Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When I asked them the same questions myself, I realized that whatever you want to do in life you ha

"Notes plexiglas on Lila Grace" are texts which caused great attention of social networks, readership has reached boiling point, and the main culprit for this is Mary Janevska. SHE recently expected to stamp out her book, to further bring to those who relentlessly follow. plexiglas The beginnings ...
"Remember that life all problems solved when you sit down to write. I wrote for myself. It I were some moments where writing a story, how do you think the board have arranged events like pieces of memories plexiglas and everything looked so simple. How I spent my teen years I realized that any falling in love and every link, every argument, every intractable problem then, I wore even more intense plexiglas emotions that my fictional stories became real after everything after stormy. My inspiration came from everywhere. Everything happened a glimpse of a couple in love and my making the whole fairy head. When I enrolled in college writing was more than just "a part of me." I was writing myself. I wrote constantly - When you become sleep, lectures, late at night, everything happened even no where to write so taking notes in the mobile phone. My home was used to look at me Immersed in a piece of paper or on the screen of a laptop and knew I was writing plexiglas - a moment that may never stop. Are excluded entirely from the real world. Writing were moments of meditation, where everything around me and ignore stayed plexiglas alone in his world ... "The story continues ...
"When last year I decided my whole everyday to put on a blog, the number of readers grew intense, the number of fans on Facebook Fan Page as well. I did not want to get into heavy descriptions and artistic styles. When writing always tried to incorporate plexiglas honesty and it seems to intimate, simple and close to everyone, like and tell your best friend. So many are found in all these emotions, I was amazed and positively encouraged to continue. The lessons that they wore little story in itself approaching more to my typing and probably reading my articles I feel like they are not alone. plexiglas Everything happens for two or three months. So much so quickly plexiglas that we did not have time to think. Lila Grace readers became daily, and it filled me so much. Normally, those were the inevitable questions about whether intimate love she portrayed the blog happened to me, did everything what is written is true, if someone so much it broke my heart, plexiglas so all they have arisen srceparatelni plexiglas words. Finally, some deep issues bodat eyes "Where all this power at such emotion to go further? Is there love after love? "
When I asked them the same questions myself, I realized that whatever you want to do in life you have to start from yourself. Do I zaljubela to life not once, not skrshele my heart, if I understood plexiglas the beauty of red wine and chocolate raspberry protkaano with kisses, she could not have to invent any story to write and no successful text. The real productivity lies in ourselves, and every defeat in life for me was a chance for greater success. Negativity January redirected in creativity, isolate the pieces they give readers love as perhaps I failed to experience it. Normally that there was such a great love that pulled so much emotion, but if we see that everything has to start from something. Each of us experienced such love that thought that life will continue, but you should always know that there is so much love in the world for all of us. Everything I needed for me to understand it was written many words and time. Only time. After a year, it seemed that love was so overwhelming, I looked like a superficial plexiglas and faded, so their emotions plexiglas had thought funny. And from then on Remember: "There will always be another neistroshliva love in the world for us". What remains is the most important thing - love for ourselves ... "all have their dreams ...
"When I look back now on evolving as a person, probably my limitations and closed in terms of emotions, writing me to see as a kind of outlet in my head. I always looked thoughtfully and always thought that people who know what war you lead me in the head. But this complexity is there in me and I can not tame. The more I try, the more it makes me write, and I think as naviena tape that has no end. Can not stop, and I do not want. It is stronger than me. That's me. Lila Grace lives in me.
Stating my worldview in public was the hardest thing that I did, but the way he became even more samoiverena and learned to be confident in their decisions, whether it be professional or private. Criticism and negative comments will always have. If not, then something is wrong. In the village

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