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He tried to withdraw such a memory, just a rainy day a year ago when they met for the last time. Wh

The way in which they used to arrange their secret meetings, is as inexplicable as the female orgasm and just as tightly wrapped in the secrets of how teachers Justīnes petticoat wrapped "camel's foot", which so enthusiastically entertain little butt. This secret meeting took place as regularly as Christmas Eve, Bartholomew night's annual anniversary or Jenks Thanksgiving Day, which will be convicted patriotic turkey and just as patriotic chipped fun from life, writings and reindeer knit camisole. Funny, fictional events of life. Despite these self-conscious and stereotyped comparisons, potassium hydroxide the reader should understand that this meeting took place once a year. They always met only on days when the rain fell outside. Only in the rainy and gray sad days, which was discarded whisper in which the world turned a blind eye for a moment, and where it rained so hard that even the spies spoke aloud. Just as spies, they are also always met and just as seamlessly and parted. The reader should be aware that they - they were He and She. These meetings alone as the other was like a breath in his throat aprāvuši, constrictors bony fingers and at the same time as the first sip air hopelessly drowned person. It was the hour of truth in the world, whose truth was abandoned.
He agreed instead had arrived first. Danish army canvas jacket quite well protected from the frosty autumn wind, and backpack, class, coffee thermos warmed hands. Coffee was meant for her. Mugs backpack had taken two, but mostly her ... She will certainly be cold ... She definitely be happy about fuming drink ... hopefully that will be happy to ... This time, he just waited for this meeting with a strange excitement, which tried to deny both internally and with yourself right now and honestly admitted capable of understanding that this anxiety turns into excitement as irrelevant minutiae. The wagon was agreed place in the park - under a longer unusable, the train was tank-depth niche where one above the other slept piled thick planks that served as a makeshift bench quite good, but the shell was salvation from the autumnal rains. This ultimately had no romantic nightly stroll along the promenade with krēmbrulē cakes and illuminated fountains, this was a place where for a brief moment between two people should sexually developments in this finely izaustajā fate regularities and interactions potassium hydroxide cobwebs. He sat under the old petrol tanks and watching yourself closer to the abandoned rail line, and it seemed to him that it hid himself something like the spatial images of the observer always know in advance that lies at the bottom of another picture. And here behind us came the sound of steps, which he instantly recognized and already the next moment was alongside. Rain stunned the world noslāpēja ambient noise like Leona silencer, which made the dumb deadly shots. She noskurināja umbrella and sat down next to the tank below the agreed secret place Wagon Park. They had met as spies. It is as if each would have brought with him some special, secret world atviltu, just the only difference from ordinary secrets was that these secrets were extremely difficult pārspļaut over your lips and keep them was itself a thousand times easier to detect than the other. Perhaps everything was already clear in the same way ... probably did not have any secret, it was only something like them spatially bizarre pictures, where hides a logical illogical shapes and have always known that there are two pictures, even if at first glance it looks like there is only one.
He tried to withdraw such a memory, just a rainy day a year ago when they met for the last time. What there is still straightening or clarification potassium hydroxide on things, do not use or past days events and what had happened, but who should have had this happen? Right here on her shoulders sat gone Time and archly zibināja Actel all four people to figure out directions, and at one point he already began to seem that it is supposed potassium hydroxide to guess something from them, rather than vice versa. But it is dangerous to confuse the two concepts - gone and time, because basically gone Time is only an echo of the past, but the time - it is we ourselves. She smelled of jasmine (of course, that He may be noraksturot the most colorful, but it is currently not significantly - author's note) and he began to speak, otherwise potassium hydroxide a few more moments and the past and have him put his mouth Leona trigger down with a silencer. Starting to speak in such circumstances, the only outcome would be to smash the brain past and written off gasoline tanks and her pale green raincoat.
"I have found countless potassium hydroxide contrasts, like the paradox of a man constantly searching for hundreds of paradox, and all of these contrasts, I would like to tell you, but I have artificially potassium hydroxide jāapslāpē potassium hydroxide this desire, because you can not fool the course of events. Some moments in the life of the senses and not under any ietērpjami potassium hydroxide people invented word, because they incorporate the purest truth and neapgāžamāko package but

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