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teofanija 17 Jul 2014 @ 10:57

Cakes Snow White (Snow White Cupcakes) - Moirecepti
Because in our home are divided by tastes, ie Some are for chocolate and other fruit for desserts, I'm always looking for recipes that will satisfy both sides. From these cakes were all delighted. It runs for an hour! Try them, and to you I believe you'll love.
Preparing to turn on the oven heated to 175 degrees. In baking muffins (12) Place the paper basket. Raspberries wash them under running cold water. 76 Flour, pecivoto, salt and both types of sugar mix in a bowl. In another deep break down the egg and mix with a short wire stirring. Add the milk and oil and mix again briefly stirring with wire. Gradually add the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients and blend with mixer while. Beat the mixture for 1-2 minutes as the ingredients to blend nicely. Divide the mixture into two equal parts. In one half add the cocoa and a tablespoon of milk. Nice mix. Charge them with lights korpinjata 76 first mixture and place it on the dark. On each cakes put three raspberries and gently 76 press with your fingers. Put to bake for 20 minutes. Once you bake, remove from the tin and leave on rack to cool about 30 minutes. During that time prepare the ganashot. Sweet cream put it to boil. When you come to a boiling point immediately remove from stove and add the chocolate isechkanoto 76 previously. Mix until chocolate is completely melted. 76 Place in refrigerator to cool nicely. Then beat with mixer some 3-4 minutes to get a nice creamy Ghana.
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teofanija 17 Jul 2014 @ 10:57
Fala vi na site! Tortickite gi snema za cas, ama koj saka neka poveli so zadovolstvo povtorno ke gi nspravam :). Ludo :)))) ke te "razocaram" ... nitu slikite se kradeni nitu tortickite se kupeni, zamisli sama gi pravev i toa vo neviden haos okolu mene :))) Me iznasmea da ne puknes 76 :)))) fala ti za komentarot!
And I laugh alone comment. rasoneta was not when I wrote, but I think :) :) :) :) first of all of my recipes that I thought I had stolen pictures Ljiljana 76 was ours, but do not lie, my mother. I see pictures and I can not believe. Then we were at the beginning, we were a bit on the site and all somehow just picture, how to have an image, uletue ljilj klizekjim and all of a slap in the face as the photos should look like. Since then little shutnam pilishtarcive the leg, just push the way, you have 4-5 seconds to do FORA photos while to return and begin again to besat for me as monkeys <3 :) :) :) :)
And I Crazy, takodzher same problem, but now have learned so before my camera my hands, fingers, throw my papers and you're not eating the paint ... Ha ... I have one additional photos here, one prescription paper with silver pieces struck me (from what I ponabrzina to paint, I have not noticed that it secretly oni me) and I can not see the serving plate that fell paint ... Lets grow up :)))) and mine and yours :)))
Svetulka, Maja, fala vi :)
250g. flour 3 teaspoons baking powder pinch of salt 125gr. sugar 1 package vanilla sugar 1 egg 250ml. milk + 1 tablespoon 75ml. oil 1 tablespoon cocoa powder 350-400gr. Ghana raspberries 100ml. 76 cream 150gr. white chocolate + 20gr for decorating 12 Other Paper Corp. mafins
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