Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ukrainian battles in the east during the day of last six Ukrainian each fallen soldiers each and ni

Great Russian Ballet Theatre artistic director Sergei Filini each attacked with acid by anyone yet unidentified each assailant he poured on his face.
Great theater director Anatoly Iksanovs told that doctors are currently struggling to rescue Filini each vision. On Friday, he underwent surgery in Moscow, but after that he will be delivered to the aircraft for further treatment of burns military hospital in Belgium.
Filini for Great Ballet Theatre became artistic director in 2011, and after taking office, he initiated a change in the theater arts, by way of derogation from the classical repertoire, with a preference for modern productions.
However, the violent attack Filini shocked the Russian ballet community, inspiring the horrors of the Bolshoi Theatre ballet troupe, each which is usually each self-possessed each stars emotions wept in front of journalists.
The biggest public scandal erupted in late 2011, when protest against the change in the repertoire of the theater left the star couple, Ivan Vasiliev and Natalya Osipova, moving to a less well-known each theaters in St. Petersburg.
He pointed to the "ugly behavior", by hiring people who are applauding performances at the theater outstanding issues with ticket speculators, scandalous dancer interviews in the press, and the angry fans who are ready to cut the throat of his idol competitors.
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When the French actor a few times attacked Russian thugs who do not have even a single slot in the forehead, each then he quickly each fled to Belgium! Yes Russian nature is beautiful and the Russians of "glubinkas" is sincere, each but after the Soviet collapse there began the boom of banditry, that even in the center of Moscow, oftentimes, they passed these bills with his Kalashnikov. Since the country is not yet ready for democracy and absolute because there is a need for "a strong hand". Only - or too late?! Criminals are confluent with the bank's capital and the corruption is enormous. Maybe Putin will end. Just looking to cross borders and other live there!
20:01 18 Nov 2014.
Unusual last week surprised residents each of the Sverdlovsk each region of Russia. More ... Putin: With courtesy and weapons each can do much more than just a courtesy (166) Picture Gallery
16:08 18 Nov 2014.
Ukrainian battles in the east during the day of last six Ukrainian each fallen soldiers each and nine others wounded, ... NATO: Russia significantly increased its presence in Ukraine 14:30 Amplified (253)
19:37 17 Nov 2014.
Dutch authorities on Monday started to review some poultry farms around the country villages in central response to there ... two cars bombings in Baghdad claimed the lives of at least 12 people (3) Photo Gallery
Italian police launched a search for criminals who have to affix a bomb in the bank wall. ... EU agrees on new sanctions against pro-Russian separatists 16:44 Amplified (436)
The conflict with Russia, Ukraine, may expand and promises to be a long Monday warned German Chancellor ... Video: Dramatic views of a few minutes after the "Malaysia Airlines airplane falling (196) Video
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