Monday, December 22, 2014

Marlene (Former Solitary mother) Tumba, Stockholm, Sweden The viktigste in life is to have good hea

My life as a former single mother, now living with a 2-metersman, two grown boys and a crazy but very charming dog. It mixes politics with fibromyalgia, exercise, health, life as contact family and a lot of other things that concern and disgust. A mishmash that is ...
"My" beach:-) Right now it feels like carbonic acid in the blood, I'm so happy! Yesterday was a very good day when it happened much fun and no tangled wires sorted out himself. The thing that makes my blood bubble is understood that the trip to Gambia is booked! In November we go, 271 days to be exact, 3 happy bloggers and 6 accompanying (2 resting with blogs) may be blogger on the road. Vingresors managers do not see the benefit of having a good cooperation with bloggers and do not give us the slightest discount rubber even though we booked for 11 people. But the girl who helped us gave us great help as she should have all the credit, despite stubborn managers ... So we have two places left if any of you are hungry. You have until Monday for you to ponder:-) Once the booking was made, I felt a total peace, while prank throughout the body. In November, I'm back and this time I get to show the country for five curious people who have never been there. Never been to Africa! I hope they will like it ... Smile was overjoyed and asked several times if it was true. I said we will fill the bags with clothes, toys and school supplies. All that his large family need, but find it difficult to buy. We will stay at a hotel on the beach, a little closer to my Swedish friend Linda. Bit aloof from tourists and sounds, the last time we stayed right in the thick and had a little trouble rubber sleeping at night because of (un) voices outside. The beach where we will stay almost completely empty and the National Park Bijilo rubber is located next door, there are lots of monkeys also looking himself in the hotel area. Guuuud what I crave! It happened more fun stuff yesterday, blah something that has been with Martin's future to do. But there are more stories about when everything is clear and everyone involved knows. This is something that will change our whole life and something we have been waiting for. As the pieces fall into place ... Yesterday was a glorious spring day with dry soil and gympadojjeväder and we booked our trip to the sun. Today, the white snow like a thick blanket over the Tumba so you yearn even more to Africa, and the snow continues to pour down ... so incredibly unnecessary, but of course quite natural in February. We have been lucky yet this winter. On the good days are relentless. Today, I get to eat lunch with one of my best friends, rubber we'll eat sushi of course! rubber I'm rubber free and will work aside a little, while Martin and Senior working. Tonight Martin away with some classmates at Aw, so I have the whole evening to myself too. Me like! It will snuggle up on the couch with the dog and nagelfix. Do you hear how good I feel! How are you?
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Marlene (Former Solitary mother) Tumba, Stockholm, Sweden The viktigste in life is to have good health and that the family is doing well. It is my belief, and therefore I try to take care of me as much as I can to take care of loved ones in the best way. I have a few passions; travel, licorice and jewelry are some of them. Africa is the favorite continent and we help a family in Gambia. Here you take advantage of everything that touches and upsets. I write about most things even things that many think is taboo. Would you like to get in touch with me for cooperation or another? Mail to View my complete profile
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