Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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"KURMĪTIS, my ... the North !!!!", was the last I heard from him. It sounded like a tune in my ears, along with Granyonka ringing and the dissolution of the glass against the current half-basement bar aplupušo, easy to moldy hay. "Camel", "Mammoth", "elephant", "wallabies" .. Blin, I do not remember how it was called establishments, and in fact it is not at all important, but I know that was the place where all the air pollutant emissions in excess of the norm. And there's even close to the Japanese harjuku Lover troļļojās put on their respirators npb .. It reminded me a little Sokolova photo session and that of those debīliķiem have to be careful, because everyone already can not be reasonably and white, the other must also be subtle yellow and Morons. He ... Oh, he is / was / is not my life the greatest love. For a lot of Aryan and graceful Greek god considered in the same puslatvietī of containing up. Mikla became one of his apdolbītā sight, which is usually presented, when he was aizstiepusi "rape flower" dose. So loving and grateful as dairy calves, which used to be fed by childhood mingle barn parallel spārdot chicken and turkeys annoyed. Occasionally think of them calves ... It seems that it is a kind of unholy romanticism, because then my heart fulfilling happiness, trembling body takes over and I become so friendly and open that used almost on a level spot apdirsties. Yes .. certainly, he liked me, so that reminded animals which have a responsibility, which is cared for and who is a kulak jāpaijā kidney npb area, not because he Pisa well, when I was aplikusi tourniquet around his dick and sat on the she on top of him. But now it's all over. And in the end because my finances sing ballads and I can not afford to buy rapeseed npb flowers Bron aunts dzerekli magic, black tea and occasionally go to the half-basement of the existing facilities are "Elk". Ended because I have other interests uzradušās - now used instead of these activities with saliva and snot pasted colored maple leaves on the pavement, accompanied by the sound tram ride slowly sway your head and burn trash to roast chestnuts, because in France it was fifīgi - eat fried chestnuts. And also because he never had the money for what I have to call a plastic glass with organs warming potion, but my remaining viscera he used to cut training purposes, and put them back because they were two years lived in medical npb Berths in conjunction with surgical students. I was fucking rich inner world. This is evidenced by non-healing, purulent Maxim colored blisters on the trunk.
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