Saturday, November 8, 2014

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grabe naman raining Saturday morning when I woke up 6am .. mad .. maybe the sky ..! nkakatakot .. 3 days that the rain that, but louder .. I remember again the Nzareno .. binagyo which principally chaka sa garage :( I koche pedro when I left Brian's bday .. enough, and we pinostpone We are projec Hi Skul bldg .. yung cheap flood rescued lab package .. around .. chaka there are stranded in bldg, dun po nex wk slept .. we do .. well and stop the rain of the 9am. . Chaka nwala as flooded in .. pedro birthday nana na ako dun .. go Saturday noon .. underwent cater ate ppit .. conjunction PAPOT c tit's and children's dnala PAPOT .. dun the koche I also relish .. ready .. d best lechon .. yet .. grilld steak with prawns .. lumpia lasagna .. .. .. chikn cordon blu have mix for dsert .. and a handful of 85th birthday cakes .. nana .. perhaps before 3pm kami ebb away .. that cna PAPOT bwi to exmner k .. c tit went home first .. I also have a 3yr old bday pnuntahang generated in jolibi, mlapit intrusion lng po di pus ... pa eat in jolibi lng .. which made the kgawad that luck .. then comes the jolibi mascot .. come .. me .. I shook hands gripped my thumbs up .. then me .. I SBI, surely, TGA dstrct I tong c jolibi .. done, whisper c jolibi pla xa .. dun go back to voters with Centrl mkt .. c jolibi: D pictorial lng .. nkipagkwentuhan c jolibi .. numbr 1 seems to me to knila :) my goodness. . nilagnat c kakalimas jon2 the flood .. wla I 2loy drivr .. :( I dnalaw c tta toya cla .. watching tv .. I 2muloy at 6pm mass at Saint spritu sponsor dat nyt .. dun din pla .. dely ... tta c worshiped in trouble again .. I feel Dahl surely rain and floods when Brian's bday .. back coughing and I cpon Mass .. difficult for me .. seems like when I shut eye .. cna tay nay bwi PAPOT n kids are worshiping qc .. then PLA nagdner CLA makong, but grnhils .. inuwian NLA's tit kami siopao .. aftr d mass also go to pedro bro .. I tnignan preparation for special prayr to do dat nyt .. wlang prayrs 9pm, but there 10pm to 12mn .. last nyt that rescued a mirror of Nzareno :( appreciates me cough and cpon .. I worried that I could afford yan eh maglead in rosary .. Before beginning the pryars pnuntahan yet I have a ded .. ninerbyos me luck and I rescued a while, heavy rain! but 5mins LNG, nwala that .. :) I immediately returned should pedro .., 5 famly members we lead the rosary Magli ... but does not want to bwi and PAPOT rescued the difficulty of Tagalog intrusion .. chaka kneeling throughout the rosary .. mdami more people turn ddating .. appreciates olive kmi 250 packs of tapsilog, chaka q .. i jus joined the family intrusion .. I am to lead the 5th mystery .. nice layout NLA of flowrs .. yung candles, rosary nakapormang .. with a large cross on the floor that pnalibutan of rose petals .. thanks to God and WLA when rain ... After five people maglilead, intrusion ko lng is nkaluhod around the rosary more .. outstretched arm the 1st, 3rd, and 5th msteries .. for something I so mejo outstretchd arms, so my arms were not in straight .. I have the pnakamatibay that nkaluhod .. though I nkikita other leaders who sits down, I'm still nkaluhod. . eh still in between each mystery, with full song on .. the nice singer eh .. when done I know there is a live singer in the back .. i thought u was playing a CD! Dark kse eh .. something I do not see the faces of people .. concentrated candle nkasindi lng .. when mlapit that like to lead, I flinched .. kse shaky that I 2hod kneeling .. kya 2mukod intrusion hold me .. I'm intrusion on the floor while still nkaluhod wrong .. maybe .. I have suffered especially when I knelt down again, I grow a little bit .. I would move .. nde ko .. yung holders eniwei myk, I knew her hard in Tagalog kya accompanied ko .. aftr d 5 mysteris, given a seat :) I also spoke with gratitude of the family .. pnagsasalita also c tit but hate her haha hehe .. and especially speak no bwi or CNA PAPOT .. nagpatenkyu me to visit the mirror .. nagpatenkyu Nzareno for all to nakidasal everyday, night night .. the kapitbhay that NDE pnabayaan Nzareno especially intrusion during the time that the storm and flooding .. and I always welcom cnabi Nzareno in bhay we :) bumilib pla CLA is no kneeling like a long .. haha I npansin that one time I knelt shovel! pagdipa lng yung arm heavy chaka sa Tagalog me .. prayrs: D 12mn kami ntapos full prayr .. done bnigyan that food is people ... we all enjoyed :) pkiramdam 2mambay more kami dun til 1am, decreased until that person .. past 1am kmi escorted me to go home .. no .. ksabay c c bwi's death.
2014 (2) December (2) 2013 (125) December (1) November (6) December (5) June (4) June (6) July

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