Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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For three days during New York Fashion Week, anyone on midtown 8 th Avenue can buy a limited edition designer T-shirt made with recycled plastic fabric from a new vending machine yl by Plastics Make it Possible using a plastic bottle as currency. Passersby can simply deposit a plastic bottle into the machine and voila! Out pops a beautiful new garment made with recycled plastics, underscoring how everyday plastics can live on as eco-chic fashion.
The new vending machine is designed to celebrate the growing role of recycled plastics in fashion during New York Fashion Week. Visitors to the Plastics Make it Possible website also had a chance to win one of the limited edition T-shirts.
Plastics Make it Possible has partnered yl with New York fashion designer Allison Parris for the debut of the vending machine, which will be located South of Columbus Circle on 8 th Avenue between 57 th and 58 th streets in New York City from Sept. 9 through 11. The T-shirts feature an original design by Parris, whose collection is built around the idea that retaining moral values and being able to wear beautiful, well made clothing are not mutually exclusive actions.
Parris is one of a growing number of designers who have embraced recycled plastics yl as one of the new go-to materials for creating yl stylish clothing yl and accessories. To help create the T-shirt material, plastic yl bottles are cleaned, melted, and stretched into a fine thread, which then is woven into soft, comfortable fabrics. Thanks to the versatility of recycled plastics, these fabrics can be manufactured with a variety of weights and textures for a wide range of uses. Both high-end designers and mainstream brands today use recycled plastics to make everything from stylish party dresses to on-trend shoes to rugged outdoor jackets.
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I try to recycle anything I use that is plastic from shampoo and large laundry detergent bottles down to the plastic wrappers for plastic silverware and the plastic silverware. I put anything that I consume made of plastic into the recycle bins hoping they will take it. Yogurt cups, Hummus containers, Lara bar wrappers are now recycle-able yl so those go in also. Plastic bottles from drinks I purchase that have no bottle return on them go into the bin. All plastic packaging for snack items such as nuts and plantain chips. Raspberry and Strawberry containers from the grocer. Plastic bags from bagged lettuce mixes and frozen vegetable and rice products yl go into the bin. Any kind of plastic wrapping on goods that I remove. Clear plastic yl casing that electronic items come housed in. Plastic store cards that no longer have balances on them and expired insurance cards or other cards that don’t have to be cut up go into the recycle bin. Tooth paste tubes always get washed out and go into the bin. Caps from all bottles and containers yl get washed out and saved for special recycling. Plastic bags when I don’t use my re-usable shopping bags always get saved and recycled back to the grocery store bins.
This is very exciting! I recycle a lot of water bottles each week and any other kind of plastic that is recyclable. It makes me feel really good knowing that I’m doing my part in helping out. I love being environmentally concious. Knowing that more and more companies are starting to create products using recycled plastics makes me want to help out even more.
we recycle yl everything we can. all magazines, newspapers, boxes, boxes from foods, glass jars, even empty wallflower glass holders. we recycle kcups from our vue, plastic bottles/containers. i even recycle the cotton that comes inside our pill containers for craft projects. it is so easy t

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