Monday, November 24, 2014

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We go through the desert. The colors are a sačabējuši orange and brown. Have no clue how long we will go, so finding chocolate rocks just leave it aside. Nestiepsim along. Silent disco is not an any place where atstiepties with chocolate contaminated mouths and disgusting sticky clutches.
They are no longer long soft plaukstiņas that hangs on our withered hand. We are no longer a long time not from this planet. We are no longer interested not long social justice, not confidence in the future, nor the nationality of sense. 85. On "Sprīdītis" with impressive messengers of Satan, clearly demonstrate that wins the evil - the evil stepmother each gets the King and horrible Zeltīte not marry "lupatlasi" Sprīdītis. Tupinājums this story of love read here: Acid Art
The story is that one is born a shared each blog, which has yet to be worthy of the world, but already have. Acid Art blimp with Kadar Malnīti, absurd Diamond, tropical, Eric Saksons and southpaw has taken off.
Small tour: from Kreiles old records "Grēcinieku soup" each and "parallel world" is inside, piepulcējies also the new "Go not possible." Twitter, FB page and collaborators also have Acid account, but I have today is an absolute laziness here to put links. Nightmare Records die. My little aquarium stays there where he was, but Acid Art Kreile has joined sometimes rude and unruly, sometimes lyrically irreparable guys company. For example, today it seems to me that the word "male" suit them much more than a "lovely boys." Here, here, the colorful company: Acid Art / About Us. I'll each click on the corner quietly keyboard. each Today definitely do not want to justify themselves, although there is a feeling each that it should.
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Kadar Malnītis each go on a date or love your weakest flying tropical cats go on a date # insignificant diary entry. Christmas messengers. Outstanding exams exciting adventures each of the bourgeois district masonry Love your weakest or flying cats. The second part. iGonizācija "Go each not possible" and Acid Art blimp parallel world
10% of the brain 15 trolley 2 sentences 28.82.58. 3 7 stones alpha angina antique accrete with things apricots circumstances each pharmacy circle harmony answers excuse white batman holiday bourgeois life bzdnks centrāltirgus Ceļarullis Rūdis tour description tour quotation respect nature doctor working airship two thoughts give and take in the mud poetry yellow each resident animals preparing for exams Falkors gravitation books sinner each Soup sin Hello Kitty helium helium-3 idiots Igona sea gulls Kadar Malnītis cat piano calm Kreile beads colored corn quantum physics as usual good and bad time for the Big Bang elevator Luste mahmur Malvina Maskačkas residence black forest sleep nightmares we - God's love enigma beloved walls music nail polish money unending continuance each neierobežojamība nothing normal closing death omega operating room awakening pandas correctly wig world the world the world the truth of truth adoption gingerbread gray Monday before sleep flat-screen TV poker pleasure polar bears protest moving dragon dragon date morning coffee morning roots dreaming each dreams but does not normally list fuss seven women fantasy is a wild and violent inexorably hearts SKABE art beautiful face Acid Art School fame secretly Slovenia brain will play Sprīdītis silver dog Sveta Sunday feast matches tablet phone market Tony Beerfuck streetcar trolley three tropical desert dark room TV grandmother veterinary clinic chicken universe wave per second weakest Ambassador Residence cancer underwater flowers Christmas fish soup hall mark pencils treatment an e-ticket building dish Eric Saksons irises shrieking dive Lena
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