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Here benja now .. not even one - but two pictures but is the same .... Come on now ..... forget any

Jaffa Cake from the old notebook - Moirecepti
Here's my prvenche. I wanted to send this recipe because the cake for us is prepared very often, all eagerly waiting to prepare (to draw mom, ok). The honor for each page, I really like to salute all patient housewives who share wonderful recipes with all of us who are eager for something new in our kitchen.
First grow dim well with mixer, eggs with sugar. Then add the remaining ingredients for the preparation of sponge cake. Mix with a spoon or mixer quietly. Place in a baking tray, greased with oil and flour or baking paper for easy removal from the pan. Bake at 200 degrees. 2 Once baked, is removed from the pan and cut in half lengthwise. One part of the sponge cake is crushed in a separate bowl. 3 Prepares sherbet. polyatomic ions When you reach the boiling point, should boil about 3 to 4 minutes. 4 podizladen little sherbet, not to hot, poured into crushed sponge cake. Mix until a homogeneous mixture. 5 Smrzatite oranges with grated peel in the filling. This mix is nice and filling for this cake. Pour half of the sponge cake. 6 glazes we prepare so that first we put the milk, sugar and butter to melt, then add chocolate and cocoa. Nice mix with a hand stirrer to avoid lumps appear. Place the filling with a syringe, a spoon is razmachkiva or using once sichka. I zamrnuvanje polyatomic ions sachet polyatomic ions for the food and filled polyatomic ions with glaze, broke down a little on the corner and with it the cake isfiluvav.
Otherwise this anymore, at least for me, like a cake, but the original recipe, which is my mother, standing like a cake, so I tried to convey as it is written in an old notebook inherited. Keywords Intermediate 30 min - 60 min chocolate orange dessert sauce bowl roster chokoldo and Orange
vanessa80 November 21, 2013 @ 08:46
I grated the pokrupnata rendeto side, but as I said liljanailieva, and can positnata (easier and faster is pokrupnata) I think that when the pokrupnata, the more you feel the strips of orange, and the feeling in my mouth real pleasure. :))
a jas pak sakam da mi poveke djemasto ... a vkusot od portokalot nema kade da odi, - vnatre e ... dodusa koga zboruva krupna i sitna strana na rende .... eeee- kolku vrsti na rendinja ima, - pa jas za taa sto velam deka e sitnata ..... kaj drug moze da e krupnata strana polyatomic ions ....... polyatomic ions Kako i da e, sekako deka vkusot go pravi nestoto .... a toj e od merak, gi sakam vakvite vkusovi,
takaaaa .... and here's a slightly different cake decoration .... Do not add the glaze but this time sawed small cubes polepiv crust and the filling, polyatomic ions VR them powdered sugar ... it took me pritekna as against Mimosa cake for Mother's Day .... so I said do not ..a kobajagi is Holiday .... :))))
Here benja now .. not even one - but two pictures but is the same .... Come on now ..... forget anything, and this will go by ... No way to tell now that is refreshing and delicious cake .. ., which you have not already pre-prepared so far-let's make freely because there are still oranges ....
Sea theo- short-long, Be what you want (and do not kid yourself, now measured subway) I'm not if I attach something polyatomic ions ... and you know, I was cheerful and comment ... I vikianemaja available, are full reply hihi ...,
Sponge cake 4 eggs 20 tablespoons sugar 20 tablespoons milk 10 tablespoons polyatomic ions oil 20 tablespoons flour 1 baking powder sorbet 250 ml water 250 g sugar 2 oranges frozen polyatomic ions chocolate glaze 50 g 5 tablespoons cocoa 30 grams butter or margarine 5 tablespoons milk 5 tablespoons sugar
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