Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sometimes he enters the room quite small and detailed. On another occasion, he has fifteen centimet

Sometimes he enters the room quite small and detailed. On another occasion, he has fifteen centimeters taller than me, I breathe back of his head and over. At one time his head is ridiculous and even looks stupid seating on the broad shoulders, but on another occasion that the head is large and beautiful. It has nothing to do with how he feels. Nothing to do with what he thinks and how to work. It has nothing to do with my well-being, and it is most likely not the visual defect.
- Up there, surfactant in the corner of the ceiling. - Aizspiežu eyes wide open apertures and again there is a square. Also samirkšķinot, this square it instantly disappears. Still a bit there ... pakarājas before disappearing.
Relief. This, however, is not just a visual defect. If the number of sick feel the same, then they are no longer sick. More than one and anything can become a reality. Both do not stand alone. If either case, all you slip, you will stay standing, and it's nothing that at that time you will have both grown roots and become the head of the sky. You will stay there alone, standing, and very, very troublesome to passers-by. They kept the common good will want to build a cycle path and you will be asked to kindly aizvākties. You, of course, surfactant no longer be able, as'd already blurred world, and you cut down. Cut down on its own. If you cut down a number surfactant of times and so it is easier because it is difficult to together. Such cutting of is real. If you cut down one, then maybe it was just his own concoction.
Give them all the things I'd like to keep to themselves, have no place in a jar, so the self-same reason why I left them outside. If you want to escape from the madness, I jālien inside and to their dear things to look through the glass, they is not even present. After a series of eye blink by those things start to jump fleas and they even occupy the rat. If one glance it remains even disgusting, then after another few blink and ad nauseam no longer relevant. Vomit and disappears with them and they are all things and all of them make sense.
- I'm sorry, I have here a bit stale air. There really has not purged, and the sliding door, come inside so much noise that can not hear myself. I guess people like those noises and loud music frenzy, because at least then do not listen to thee the same happens.
- Have at thee, so cozy! - He welcomes my residence and begin curious to explore my thoughts to a glass stick. His interest does not last though not half-eternity. - All this, of course, beautiful, but you will soon no longer seeing what is going on in the outside world and here neiespīdēs even light, you understand?
- I here there is no shortage of light. The more I thought izlīmējusi the glass, the less they need me. And an unnecessary turns on the light. surfactant Absolutely this is sufficient. surfactant
- Listen, you have long been with us not come to the pub. Maybe creep out of the jar. It is already one of you will stay permanently. surfactant It has nothing that you have less than us! You see, we have still love you and want you together with your time.
A few days later he was again knocking at my door with a whole bunch of friends. I did not watch them. There are only 3 options: surfactant 1) to agree with them to go to the pub 2) not to open and tell you to go away, possibly causing a fire to himself and a strong aversion wave 3) admitted, friendly surfactant talk, and in the hope that understand humanly explain that do not want to go anywhere.
- Well, what if you are? But you do not go to work tomorrow or papers now require public authorities! Relax! Enjoy! Stop it, tomorrow we do what has to be done. But we are a young neuzvedies as an old woman!
Great. I understand that I have chosen the worst options for action from all three. Explained, hoping that will understand always and everywhere a visnejēdzīgākais of all variants. Also it is not possible to understand that I have a few important things inside and problem solutions that do not bear absolutely no immediate benefit. Also the fact that I am alone in the silence relaxes much easier and enjoy a lot more than the demented in the outside world. I have to pretend that I was gone, because otherwise my jar just sadauzīs and I will have to return to reality, which is not mine. You know, none of them already do not know that I have under the skin. None of them, however, can not imagine that I have a skeleton on which to hang the meat, and who at the same time protects the internal organs. They probably even in his nightmare surfactant would not want to see what it actually looks systems under my skin overlaid and running at the same time and even without the slightest effort. And I will not try to explain.
I also will not try to dress up herself. Well, that all they took with them already and know exactly what is in fashion and how I should look. Admittedly, they are at least not

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