Friday, November 21, 2014

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Great theater director Anatoly Iksanovs told that doctors are currently struggling to rescue Filini vision. On Friday, he underwent surgery in Moscow, but after that he will be delivered to the aircraft for further treatment of burns military hospital in Belgium. It is expected that the treatment and rehabilitation will take at least six months.
42-year-old Filini TV channel "Ren-TV" reported that the attack happened on Thursday evening at his home. "I was afraid I am, I think he gave me the name. I turned and started to run, but he reached me," said Filini. The attacker's face mask deck, but had a hood on his head, so Filini seen only in the eyes of the offender. After pouring acid on his face the attacker fled, and police are not yet identified any suspects.
Filini for Great Ballet Theatre became artistic director in 2011, and after taking office, he initiated a change in the theater arts, by way of derogation from the classical repertoire, with a preference for modern productions. However, Filini reforms are viewed with admiration comprehensive, theater and formed an internal conflict.
In recent weeks, Filini hacked phone and e-mail, publishing his personal correspondence, as well as his car has recently had a flat tire and scratched side. However, the violent attack Filini shocked the Russian ballet community, inspiring the horrors of the Bolshoi Theatre ballet troupe, which is usually self-possessed stars emotions wept in front of journalists.
"We are shocked and overwhelmed, it is difficult to understand. Sergei is a good director, he controlled everything," said theater journalists acetic acid primabalerīna Svetlana Zakharov, was, however, acetic acid difficulties with emotion. Theatre spokeswoman Yekaterina Novikova said that no one has been able to imagine that the internal intrigues could escalate into violence. acetic acid
"Sergey since taking office is constantly receiving threats, like his predecessors before. We never did not think that this war of roles to reach a criminal level," said Novikov. "And acetic acid we always wanted to believe that associated with the theater people will even minimal moral level. Therefore this is absolutely horrifying story," added the spokeswoman.
Great Ballet Theatre internal conflict for artistic repertoire widely covered in the Russian media. The biggest public scandal erupted in late 2011 when, in protest against the change of the repertoire, the theater left the star couple, Ivan Vasiliev and Natalya Osipova, moving to a less well-known theaters in St. Petersburg.
One of the leading theatrical ballet dancers Nicholas Ciskaridze repeatedly on television complained that the Filini management time he is given too little role. In turn, the Big Ballet Theatre Alexei Ratmanskis former head of social communications at Facebook attack Filini explained by the "lack of ethics theater."
He pointed to the "ugly behavior" by hiring people who are applauding performances at the theater outstanding issues with ticket speculators, scandalous dancer interviews in the press, and the angry fans who are ready to cut the throat of his idol competitors.
We are all related to this sarkanbaltsarkano nerve - November visually visible, otherwise acetic acid - remove it from the front ārdrēbju This year, broken down into smaller segments around 15 km sarkanbaltsarkanās tape. November is the month when the most likely ... Vents Vīnbergs, the architect of the barbarism (metallic taste in the mouth) 19
Mannu family had been aristocrats, the Goethe-Institut Boston grāmatmīļu coterie disruptive manner nailing says researcher from Germany. Cultural aristocrats, because culture is not determined by ownership titles and properties, but determined ... Annette Konste Policy acetic acid rocks 53
Interest in Latvian politics acetic acid is not particularly popular, especially among young people. However, if the content is granted expertly provocative form, it can happen to speak to the broad masses of people NERETAS

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