Saturday, November 1, 2014

We arrived home around 5pm mg aunt and I ate at my aunt prepared .. end we eat is directly on the g

first and foremost. I thought pa spelled halloween.haha. Why is it? e I do not even winning pigment the spelling quiz bee elementary nikung E! I will always be defeated dun e. At least I spelled kinabisado beautifull anyways!
Some hmm, just go EE. Costume party kase. umm .. ok mag fun party than last year .. its really kinda spooky .. quirky, lunatic, moronic, annoying, and my few bitchy wicked witch .. So what I did, whoa! kameng constrained continuous custume .. good thing to offer Kamen penetration .. so inappropriately, all the tyanak, whitelady, troll as bishop, came out, I - you know killer nurse ... nurse chick killed in hospital? I supposed it ... In the end, my face just seemed tired si beth - Grim Reaper, the vanne - dead'bride .. Some of them are not that effort, pigment or maybe they do not seriously feeling your costume party portion that invite We.
Just un pagkataopos party is to kila zaii dretso fetch .. then she nag'rent to kme tricy papuntah in Haus friend sleep over koh .. dun .. kame kame pre- movies .. then nagtrip that wala daw bedroom ohh because in the first m22log awakens you can not enjoy the appearance m .. haha .. so in the end .. first nakulog add zaii .. follow that Betz and fell asleep in the corner .. I'm also not hamper wakeful koh koh ee. . rainy pa .. di koh know the sequel n happened pigment .. I woke up at around 5 .. straight to the bathroom and frightened by what happened to my face .. haha pinagtripan kameng first argg asleep .. hahah nweis aus ordination We also have been all vane's pigment lipstick on face! unn way to go home first before carnivorous carnivorous sea shore to witness the sunrise .. Damn rain suits so there skin mama's butt .. hehe .. sabel licking strangers at homecoming rain .. and baked nooodles pigment .. yumyum .. by 7 ..we had our ways back home ..
Nov1 .. Day patay.usually we'd been visited grandfather and grandmother pigment at the cemetery because we do not yet visited us here at home. to see one another like that the whole family.parang family reunion ever. parties in sementeryo.haha. edi we prepared the food.
We arrived home around 5pm mg aunt and I ate at my aunt prepared .. end we eat is directly on the grave of the grandmother ko..ay crowded pigment ung cousins they service. flesh of my sister's motor comes on .. dun eat again kami.walang cope xempre e .. then we prayed and naglimaliw that .. woohoo.
oh !! I feel the minefield that my bladder !!! wahhh ... ebb yet the tooth socket pigment suffered koh .. really .. I just fewer koh.haha e weep. Super discontinuation .. haha. sorted when it comes to sementeryo.aba nagchikahan more .. e pee urine that I ako.wala told. buti naman and invited my cousin magcr! carnivorous bat rider tricy total of homeward ride .. just .. whoa consider it really the luck that meat in front of them .. house turned mg locks the door !! said koh dead !!!!!!!!! .. ai.saan n nyan I pee?
edi trend meat back at home .. sitting .. haha! I'll just hid the payong.ahha. passable evening nun. no .. but maybe you can catch what elements are small waterfalls spilled I .. later with cameras pigment investigator there. I investigate more urinating there, haha. Later on, after I pee ko yun e take SOCO. I should have dodged organized crime scene .. me. Sorry to be the bad crime I committed. . I packed nmn who pampers .. I'm going AKA keanna Reeves. Debut garden.haha. more cruel the crime scene back home pa.haha. somewhere who po ako. manners.haha pigment good. next really. I promise ..
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