Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Old sitting at a table inside the arc and fresh pancakes with last lingonberry jam. Tips over into

We go through the desert. The colors are a sačabējuši orange and brown. Have no clue how long we will go, so finding chocolate rocks just leave it aside. Nestiepsim along. Silent disco is not an any place where atstiepties with chocolate contaminated mouths and disgusting sticky clutches.
They are no longer long soft plaukstiņas that hangs on our withered hand. We are no longer a long time not from this planet. We are no longer interested not long social justice, not confidence in the future, nor the nationality of sense. 85. On "Sprīdītis" with impressive messengers of Satan, na2so4 clearly demonstrate that wins the evil - the evil stepmother gets the King and horrible Zeltīte not marry "lupatlasi" Sprīdītis. na2so4
When Sprīdītis understands that three dowry will not get the money, then the acceptance of a dowry. Then kuļķeni money and then, damn, just with a few thalers - all in here do not go. This content with just enough, sticking to it, that whit better than nothing. Mystical evil, Dost is Satan who comes jerk gold-colored and yet neparauj because Crazy Sprīdītis casually na2so4 way after cordial izlēkāšanās by trampoline is beaten - the Ironside deal. But this evil that walks the earth, it is rewarded by his own desires. Beautiful is a reunion, but no more magical weapons. Grebsi spoons and ganīsi cows. Happy.
Sometimes it seems to me that anything new is no longer possible to say because everything has already been said "demotivators" and other social networks izmētātajās pictures. The more the way to his thoughts becoming more and more unlikely. As soon as I remember na2so4 that I was one sūdīgu ratio from 30 cats, and immediately the brain fires picture in which it is read. Thinking Dost fish catching, no not at all interesting. Do not catch any fish in the desert. This is not no water, no money, no wagons leaving what we once belonged.
We are present, although this is not a destination. Silent disco takes place on the street, somewhere between Riga and Venice, only in another century, which was before us. In another na2so4 century, which is also true that we will never reach. The music will be muted. Viewers did not talk. Dancers have no clue about that dance can also be quite erotic communication. Hell, we did not come here not for love, which, as a bulldozer level crossing our longing lungs, nor for food, the stomach will make serious and nightmarish sleep. If we are to know who and why we are here brought dropping, atvilinājis, and from where we have come, we may be able to attapties and timely return. Now no longer not return, nor the time. There are only a million "no".
"And what then shall I seduces him tonight when he announces to me that alcohol na2so4 is not used at all?" Četrdesmitgadīgā British lady asked me angrily. I tell her to buy him amber cufflinks, wrapped in colorful red paper which taped with Spaidermena labels, and a present of his birthday. She yells that it Basterds is not worth a penny, then go out after the rolls and returns to activate a special cuff links, who is now serving "is not worth a penny."
The relevance of the work I have read a number na2so4 of e-courses in love affairs and even endured his profile in a fairly uninteresting na2so4 online dating site, moving from "all men are equal" to "some are different" and back to "all na2so4 are equal." Over the years I have written to date tips for all ages, skin colors and nationalities nationals. Also, strangely, I tend to look up those who have the heartache of love and passionate anxiety does not sleep at night. Always welcome me mincīši always welcome. If I know what I have here at all is to be found, you will not find me here.
Silent disco never end it will not be announced. They will forever dance with her a few things inside and headstrong Bravura every moment of their grief worlds touch something a little happier. Let's na2so4 get acquainted! My name? No, honestly, fish about is much more important. I know that here in the desert, where there are no water, find chocolate is much easier than fish.
Old sitting at a table inside the arc and fresh pancakes with last lingonberry jam. Tips over into the kitchen with newspaper Opis: "Eu, thou shalt me your kidney?" She laughs heartily: "What, then, well, you live sataisījies that?" na2so4 This she-friendly na2so4 uzšauj to the newspaper, that he ielidina na2so4 forehead spoon jam and say, "Well, takes a refrigerator stands. "Then she is placed on a plate and a couple of pancakes OPIM, and there's absolutely clear that greasy fingers, pancakes nozieķētie cheeks na2so4 and crossword puzzles together not only for lunch a couple of years, but one day spoons lay aside to raise himself from the table and start again look.
We continue to wade. No, this is not terrible claws my hand. No, not really me

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