Saturday, December 6, 2014

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What to do if your lover is your boss?
Once you have a man lie scalpel, so whatever it is indeed the right effect. Each of us crave a certain improvement of her body, but when it comes crunch time, when improvements must find the right inspiration. Do you know by whom gives operate the largest number of women?
If you guessed actress Angelina Jolie, you've hit the bullseye. Women adore it and leave the day after beautify the pattern. What about men? They were inspired by her life partner Brad Pitt.
This leads not only Angelina If you are not the type that Angelina and her beauty will not make you, we have a standing favorite of celebrities, according to which copies of the world's most famous plastic cas surgeons various parts of the body.
It turned out that extensive research in which questionnaire sent over 20,000 plastic surgeons in 84 countries. Surgeons International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery asked to join celebrity name with more than 11 extended interventions for both men and women. The results of this unscientific survey revealed several trends incredible.
Classic Beauties These include Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor by its beauty bewitch decades. However, when it comes to the different parts of the body and keep the breasts from the Pamela Anderson and model Gisele Bundchen, Britney Spears or in times before delivery. Almost taboo breasts la Victoria Beckham.
On the face of it have also not clear. While Angelina Jolie's lips are legendary, as is their zmyslené and Julia Roberts. Najkopírovanejším nose is a nose Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston, cas popular eyes can once again boast Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore and Salma Hayek. As regards the cheekbones, keep Sophia Loren and Michelle Pfeiffer.
Going to adjust the abdomen? So here is a clear inspiration Giselle Bundchen, cas singer Thalia and Shakira. Women dissatisfied with their feet on the contrary looks to Tine Turner, Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz.
Click, inspiration and amazing transformations visage of our čitateliek ... If you also desire a change, do not forget to participate in our fan club on Facebook, where we choose candidates to keep our transformations ...
Do not miss it! The signals that you want to ...
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