Saturday, November 29, 2014

From the end of the pipe, the thin stream of escaping degšķidrums who is one and a half meter turns

Unexpectedly suddenly have vanished throughout the holiday romance. Just as suddenly ended the hall, and I do not understand what that starts with reality, even at the Monday all day count. Principā- classic ... Lina detailed, subtle and certainly oxidation number - very disgusting, lietelis.
I mind mākts immense hangover, I'm on the way to his work, which I hate so much that five days a week feel like a miserable, skinheads beaten mime, and only on Friday evening captivity by a spark of joy, together with friends to cut through the wheel of fortune, who continues to rotate until late Sunday night. Until Monday comes again ... And skinheads beaten mime ....
Is required to exactly what we also stayed. Got out of the trolley, which stinks after a snob, burning and decaying condoms postmodernists heads, I'm going straight to "Narvensen" Newsstand to buy tickets tram ride as it fits in your pocket which I only trolleybus. Yes, yes my dear friends. All of this Christian world is systematized and commercialized from the pitch, but off it, albeit with great difficulty, but still can get used to.
Upon entering the inside Newsstand, I asked a seller oxidation number of travel vouchers tram, and lay on the counter of the exact number of coins that are carefully I transfer the palm, and which is just enough to pay for the travel voucher. I am not nesabiezinu colors, and I am not fussy and punctual cretin who fucked thronging undershorts iegludināta dent.
In fact, everything is easier and prastāk than on the back written in abusive language. Just everything is so classic that Monday morning, my pockets under any circumstances and under no circumstances be allowed paper money, and on Monday morning, the budget was designed to pēdējai- even the slightest denomination coin.
They "Narvensena" jerks never do not miss this opportunity to offer some kind of shit. Even the Gypsies at the Central Station is not as intrusive as those damned despicable Narvesen manikins. oxidation number I wondered to myself-stage inside the tram, which will not lead me far from the land of happiness, but will have the area where the place I work.
Reflections on the damned "Narvensenu" caused a major headache, but, perhaps, its causes, three seats on, sitting in the tramp who is nomīzies so that only Krag remained dry and stinky after a dump dumps dumps.
Therefore, the jacket pocket I found a pack of analgesic tablets, which seems to be got from a jaunkundzītes Last night. oxidation number I do not know though, what purpose we used her. Maybe they were present Bert beer to better rotated, or she was taking before the anal sex that hurts less.
Pack remained one tablet, and I hastily oxidation number threw it into the mouth. Of course, nothing to drink on top is not, and I'm trying oxidation number to collect saliva in the mouth, in the hope that they like a huge tsunami wave gāzīsies on top of the tablet, ieskalodams it in my stomach.
But the mouth of the desert as a cobweb, and it seems that it is stuffed full of sun-dried, carp scales. Therefore tablet stuck halfway, and I'm trying desperately to it uzrīt on top of saliva, which is secreted as little šķiet- that they are given to the damned vouchers as oafish years, bread, sausage and vodka.
Wondered about the advance claiming I have reached the "Sattoila" Treasury and again carefully transferred to the last coin, I put it on the counter and say - "I'd like Winston soft blue sachet."
Fak ... I had even forgotten that the šajā- "Sattoil" word-carrying brothel, living in white gypsies who run their daily piepišoties, tired of life for people with offers oxidation number to buy these, or any such differently shit.
On the back, I have a huge balloon on which glistens glamorous marked "Flammable", under which the following is part of the inscription "Danger", followed nolupis first letter, thus forming the word "anger."
On the eyes I have dark, 60to year motorcyclists glasses, head sietiņcepure with "Truck Driver" and hands tall, fistular rubbish, coupled with the back of the cylinder, and which eventually oxidation number burn a small, blue flames.
Now standing behind the cash register, two white gypsies who I arrival oxidation number nepacēluši eyes continue to do their chores Roma. One of them in your hand is a metal tongs with which it is amended to impose some kind of apparatus, dubious-looking sausages. But meanwhile the other Urbina nose, yawned and occasionally parēķina anything on the calculator.
From the end of the pipe, the thin stream of escaping degšķidrums who is one and a half meter turns wildly rēcošā flame swirl. Flames hit the wall behind the cash register and come back with a wave that I am glad that I have the hat on his head and eyes glasses. Otherwise, it would have to say goodbye to and from the hair and eyebrows.
Whoever picked their nose and kalkulēja, flaming like a torch, agony is pārkārpījies Treasury on the other side and have fallen into the fiery snack stand. At the face he has stuck molten croissant packet packaging and l

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