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Halle Berry - Esquire, November 2008 Friendly Halle Berry looks pretty good Halle Berry - Esquire,

Halle Berry over the years |
Halle Berry celebrated this August forty-five years. Similarly, to celebrate the thirtieth. Had been known for two decades, everyone would believe her younger age. Halle looks good standard for years, her face and figure as forgotten esso extra age. But what else could we expect from the USA first runner-up 1986.
Halle in the world of show business came through the beauty contest. She attended the couple. The greatest success has been mentioned in the title of Miss USA contest and sixth place in the Miss World. Wow. Miss World. When finally also some Slovakian win this prestigious title and cries hysterically when they say her name? After all Slovaks are supposedly esso extra the most beautiful in the world and this award we still do not have at home! I bet that if we settled area of the United esso extra States, we have at least ten winners. Politics tribute to decide. Or maybe if we sent the competition preoperovaného man, we have a chance. They said to miss are scored.
The older the more sexier
:)))))))))))))))))) Says:
beautiful woman, terribly I like the pictures esso extra of 2006 otherwise, just yesterday I was also thinking about it so that the Slovenky is said to be the most beautiful in the world, yet still did not win any Miss World title?! ?? Well, perhaps because there Tupa themselves go, but anyway ..
19.10.2011 o 20:46
hh Jaruska esso extra sorry but studenkova and Mazikova the older the better? but it certainly studenkova own sculpture and botox and Mazikova detto..ved me beauty salon so you wonder what is otherwise Halle Berry is very nice and with long even for a short zavidim
Halle Berry - Esquire, November 2008 Friendly Halle Berry looks pretty good Halle Berry - Esquire, esso extra May 2007 Halle Berry already has a star on the Hollywood Walk of sl ... - Celebrity and boulevard as they do not know ( 2006-2014) | Specials Bratislava | Compare Prices Contact Us:

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