Friday, November 28, 2014

Must be taken into account if stoner rock-metal album listen several sodium times in a row, the res

10:03 - acid and other substances | Musical notes
Must be taken into account if stoner rock-metal album listen several sodium times in a row, the result will be deafening enough and the player will have to be excluded because sodium of its vibrant head. In conclusion, the "Monster Magnet" sodium last work "Mastermind" is decidedly succeeded album. Great stoner hallucinations be described in the song is "The Titan Who Cried Like A Baby." After this strange adventure audial undoubtedly a great idea seems Ventilate head. Luckily "Nice Place" yesterday played "Acid Rain". The Group has not stoner rock, but failed Psychedelic colored acid. Sometimes they hide behind the name "Pouches", and present a detailed examination of the parties stiffened collar. sodium "Acid Rain" have won Fontaine Flashlight contest festival "Pictures" within sodium sadžemojoši with "Latvian Blues Band" leaders, and can be heard musically knowledgeable guys. A small number of listeners of sarcasm and went - music strings, changed tone and Meter ... mesmerizing GRUVA. It is gratifying that a good return on these guys is not dependent on external factors. If the sounds of a full Kaif is not enough, then defer to go to the women's restroom, where do you monitor it ... Trent Reznor or Axel Rose. Witty! But in general, you can already find that the study was in the trenches, I've missed another great home Psychedelic stoner or function band. You do not atgādināsiet me about them, right?
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