Monday, December 1, 2014


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If you've seen my tutorial for Avon you could see how to use Mocha Latte quad. After this use I remembered why I loved this so much shadow and again I returned to the use of the same. I own a lot of them (so I do not know anymore where to put them), but at one time had been unfairly neglected because of MUA palette. I'm sorry to have two pallets used. In fact, I did not plan to do their review, but I was sorry not to review them because they recently what is a molly part of my everyday makeup. Avon has recently changed the interior of the packaging, and are now shadows a little differently distributed than before. I do not mind, I think they like a lot nicer. The exterior of the packaging has remained the same - hard and very high quality plastic that keeps the great shadow (turned what is a molly out to me countless times and never the shadows are not damaged), and opens up the button so that it really easy to open, and on the other hand you know that it will remain securely closed. Convenient for travel, while it is a little harder to squeeze me into the tray with the shadows because I have so many. The interior boasts a rather large mirror that is (for the revised version of the mirrors in similar containers) actually useful. With shadows and get a double-sided applicator that I do not use it because it is not in the other two palettes. In the current catalog (15/2013) what is a molly costs 12.90, while I was depending what is a molly on the catalog there and cheaper.
Each range is a combination of matte and shimmerastih shades, while in this my preovladavju this first. Pigmetnacija them at a high level and by the pigmentation in front of them can put only my beloved Flormar what is a molly shadows. Mocha Latte is a perfect combination of colors for each day, while I nevertheless daily use and for eyebrow (shade what is a molly 2 is ideal for blondes, while four great for those darker). Berry Love is definitely the favorite and ever since I have often wear purple tones. :) I arrived what is a molly Unrestrained use only nekooliko times because it is new, but already I fell in love. Especially in the shade 3, I love to wear in the crook :)
If you have not already gathered from the text - I love them! Excellent pigmentation, gently what is a molly blending, great choice of colors and beautiful packaging. what is a molly If you have not already tried it (is there anyone what is a molly who is not?), You run that you order :)
Mocha Latte is used for all possible opportunities and of course, the most bright I long ago removed from the packaging or replacement I found :) I have and what the old packing when they were three shadows packed. Being that they have about 6-7 years xD Reply Delete
Neira Delirium October what is a molly 21, 2013 at 12:33 PM
All are wonderful, and I really like how you stand. You look like an actress from the Turkish series, as soon as I called to send you;) Reply Delete
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