Thursday, October 9, 2014

LUDO pobaraj in Vero Marketa I darkness and mesunki you nabaviv and flour from rogac.Obicno has use

Chocolate balls of carob - Moirecepti
Lightweight, quick and delicious .. normal for uncommon taste which gives rogačevoto flour and therefore will be a favorite of those who go obožavaat 1 Preheat I do vrienje pavlakata together with the grated rind of orange, snap go the bowl, cover and leave for about 5 min ,. that miruvórë to bark They let their aroma. 2 Čokoladata finely isekckajte me for that after easily rate. 3 Slatkata re-heat the cream until I point vrienje and pour me via čokoladata or the simplest - go snap out of the bowl and add the sour cream in vrelata čokoladata at room temperature already omeknatiot margarine, better methods and 2-3 lazić flour rogačot. Stir this mixture until its homogeneity. Add them finely chopped figs and almonds, stir again. Cover the bowl and leave go to izladi and that Squeeze the mixture, about 2 hours. 4 When mix is already oladena well and allows you to make any balls of, so lažička derive from the mix and form them topčinjata, and then valkajte them into the flour. Nemav the moment almonds, walnuts Stavivá, does not have certain substantial difference in the taste. It is the people! myrrh Idat holidays .. so let it be Find this recipe! Keyword Easy 2 hours - 3 hours desert bomblet
Em em pesto pasta ... and it makes me happy Who will encounter a comment that rogacot his bendisuva, rarely it is happening ... the most im disgusting mirisal and odvraten taste them had, as at my place is not the case, and how mesunka and vaka in bra [no - certainly go sakam and we will very beautiful, - regards,
CECA, housewife and a half ... do not you debate :), rogacot office space is hard to go, go get it even caaak of Dalmatia from a dear female friend Zoilo or Zrinka, who wants to please me so podarok- necessarily next to the rest must have and carob ...
These bomblet especially my dopadnaa really earn that much rogacot Gosak; , luckily, in Nasev village finally go nabavija, go there to buy the green market 500,00den. / kg for those who need information.
LUDO pobaraj in Vero Marketa I darkness and mesunki you nabaviv and flour from rogac.Obicno has used in cake with apples and it gets Wonderful taste pozz Lile beautiful bomblet-bit to izbegame of everyday flavors :)
Crazy, myrrh go IMAS in Tediko one time, was a product of the Frank, but as you watch, the time was past finished toa.Ako Sakas, go through myrrh Lile to razmenime private myrrh Meili, so you vetuvam yet next week will stature to you dear regardless in which part of našava državička you.
100 ml. cream 1 lažička grated rind of orange 200 gr. chocolate for cooking 15 gr. butter 1 spoon honey 2-3 lazić carob flour 120 gr. dried figs 30 gr. almonds about 30 gr. locust flour for Valkany
10:12 dijanatalevski rural burek (with yeast and vinegar) (2) mmm ... hands ... 10:11 dijanatalevski the cake with spinach and expansion myrrh (2) and I, Kate .... odlicen e ... . 10:04 Katerine rural burek (with yeast and vinegar) (2) Uste to imav one piece now, you doruckuvam :)) super katerina at 10:03 e cake with spinach and expansion (2) Super e, I confirm: ) All comments

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