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There is no denying that Salma Hayek is a great beauty. sbr forum She is also a fine actress and a h

Rhinoplasty, from the Greek root words for nose and “to shape,” is also called a Nose Job. I capitalize that, because that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Nose Jobs. Celebrity Nose Jobs. Which ones are the best? The criteria is simple. Which nose jobs made the celebrity look better? Better yet, which nose jobs look like they are totally natural? What are the best celebrity sbr forum examples of great nose surgery? 10. Zac Efron Nose Job
There is some debate on whether this young actor has had nose surgery at all. From the photo above, we think it’s pretty apparent that he has had his bridge elongated and made to be less straight, and that he’s had the tip of his nose re-sculpted. Some argue that his nose has simply matured along with his face, but to us, it looks like a different nose. The new nose is certainly more mature than his previous perfectly symmetrical, buttonish nose, but whether his grown-up nose will stand the test of time – I guess we’ll see. But for now, nice nose, Zac.
There are some (we’re among them) that think that Halle Berry pretty much embodies physical perfection. sbr forum Looking at that old black-and-white photo of her, I have to say that I think she was just as pretty with her old nose. Her nose now, however, is perfect, and doesn’t look like the product of rhinoplasty. Rather, it looks like the product of great genes. Halle Berry has denied having a nose job, going so far as to say that women who get plastic surgery are crazy. It’s pretty obvious, however, that the new nose is narrower with a smaller tip, which doesn’t exactly happen naturally. She looks great with either nose.
Personally? I liked his crooked nose better. Of course, a straighter bridge means a younger face (for now), and Gosling wasn’t afraid to fix something about his own face that he didn’t like, even though that adorable crooked, hooked nose was a very recognizable, well-loved feature. Of course, with any well-done rhinoplasty, there are nay-sayers who deny that their favorite star has had plastic surgery. The experts say yes, Gosling must have had a nose job, but that the surgery didn’t change the fundamental shape of his nose, and he doesn’t look too different.
Blake Lively of G ossip Girl and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies (and, as rumor has it, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend), has not come clean about her nose job, but most “experts” assert that the young actress almost certainly had some work done. The nose you see on the left is wider, with a wider nasal tip that droops a bit. Her new nose, on the right, is slimmer, with a bit more of a lift to the tip. Again, the work is done so that the original shape of her nose is not altered so much. In other words, they did not take a standard, boilerplate nose and stick in on her face. They worked with what she had originally and what resulted was a refined, natural-looking nose that fits her face.
There is no denying that Salma Hayek is a great beauty. sbr forum She is also a fine actress and a humanitarian . It does look like she had the tip of her nose defined, and maybe had the bridge narrowed a bit. As with any well-done, not-obvious nose job, people will say it is a trick of light, or that the makeup is different, sbr forum but angles, makeup, and light do not a new nose make. Hayek’s nose surgery is good because it gave her the nose she wanted sbr forum without changing the look of her face. She’s still beautiful, she just has a thinner, daintier nose.
This celebrity rhinoplasty is one of those cases where the original shape of the nose was preserved, the nose was just made thinner. sbr forum In a People interview in 1999, Bullock denied claims that she had undergone nose surgery, telling sbr forum the story of how her sister dropped a garage door on her nose. Fast forward a few years, and it is obvious that the star has had a nose procedure. sbr forum Again, “expert” plastic surgeons have stated that there is no way that Bullock’s nose changed so much naturally. Her new nose suits her face, and doesn’t change the fact that she’s sbr forum a great actress, a heck of a trooper, and one classy lady.
Watch L ucas or Heathers , and you will see a Winona nose that is wider, more bulbous, with a less defined tip. Watch Edward Scissorhands or Bram Stoker’s Dracula and you see a thinner, reshaped nose that is likely the result of a full nose job – one where the nose is broken and reset, instead of merely sculpted. sbr forum Unfortunately, a new nose didn’t keep Winona’s career thriving like it did in the nineties, but her turn in the 2009 Star Trek reboot, as well as her cameo-ish sbr forum type role in Black Swan could mean that Winona’s sbr forum career sbr forum is about to make a comeback.
Gwyneth was born a beauty, for sure, but it is very likely that early in her career, she had a little nose job. Not a full nose job like Winona, but pla

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