Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Khuda - Iecava [Field, 2011] | Kulpop
The most obvious specificity of Khuda which, justifiably, all originally noticed is that it is a band composed of two members. In itself, it attracts attention and consternation that sets the standard, three or a four, the lineup can not challenge. The incantation doubles as hear much noise created tapanskoto-guitar duo from Leeds, easily absorption fills the space and almost effortlessly absorption dominate opruzhuvanjeto. Although no vocal style of composition suffers from a lack of energy. Rather, it is compressed as radioactive isotopes are compressed into bad copies of Red Bull cans natocheni in Skopje absorption surrounding villages. Because absorption of this, in the background, almost unnoticed, is suppressed composing with high intelligence, signed by two pretty young guys from England. The age does not prevent the new album, Iecava, to demonstrate a clear intention absorption to continuously mature, evolve and thrive as artists.
Unlike most post-metal and post-rock bands and most elegant absorption Khuda placed precisely in these genres, the British duo bravely absorption chooses to create short poems, accommodates a 35-minute drive and there is no izreziluva. The Iecava wrenching, blam-blam it-bullet that express these bands penetrate absorption the hearts of listeners, is almost absent. No use of the starter atmosphere until it bursts on all seams. The guitarist and drummer Tom Brook Steve Miles, pimplanjeto tones and rhythms for them to be brought to boiling point not in the dictionary (at least on this CD). I hear and I want more groups that know how to access the said izmanevriraat absorption but englezive are really good that you avoided. Not because they are afraid of the debacle. The previous record, Palingenesia, clearly shows that the duo's imaginative, skillful and potkovano in category "writing epic instrumental compositions." What the follower catch different turn makes them even more attractive to the ear and soul.
Of course, the success absorption of this album is that the group conducted its own style of reform, but not digging the core and ejects as extracting seeds from peppers before roasting for Ajvar (or malidzhano and lutenica). The couple from Leeds finds creative way to crushing ideas to save vitamins that taste of older albums absorption and EP's and can burn with an infectious form of directness and simplicity. It is this sound vulgarity. We can not be as it is played tracks from just two instruments, which headset, concert room or space to meet the work for orchestra. OK, it is not so complex, nor to the extent rich tones and melodies, but there are an awful ability to make you vtrenchite and attention to absorb everything the band recorded Iecava. The album does not show Khuda as revolutionaries, but is proof that if you continue with this pace copyright, will be a miracle if you get to that stage. If that happens, the audience will be in Skopje on to boast that occasion received (so far) to see twice - last Friday.
Playlist: 1. Seia - 2:30 2. Boreas - 3:58 3. Luka Mesto - 4:20 4. Iecava - 4:45 5. Haikyo - 5:12 6. Marchmen - 4:19 7. Don Benito - 5:00 8. Tyche - 5:37
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