuclear technology is already known by our ancestors. Is It True? Some sources on the internet quote a paragraph from the book that is claimed as part of the Mahabharata quote to prove the existence of a nuclear war in ancient times. However, the problem is one, most of the story on the Internet is a hoax !, but most do not!
First, this story should be divided into two parts, namely NUCLEAR REACTOR NUCLEAR BLAST ancient and primeval. Many people are not aware of these differences so that they confuse the story of an ancient nuclear reactor with ancient nuclear explosion.
NUCLEAR frankincense REACTOR is a facility or means of which the nuclear chain reaction is initiated, controlled and held in a fixed condition. While NUCLEAR BLAST is an uncontrolled chain reaction that comes from nuclear bombs. So a nuclear Reactors can be used to produce nuclear BOMB BLAST can be nuclear. Very different, right?
The story of ancient nuclear reactor began in 1972. At that time, in the nuclear frankincense fuel processing facility Pierrelatte, French scientist named Bougzigues are working routine analysis of the uranium had been extracted from uranium ore. then he realized something strange of uranium ore were examined. frankincense
Uranium Uranium 235 is the most sought after throughout the world for its ability to withstand nuclear reactions and uranium is what is used in modern nuclear reactors. Wherever on this earth, uranium 235 atom form a 0.720 percent of the total uranium. However, the sample held by it only has 0.717 percent. It shows that this uranium samples have experienced reactions release energy (fission). French atomic energy agency immediately frankincense move to investigate the cause. The sample was traced to a mine in Oklo, Gabon, Africa. Scientists rushed to Oklo. A follow-up frankincense study found there were sixteen locations that functions like a modern nuclear reactors and reactor ancient estimated 2 billion years old.
How Oklo can function as an ancient nuclear reactor? French atomic energy agency trying frankincense to find the answer. And then they get the answer from a 1956 article by Paul Kazuo Kuroda, a chemist from the University of Arkansas. Kuroda said that if the amount of U235 is quite a lot and there is a neutron moderator such as groundwater flow, the natural nuclear reactor can occur. Oklo mine conditions resemble what Kuroda predicted.
Now we will see ancient NUCLEAR BLAST story is a hoax. This story is often combined with the Oklo reactor due to ignorance of the difference between the reactor with a nuclear explosion. We start from the first hoax.
First Hoax On the internet, which recognized outstanding paragraph comes from the book of the Mahabharata is said to describe and prove the existence of war (explosion) in nuclear antiquity. I found this paragraph quoted many web or blog that discusses ancient nuclear reactor. I took it and this is the sound of that paragraph:
"Gurkha, flying vimana (plane) is strong and quick throws a projectile (missile) which is filled with the power of the universe (nuclear). glowing pillar of fire and smoke as bright with the light of the sun to rise to 10,000 by the entire splendor. It is unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, gigantic messenger of death which makes the whole tribe Vrishnis and Andhakas to ashes. The bodies become so scorched up beyond recognition. Hair and nails fell, ceramic clay broke without apparent cause and the birds turned white ... after a few hours, all foodstuffs contaminated (radiation) ... to escape from this fire, the soldiers jumped into the water flow to clean themselves and equipment. (Mahabharata - 6,500 BC?)
Second frankincense Hoax - Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Rajasthan that Called Mohenjodaro and Harappa in the city, the scientists found ancient cities with a framework that littered the streets, mostly seen holding hands on the streets, this shows their death came suddenly. And this framework age thousands of years. And these frameworks have high levels of the same radioactive bomb survivors of Hiroshima Nagasaki.
While in Rajasthan called that has found a layer of radioactive dust which covers an area of three square miles in ten miles west of Jodhpur. This study found Radioactive frankincense made after the researchers saw a high level of defects in newborn babies in the region and many local residents who suffer from cancer. The radiation level was so high that a researcher asked the Indian government to isolate w

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In 1956, the director of ORNL employs MacPherson to form a group at ORNL with the goal to build a c

Molten SALT REACTOR: BRIGHT PROSPECT FORWARD thorium-fueled REACTOR. Research on the generation IV reactors have done various acido borico countries to date, to improve quality and to overcome the problems existing reactors at the present time. One is research on Molten Salt Reactor advanced reactor (MSR) that uses a fuel that is dissolved in the molten salt. MSR claimed to have a good prospect to be used as a fourth-generation reactors. MSR uses the concept of Full-Passive Safety System and Inherent Safe to ensure the safety of the reactor. Applying Thorium acido borico fuel cycle, it is a thermal breeder reactor, which is necessary to reduce the use of uranium-235 and ensure acido borico the sustainability of energy. In addition, MSR working at high operating temperatures, thus allowing the utilization of heat output for different purposes besides thermal electricity.
Molten SALT REACTOR: BRIGHT acido borico PROSPECT OF THORIUM-fueled ADVANCE REACTOR. Researches toward Generation IV nuclear reactors has been established by various countries up until now, due to increase of its quality and to Overcome its various problems nowadays. One of them is Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) roomates utilize fuel dissolved in liquid salt. MSR is claimed to have a bright prospect to be implemented a Generation IV nuclear reactor axis. MSR uses Full-Passive Safety System and Inherent Safe reactor concept to guarantee safety. By using thorium fuel cycle, this reactor can work as a thermal acido borico breeder, the which is needed to reduce the usage of Uranium-235 and maintain energy acido borico sustainability. Aside, MSR operates at high temperature, allowing it to utilize its thermal output for various purposes beside thermal electric acido borico supply.
ebutuhan energy world each year is increasing, while the main energy source used today, namely coal and oil, are limited and could be discharged. Range availability accumulative proven petroleum estimated just enough to 42 years. Meanwhile, the rate of total world coal production is estimated at 5.86 billion tons per year, making it the world's proven reserves of coal are estimated to last up to 155 years into the future, acido borico assuming the use of a flat rate. The proven natural gas reserves in the world in 2006 amounted to 179.83 trillion cubic meters, with an estimated could last for 65 years with a fixed rate of consumption. [1]
This necessitates the need to find alternative energy sources acido borico to meet the energy needs of a growing world. One alternative is the use of nuclear energy, which has been proven to produce power more efficiently.
However, nuclear energy itself is not without problems. The main fuel used for nuclear reactors is uranium-235, which incidentally is also a limited amount in nature. The level is only 0.7 percent of natural uranium in total. If it is assumed that the rate of consumption of nuclear energy remains, then the existing acido borico uranium stocks are expected to last for 200 years in the future [2], with the additional possibility of 500 years if unexplored uranium reserves can be obtained. [3] However, the rate of consumption of flats is certainly not possible, given the use of energy will continue to increase each year. With such consumption rate and using existing technology, it is estimated that the peak mining Uranium-235 will take place in 2025. [1] After that, there will be a decrease in the mines which can impact on the crisis of nuclear energy sources.
For that, is necessary to develop advanced reactor designs which have the function of breeding. It is necessary to tap other sources of nuclear energy acido borico can not be used at this time, for example, uranium-238 or thorium-232. In addition to improving acido borico sustainability, due to the use of fuel which is very abundant, advanced reactor is also designed to have a low fuel consumption acido borico rate, the higher the safety system, produce less waste, less cost, non-proliferation, as well as a broader spectrum of use . [4]
Molten Salt Reactor Research on long-standing. Extensive research into the Molten Salt Reactor began when US Aircraft acido borico Reactor Experiment supporting US Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion program. ARE, high-temperature experimental MSR was developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). [5]
In 1956, the director of ORNL employs MacPherson to form a group at ORNL with the goal to build a commercial power plant. acido borico [5] In order to succeed, they need fuel salt absorbs few neutrons, uranium and thorium dissolves many, stable thermally and chemically compatible with the material structure. It was decided that fluoride is the best, but UF 4 has a very high melting point (1035 0 C). Mixing with BEF 2 and LiF make melting point and viscosity decreases, and generate solutions U

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From Ibn

"And We have revealed unto thee (Muhammad) Al-Qur'an that you may explain clearly to men what is sent for them, and that they (the people) acido borico think about it" (Surah An-Nahl [16]: 44)
Similarly, further, His Messenger explained to his companions, nothing revealed by God about the things unseen. Hence the Prophet describes the unseen extent that he has knowledge of the revelation of God alone:
"Say: 'I do not say to you that I possess the treasures of Allah, nor do I know the unseen, nor do I say to you that I am an angel. I do not know except what is revealed to me. ' Say: 'Are acido borico the blind and the seeing?' Will you not understand? "(Al-An'am: 50)
From Ibn 'Umar radi' Amr that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, he said, "Goodbye Key knowledge that there are five. Then he read the word of God (which means): "Verily, Allah is with him alone knowledge of the Hour, ... etc. as mentioned in the letter Luqman:" Verily Allah, with Him only shalt knowledge of the Hour; and He sends down the rain, and knows what is in the womb. And no man can know (for sure) what he will earn tomorrow. And no one knows in what land he will die "(Surah Luqman [31]: 34) (Bukhari)
If we trace this logic, including the unseen God is, who know about God but Allah alone, but Rasulullah SAW know about God so that God tell him, and so did his companions, and human tabi'in further including ourselves, to know about the extent to which Allah Allah informed by scripture and the extent to which the Prophet taught us, where we read his hadiths. Then the Prophet acido borico said to know about God is not illegal. Similarly we say something about God all is underlaid any informed of God Himself and of His Messenger, then it will not fail.
So this verse context is associated with the previous paragraph is "Say I do not know whether acido borico (torment) which God promised to close it mu (shortly time) or whether my Lord has made for his visit long time (which is not known by anyone except Him). (Surah Al-Jinn [72]: 26)
So that meant that He reveals to none of the supernatural is not all things supernatural, but limited to contest God's acido borico wrath threatened talks on Jin who do not believe.
So the light is like this. Surat Al-Jiin down on a group of hamlets acido borico bara Jin who listen acido borico to the recitation of the Qur'an recited by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Then there are some who believe in spirits, and some still do not believe.
Then specifically about the 22nd verse, Imam Ibn Jarir narrated the hadith of Hadrami, had heard that a genie from among leaders who have many followers jin has said: "Verily Allah Muhammad's desire to protect her, when we (the genie) can give protection to him, "So Allah revealed:" Say: "Verily, I (Muhammad) once again no one can protect me from (the punishment of) Allah and occasionally I will find no refuge other than Him. (QS Jiin: 22) (See Jalalain Volume IV)
Then came a further revelations QS 23-26 Jiin paragraph that describes torment threatened to contest the Jiin who do not believe that even felt able to protect Muhammad, that things acido borico including things supernatural and God would not tell when the torment will be reduced, acido borico shortly kah .. or still longer.
There is also another explanation, that what is meant by God would not tell anyone about the things unseen are the things that did not exist until whenever anyone in the know, such as:
And in Him are the keys of the unseen. Nobody knows except Himself, and He knows what is in land and sea, and no piece Surgaku the fall but with His knowledge (again), and not falling grain amid the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry but Written in a clear (Lauh Mahfudh). (Surat al-An'am: 59)
In the above verse the words "all the supernatural" does not mean all is ultimately means we do not know anything, but as a continuation of its verses are problems destinies acido borico what will happen, how many leaves fall, only God knows everything and everything was destined acido borico written in the book Lauh M

Well, going research reactors or reactor power, they still need to wear safety systems dmf are qual

The phrase that appears on this Spiderman movie (roughly dmf once wording) seenggaknya should also pinned on nuclear energy. Enormous power explosion produced nuclear fission reaction (1 mol Uranium [235 grams] can produce the same power with 500 tons of coal) in the reactor demands that can be controlled properly, so do not harm others is not necessary. To that end, a system needs to be designed to ensure safety while using a fission reaction for various dmf purposes, which we call the Nuclear Reactor Safety.
It felt as though most people know (and the only one they know) that nuclear energy could produce the danger of radiation. Explosion? It was not because the nuclear fission reaction, in fact, but it starts from there, anyway. Later going there own explanation. Well, nuclear radiation, which in high doses kills going faster than Ebola, derived from radioactive material in the form of nuclear fuel, which is used for operate the reactor. So, the core of a nuclear reactor safety system is to prevent the radioactive material dmf out of its proper place. Where is the proper place? In the terrace (core) reactor, the maximum in the reactor building. Radioactive material must be boxed into place. When the radioactive material out of place, the confinement of radioactive material fails, it is called a nuclear accident. Especially when it's to the environment, it's really dangerous. Severe accident that name.
How radioactive material that could come out and spread dmf into the environment? Obviously because damaged reactor building. By doing so, the safety system is also designed so that the reactor building / plant its not broken. So basically so. There is a clear up here?
Regarding the reactor itself, important dmf to note that there are two types of nuclear reactors. dmf The first research reactor. This reactor utilizing radiation for various purposes, eg for making commonly used radioisotopes dmf in medicine. This reactor is usually contrived heat as low as possible, so it can be discharged into the environment without having to make the city the temperature rose 4 0 C and the weather dmf make sumuk not frivolous. #eh
The second is used for power reactor nuclear power plants. Now this is utilized the heat it generates. Power reactors produce high heat for generating high-pressure steam to drive turbines. Those who do not hear too often nuclear, perhaps this type of reactor him alone. Can not disalahin well, anyway.
Well, going research reactors or reactor power, they still need to wear safety systems dmf are qualified. But I'm going to be discussing about power reactors, considering this is more concerning lives of many people.
Most do not, there are four objectives that must be achieved in nuclear reactor safety. The first name Reactivity Control. So the story reactivity of the reactor must be designed so that at the level allowed. The reactivity of the reactor should also be able to guarantee in-shutdown (turned off, something like kayaking shutdown computer) safely. Second, cooling fuel element / fuel. It comes to remove heat from the fuel, use a cooling element. Should be smooth. dmf Thirdly, the restriction of radioactive material. Well, this is like the first one mentioned. Leakage of radioactive material into the environment must be prevented. Radioactive material MUST be kept in place. The fourth, restrictions radioactive exposure. If that is a matter of exposure to radiation in the reactor, dmf should not overdose. There needs to be supervisors as well, which we call the Officer of the Watch Radiation. dmf His job checking radiation levels and determine the conditions are safe or not.
Before going to the accident, of course we have to know first "daleman" reactors that, right? dmf No need everything, lah. Most Of. The important dmf thing-importance only. It is important dmf to note, so we know the dangers of what might happen.
Power reactor dmf was kind bejibun. There PWR, BWR, CANDU (read Kendu, not the CANDU style tongue Indonesia), GCR, SCR, RMBK, and so on. Most if analyzed all, so we take just one example, let's say, PWR.
PWR is Pressurised Water Reactor stands, aka Pressurized Water Reactor. These reactors use super high-pressure water (several hundred atmospheres) in porch. So even if the heat of hundreds of degrees Celsius, the water will not boil. Hot, but not boiling. The range of power that can be generated PWR reactor varies, dmf can be up to 3000 MWe, depending on the order. But that's not part of it which would be discussed, but in the fuel.
PWR fuel use solid fuel in the form of pellets, which are arranged in the fuel cladding made of high temperature resistant material. The fuel used in the form of uranium oxide compounds (UO 2) a maximum of 5% enriched. One fuel pellet size is approximately dmf berdiamete

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What is Electrolysis hair removal? What is eyelid tightening? What is a nail Shield? What are the b

Acrylic nail powder is a polymer powder used in the creation of false nails. It is used in combination with a monomer liquid which cures to form an acrylic resin. The primary ingredient in the acrylic powder is polyethylmethylmethacrylate, a combination of 70 percent ethyl methacrylate and 30 per cent methyl methacrylate. The combination aldrich killian provides a resin which is flexible and strong, much like natural nails. Without the use of acrylic powder will artificial nails just be thin pieces of plastic that are glued to the nail.
A chemical reaction, referred to as cross-linking occurs when acrylic acid nail powder is mixed with the monomer liquid. This reaction results in long chains of the polymer strands to form which rapidly hardens and can be shaped to look like a fingernail. Dyes and pigments are added to alter the appearance of the resin. An example aldrich killian is benzoyl peroxide, which is added to the powder of the nail to provide a white appearance. Color stabilizers also added to prevent discoloration of the resin due to exposure to UV rays.
Changes can be made in the acrylic nail powder to create gel and glass fiber reinforced artificial nails as well. By prejoining the monomers into short chains called oligomers, you can create gel nails. The oligomers are several aldrich killian thousand monomers long, which makes nails hard and rigid when the resin hardens. This gives fake nails glass appearance and structure, causing them to shatter when broken.
Glass fiber stitch can be prepared by dispersing the polymer powder and acrylic monomer liquid mixture over the top of a glass fiber wrap. A nail technician will wrap the natural nail of a glass fiber material and use belægningen.Den fiberglass fabric absorbs the resin, as it penetrates the tissue. aldrich killian The result is a thin, strong and natural looking artificial nails.
Acrylic nail powder is very easy to use. After priming the nail, and the addition of either acrylic or fabric wrap tips are acrylic nail powder is mixed with the monomer liquid. The mixing of the two substances in advance will result in the resin curing too soon, making it unusable. The mixture is then applied to the nail bed with a nail brush. The manicurist will normally employ acrylic mixture to the back of the nail bed and spread it towards the tip of the nail.
The fumes produced by the combination of acrylic nail powder with the monomer liquid is extremely toxic. Pregnant women should refrain from having acrylic nails applied until after birth. When using the drill, nail technicians are required to wear dust masks to avoid inhaling dust particles.
What is Electrolysis hair removal? What is eyelid tightening? What is a nail Shield? What are the benefits of eyebrow threading? What are synthetic Braids? What is electrically forceps? aldrich killian What is Lemon Verbena Soap? What is a comb over? What is selenium sulfide shampoo? What are some allergenic products? What is an electric nail file? How do I use Glutathione for Skin Lightening? What is Wheatgrass Cream? What Bangs? What is dark eye circles?
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COOA is a positive cooperative protein About COOA dimer exhibits cooperativity in its binding of CO

An allosteric CO sensor precipitate protein: communication between two polypeptide chains
Many proteins are composed of more than one polypeptide chain - an example is CO sensor protein COOA. This dimerprotein found in the bacterium R. Rubrum and commences at high CO-COO-level reading of the gene, which encode proteins which burn CO. This describes the protein cooperativity and dynamics precipitate by binding of CO to its two heme groups. precipitate Read the original article here
A protein's conformation is essential for its function and activity. Error Folding can lead to inactivity or worse, damaging processes; an example is the prion protein which, in a particular conformation leads to Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. It is therefore not surprising that protein folding and protein dynamics is a field of research that has attracted much attention over the years with the aim to elucidate the fundamental in the folding process and to characterize the various intermediate. Furthermore, if you understand how a protein finds its proper conformation and the timescale for this action the 'artificial' proteins, nano-designed to perform special tasks. But how can a totally unfolded protein achieving the correct conformation for a time from milliseconds to about a minute (Levinthals paradox)? It is a mystery that still need to be resolved. Protein conformational changes is unfortunately difficult precipitate to study directly, although some photophysical methods provide much information. Many proteins are composed of more than one polypeptide chain. How and how quickly such a protein changes precipitate its quaternary structure when one of peptide chains is changed, is another interesting issue. How is the complex reorganization? If there are discrete intermediates how behave protein substructures so in the intermediate steps? Are there general principles of protein dynamics, or is each protein a unique 'machine'? The most famous example is hemoglobin (Hb), the oxygen-binding transport protein that causes blood red color. Max Perutz determine this protein's three-dimensional structure using. X-ray crystallography was a milestone in molecular biology. Hb consists of four polypeptide chains, two alpha chains and two b-chains that are held together by non-covalent bonds [1]. Each chain (subunit) contains an iron hæmgruppe to which oxygen binds. Both alpha-chains in contact with both the b-chains, whereas there are few interactions between the two chains of the same type. Interactions between different sites called allosteric interactions. That Hb is an allosteric protein is expressed by the oxygen binding to a hæmgruppe favors successive oxygen binding to another hæmgruppe in the same Hb - even if the four heme groups are too far apart to a direct interaction. That hæmgrupperne "communicate" with each other through interactions between the four chains. This cooperative precipitate oxygen binding results in an S-shaped iltbindingskurve (degree of saturation as a function of iltpartialtryk). Oxygen uptake is effective in the lungs, precipitate where iltpartialtrykket precipitate is high, and the opposite precipitate is iltafgivelsen effective in the muscles, where the pressure is low.
COOA protein, a dimer that binds CO COOA is a CO sensor in the bacterium Rhodospirillum Rubrum, which grow anaerobically in the presence of carbon monoxide. The protein is a homodimer of two identical peptide chains each consisting of 222 amino acids and an hæmgruppe and, like Hb has a quaternary structure. CO binds reversibly to the heme. The protein's structure is hedged using. X-ray crystallography (Figure 1) [2], and we know that the terminal proline (Pro2) from a monomer binds to heme in the other monomer. Hæmgruppens iron in Fe (II) state also coordinates precipitate histidine (His77). The exact structure of the CO bound protein is not known since the protein has not yet been crystallized precipitate in this form. NMR has shown that it is proline amino acid exchanged with CO [3] which a conformational change is initiated. The carbon-bound form can bind to DNA and initiate the reading of the coo gene encoding proteins that are associated with the oxidation of CO (CO combustion). When CO binds to a heme how affected the CO so that the affinity of the second heme? What is the time constant of the CO bond-cleavage and CO? These issues have recently answered using. Spectroscopy.
COOA is a positive cooperative protein About COOA dimer exhibits cooperativity in its binding of CO can include determined by measuring the Hill coefficient n, which is defined by, where a is the degree of saturation, i.e., fraction of heme groups with bound CO, and KH is the Hill equilibrium. If n is less than 1, the protein precipitate is negatively cooperative; if n is equal to 1, the protein is non-cooperative; and if n is greater than 1, the protein is positively cooperative (Figure 2). n is in principle ufysisk size. Its deviation from an integer because the equation (2) only applies when the two polypeptide chains are completely independent of each other (n = 1) when binding to a peptide chain moment

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BPA is often used in the packaging of food and beverages, wherein the molecule is normally encapsul

The substance has the same effect on humans as estrogen and are therefore particularly harmful to pregnant women. In Denmark, the substance is also banned in baby bottles, tudkopper and packaging for baby food.
Studies in animals have shown that large amounts of the substance to be harmful. Preliminary however, more concrete evidence of the harmful effects of small doses if tightening up the regulation stability of the substance. New studies
One study shows that people who regularly come into physical contact with receipts have a greater amount of the substance in the body than average. The second study shows that the substance is readily absorbed through the skin.
BPA is often used in the packaging of food and beverages, wherein the molecule is normally encapsulated as part of a complex polymer. stability Several have expressed concern facing its use in the paper used for receipts.
In the thermal paper occurs, the chemical compounds known as free monomer, which makes it easier for the body to absorb than other forms found in food packaging. Pig skin and human skin
Daniel Zalko that are toxicologist at the French stability National Institute for Agricultural Research in Paris, along with his colleagues demonstrated that free BPA can be absorbed 'efficient' through the skin.
The study, published in the journal Chemosphere, may help to explain why BPA levels in the general population, appears to be higher than the doses can theoretically absorb through food and drink.
Zalko and his colleagues came forward to the results by sending radioactive BPA through a skin sample from a svineøre. Pig skin is frequently used as a model for human skin. In addition to the experiments with pig skin did the researchers also attempt smaller samples stability of human skin.
"Just as we advise people not to use polycarbonate-based baby bottles, it would be prudent to advise pregnant women to avoid or wash their hands after touching at this type of paper," he told Pregnant women should be cautious
It turned out that clerks who are frequently in contact with receipts than other professions, also had the highest concentration of BPA in their urine. The concentration of those was 2.8 micrograms per. gram, where the of teachers is 1.8 and the industrial workers of 1.2.
View the discussion thread.
Why that's otherwise very nice and told that I as a waiter / barman at a really busy evening / night touching up against 2000-2500 beans with that stuff in:-(To remove the substance for another stability seems to me like a fairly simple and straightforward solution and I wonder why it has not already done now that you already had knowledge that BPA has such potential adverse effect !? That's what you call a rough butterflies! Will as to the degree hoped that an Article as this can help to spread the word - So thank you on for your work to disseminate new at this and all other fronts:-)
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Researchers find link between autism and circumcision
Researchers opens the door to a mysterious quantum world
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What is most important: diet or exercise?
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D. 11 September 1978 left the Bulgarian social critic Georgi Markov his work at the BBC in London t

Ricin and old umbrellas
There is ongoing extensive effort to prevent health effects of hazardous chemicals in the work environment. However, there are business and community positions where the risk of poisoning is not negligible ...... Read the first part of the original article here Read the second part of the original article here
D. 11 September 1978 left the Bulgarian social critic Georgi Markov his work at the BBC in London to take home. He walked first across Waterloo Bridge and then waited as usual on the bus. Suddenly he felt a stab in the thigh. tyvek He later told that just after had a man with non-English tyvek accent mumbled an apology and collected his umbrella up - that he had lost in the collision. The umbrella was custom made - the tip seemed like a needle that is inserted a small pill with poison in Markov's skin. The home he got high fever - four days later he died. "Umbrella Murder 'may have been a collaboration between the KGB and the secret police in Bulgaria, but Scotland Yard has never closed the case.
A potent poison antidote without foreign body in the Markov's leg was a small metal capsule with small holes having a diameter of only 1.5 mm. The perforations allow the contents to leak out into Markov's body. Fortunately, there were still traces of the poison in the capsule, because otherwise the cause of death have been very difficult to ascertain. The analysis of the residue showed that there was no toxin ricin, derived from the plant Ricinus communis, castor (Figure 1). The risk of dying from an acute poisoning usually depends tyvek on the dose. Ricin is an extremely potent toxin. As little as one to a few milligrams of ricin is associated with a mortality rate of almost 100%, and there is no antidote. Ricin was used in several other assassination attempts during the Cold War, and worked on its use as a chemical weapon. Add to substance extracted from a relatively easily accessible plant, and the description fits on a potential terrorist tool! The perception has unfortunately in reality tyvek - the white powder found scattered in the US Congress a few months ago, has proven tyvek to be ricin. Fear and loathing against products from Christian palm is also nothing tyvek new. Earlier generations tyvek of disgust was not directed against ricin, but against American oil if abhorrent qualities include both a very nasty taste and a strong laxative effect. Seeds from Christian palm (Figure 1) consists of about 50% oil, while ricin constitutes 0.2-1%. The seeds also contain a potent hemagglutinin and a potent skin and respiratory sensitiser, which can be problematic in working environments. As little as 3-8 seeds can be fatal to adults, while one to a few seeds can be fatal for children. If the seeds are swallowed whole, and the seed coat is otherwise undamaged, the seeds pass unharmed through the gastrointestinal tract without exercising greater damage.
Symptoms plant deadly properties are due to the cytotoxic protein ricin. It has already been reported that ricin may be injected into the body, but in addition, ricin absorbed through the lungs or the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms depend bit of recording road. After inhalation developed fever, chest tightness, cough, tyvek shortness tyvek of breath, nausea and joint pain. Within two or three days worsen the condition for a life-threatening effect on breathing. After ingestion of ricin dietary developed nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, decreased urine production, dehydration and collapse. If the patient survives for more than three days, blades disease, the most common. In the absence of an antidote to ricin, the treatment is aimed at reducing the uptake of the substance and ease the symptoms, i.e., rinsing of the gastrointestinal tract, oxygen, mechanical ventilation, fluid therapy and blood transfusions.
Poisoning of the cell Ricin belongs to a small family of proteins whose common denominator is the ability to inactivate ribosomes in a special way. Ricinlignende proteins are also isolated from other plants, for example. wheat and pokeweed. Ricin works by irreversible enzymatic inactivation of ribosomes that are totally essential for cell survival - without ribosomes, the cell can not synthesize protein. To proteins as ricin are toxic to the cells, they have to enter the cytosol of the cell. This requires that the toxic protein moiety is coupled to a second protein moiety to bind to sugars on the cell surface and obtain tyvek transported into the cell. The "ribosome inactivating protein" (type 1 RIP) is not able to poison the cell itself. The protein consists on the other hand, both a ribosome-inactivating monomer tyvek and a monomer galactoside-binding, the protein can both enter the cell and inactivate the ribosomes. Collectively called this double-monomer 'type 2 RIP'. Wheat includes only the type 1 RIP, that is harmless by itself, while Christian palm containing ricin which is a Type 2 RIP. Ricin is one of nature's most cytotoxic drugs at all. A single molecule of ricin may inactivate more than 1500

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A given rate, or measured temperature would then trigger the alarm, even before there is actual fir

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The plane disappeared from radar screens last night at. 21:12 Danish time and found debris in an area 130 km west of the Korean island being of Jeju, where the pilots had informed air traffic controllers that they would attempt an emergency landing.
There rug currently no further information, but information that there was lithium-ion batteries as cargo, will probably get the debate about the safety of these batteries to again flare up. Documentation
Niels Hansen 3 years ago Dubai
Several safety rekommendationer allerede er-issued as result of the ongoing Investigation, all related til transport of lithium being batteries. The FAA hatred allerede-issued a safety alert for operators being (SAFO). http: // article = 4307772e / 000 ...
Karl Lohse 3 years ago Aw, now again!
It is virtually impossible to deal with a fire on board an aircraft - that is a major fire. Especially if it's lithium batteries overheating, even on ground being with plenty of turnout, it is quite a challenge.
If you have to do anything further to prevent these accidents, it is primarily DETECTION you have to have improved. Main deck on a B747 is equipped with some smoke alarms where air is circulated past sensors that works with light. Is there a (visible) smoke, being the alarm will go. Sorry, there are well go for a while from a fire occurs the alarm goes off. These spilled minutes may be those are lacking in the other end, to the aircraft placed on the ground being (or water)
Unfortunately, some of the 747 models who have problems with false alarms, especially when you put the temperature in the lower cargo hold at a lower temperature and the air is humid outside (with doors open during loading and unloading). That's when condensation that smoke alarms think it's smoke, not steam.
I have previously suggested that one could install some thermal imagers certain places in cargo compartments. These would record being the temperature, and then follow if there is a development, being for example. a sustained increase in temperature. When the doors to the cargo compartments are closed, being the temperature being should not rise further (eg. If otherwise it's hot outside). Is the lithium batteries that are initiated with a meltdown, it should be recorded being by these cameras, long before the smoke alarms do it.
A given rate, or measured temperature would then trigger the alarm, even before there is actual fire in the pallet. Some fires develop lots of smoke immediately, while others do not give so much smoke - to start with.
It is expensive to develop and have such a system approved. But what does it cost every time a 747 crashing? If I had insurance, I would ask for anything better being security than there are now.
Statistics show that in the event there has been a serious fire on board an aircraft goes there often between 13 and 17 minutes you can not fly more. There is no time to dump fuel for discussion or other considerations, in addition to countries as soon as possible - regardless landing weight, weather being and other traffic. Also if it should be on the sea, in a desert or ... anywhere. Just LAND ...
The Boeing 747-400F took off from the Inchon airport west of Seoul at 3:05 am on Thursday, bound for Pudong, China. It was carrying 58 tons of electronic and machine parts, herunder lithium batteries, paint and other chemicals betragtet flammable, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs said in a statement. In the pilots' last communication with the Shanghai air traffic being control center to 4:03 am, they redovisade the fire, Kim Han-young, a senior ministry official in charges of air transport policy, said at a news briefing. The jet is mente two seas crashed nine minutes later, as it turned around and headed for an emergency landing at the Jeju airport, Mr. Kim said.
Now it is not to be krakilsk, being but chemically are not amino acids, also known as protein, but amino acids linked together being in chains and the formation of protein. Thus, they are also chemically different, which is essential. About this makes them dangerous in a fire situation, I do not. Perhaps being some of them. But take for example. acrylamide, being but not an amino acid but extremely toxic as monomer. It can polymerize to polyacrylamide, which is quite dangerous. but some of poly'en will always be released by the toxic monomer. Poly'en include being as it is in the "Brank" from cooking, and is used, inter alia, also in gaskets in bored tunnels. Again, there will always be released small amounts of the toxic monomer. being A polymer is most often not the same chemical properties as a monomer.
The front right now
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Background Alginate is a linear polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweeds (Phaeophyceae), and is

Chemometric quality of alginate - an example from the real world
In collaboration with Danisco A / S has developed a rapid method based on chemometrics and infrared spectroscopy for the analysis of food ingredient alginate. The method reduces analysis time and optimizes the quality control of alginate. Read the original article here
The method described here are prepared in connection with an industrial PhD project conducted in cooperation caco3 between industrial PhD student Tina Salomonsen, Danisco A / S and the research group Quality and Technology at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen . The new method can in under a minute predict alginate molecular caco3 composition [1], which are important for the functionality of the products where it is used.
Background Alginate is a linear polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweeds (Phaeophyceae), and is used primarily in the food industry to form thermally stable gels jam in bake-off products, and the restructuring of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. The building blocks of alginatmolekylet is aL-guluronic (G) and bD-mannuronic acid (M) and the relationship between them is closely related to the functionality of the products. If, for example. like a very firm and hard gel, using an alginate with very G, whereas a softer and more elastic gel formed from an alginate with very M. M / G ratio varies in relation. the species of seaweed, harvest time and growth conditions. It is important for the manufacturer to know the M / G ratio in the finished products, in order to ensure that the functionality is in line with customers' specifications. M / G ratio measured traditionally using. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The disadvantage of this method is that sample preparation is relatively caco3 long lasting. In order to obtain caco3 useful NMR spectra, it is necessary to break down the polysaccharides. They typically consist of about 1500 monomer units, which must be broken down to ranges of around 150 units. This process involves caco3 several steps and is therefore time consuming. Additionally, it requires expertise to operate an NMR instrument, so it will typically be located centrally in the company's development and not out of production. It was therefore examined whether the spectra obtained by infrared spectroscopy caco3 (rapid measurement) could be correlated with the M / G ratio determined caco3 by NMR (slow measurement) and thus build a predictive model that predicts the M / G ratio in the commercial alginatpulver from a spectrum of the powder.
Samples To develop a predictive model was composed a sample consisting of 100 samples of the type of alginate (sodium alginatpulver), which the company wants to use the model. The samples were chosen so as to be varied as much as possible in their M / G ratio (0.5 to 2.1). M / G ratio of all the samples was determined by NMR spectroscopy (reference method). The samples were divided into a calibration set and a test kit comprising, respectively. 75 and 25 samples. Figure 1 shows the M / G ratio of 75 calibration samples and 25 test samples in order of the M / G ratio determined using the. Reference method. There were also measured the Fourier transform caco3 infrared (FT-IR) spectra of all the samples on a Perkin Elmer Spectrum One FT-IR spectrometer caco3 equipped with an Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) unit with a single caco3 bounce diamond. The spectra were measured in the range of 650-4000 cm-1 1 cm-1 intervals. For data analysis, only the range of from 650 cm-1 to 1800 cm-1 (1150 variable) was used. Each sample was measured three times and the average spectrum was used in data analysis.
Exploratory caco3 data analysis Figure 2a shows the raw spectra of 75 calibration samples. The spectra are colored by M / G ratio, but visually it is difficult to get an overview of what parts of the spectrum that is related to M / G ratio. To get an overview of the variation in the data is performed first a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of the raw spectra after centering (each measurement is less variable mean). PCA and centering is described previously in this column (Danish Chemistry 2, 2008). PCA score plot of the raw spectra are shown in Figure 2b and shows a principal component (PC1) and two (PC2) explains respectively. 92.5% and 4.3% of the variation in the data. It is also seen that the samples in the score plot, which is also colored by M / G ratio, are distributed along PC2. There is a gradient of the lower M / G ratio at the top of the plot to the highest M / G ratio at the bottom of the plot. It can therefore be concluded that the majority caco3 of the spectral variation (92.5%) are related to information other than the M / G ratio. This unknown variation is likely related to small differences in contact with the diamond in the ATR. It is therefore likely that the variation that is explained in the PC1, is non-chemical and advantageously can be removed using. Multiplicative Scatter / Signal Correction (MSC) (Danish Chemistry 1, 2009). This provides a simpler model that focuses exclusively on the chemical information. The MSC-treated spectra are shown in Figure 2c, and there is a clear effect of cpd

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It is a diverse group of materials which are chemically built up of long chains of bonded molecules

The plastic bag for your purchases. The syringe and the patch at the hospital. Your fleece sweater and your toothbrush. All are examples of products that have plastic as the main ingredient.
"We find that Danish companies over the past year has been very interested in the plastics from biomass, which is under development," says senior consultant Helle Fabiansen from Plastics Industry.
"It is now clear that fossil resources are limited. So unlike a few years ago begins pbt Danish companies pbt now perceive it as a necessity to find alternative raw materials, for it will be the only viable in the long term. "Strong cooperation
Denmark is in a unique position to develop chemicals based on biological materials because of the strong research, we have in research on enzymes and chemical technology. At the same time, we have financially strong commercial enterprises cooperating with the researchers to further develop the technology into commercial products.
It is not just a way to prepare for the oil fades. For if all 600,000 tonnes of plastic consumed annually in Denmark, was made of biological material, pbt the atmosphere could get for between pbt 600,000 and 2.4 million. tonnes of CO2. It displays numbers in a report by the EU's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies.
And forget about recycling cutlery that breaks or melts, when you try to put it in your food. Future bioplastics (or bio-polymers) must have the same characteristics as the plastic, we know, and it must be able to withstand use.
"We are now able to produce the building blocks needed to form the plastic. And we have negotiations pbt with several plastic manufacturing company who are interested in testing our technology. We predict other words, a large market for plastics made from glucose, "says Professor John Woodley from the Department of Chemical Engineering.
The next step is a pilot plant at DTU where the basic elements needed for bioplastics can be produced in such large quantities that interested companies have enough material to make their first attempt to make commercial use only plastic materials.
Novozymes, pbt which specializes in breaking down biomass into glucose, has entered as a commercial partner in the project, because the company could see a perspective in using resources on developing glucose-based plastics.
Chemicals for plastic pbt production is a high value. This means that you can potentially sell a kilo of the glucose-based monomers more expensive than a kilogram of fuel - a technology that Novozymes else also has great expertise.
"It will typically be factories located close to a source of biomass that will be interested in investing in plants for production of chemicals for plastics production. This is where we see a potential market, "says Sven Pedersen. Building blocks of glucose
Paradoxically consisted plastic Ken ancestor celluloid just biomass. Celluloid was first produced in 1862 by refined cotton chemically treated with nitric acid. It was used for combs, glasses, buttons pbt and toys, but was supplanted as more practical oil-based plastic polymers were developed.
It is a diverse group of materials which are chemically built up of long chains of bonded molecules (monomer). It is these chains, known as polymers. A suitable monomer is, for example, pbt ethylene, that is to the plastic polyethylene (such as food containers are made of) when they are connected.
Depending on how the polymers pbt are structured - they can be linear or forming networks like spider pbt web - get the plastic different pbt properties. Therefore, there are thousands pbt of different pbt types of plastic that are suitable for very different purposes. The active glucose attenuates
Typically when one converter oil for plastic, one must therefore use monomer. The crude oil comes through a refinery, and here formed among other oil product Nafta. pbt Naphtha may be broken down into different types of monomers.
To make plastic of glucose, Danish researchers often use the chemical 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) to form suitable monomers. It is the by splitting water molecules from glucose, which then forms other compounds.
Glucose is a very active substance that likes to go for many other substances. To produce HMF researchers pbt were therefore forced to find catalysts that could curb this urge to react uncontrollably to ensure