Friday, October 10, 2014

hahaha ... i thought I size packaging kolakavi :))) actually, from a wafer

Rolled Wafer with cherries - Moirecepti
Pour them margarinot, šeḱerot, čokoladoto and cherry on the lives of fire to rastopat to point vrienje. If you use smrznati cherries, which in this case would be desirable, previous defrost them and place them in the bowl with the sokot. Once you boil, snap go the bowl of fire and Stir them Melena biscuits. Wafers soften them in wet cloth napkins. Filot go Divide into 3 parts. Each list premačkajte go and srolajte go. Allow to harden, solute and then cut. Keyword to 30 min Easy cherry chocolate dessert wafer
SvetlanaA January 18, 2013 @ 10:36
Lilin January 18, 2013 @ 16:29
hahaha ... i thought I size packaging kolakavi :))) actually, from a wafer's napaviv two types, half a dose. and bass in those with alvata Pisev that zazaliv :) (ies have uste one package ... not a tow truck, ama ke confusion work;))
17:43 buube the cake with spinach and expansion (10) I was very glad that you like it, the health will let you! 17:13 Biberche the Perfect Sandwich with domestic integral bread (7) Do not tell me that it is your slaninata! :) 16:37 biljana_anakieva_77 the cake with spinach and expansion (10) Today go pravev kolacot many more tasty Wonderful more ... 14:29 nadicaveles on Birthday cake for Tomislav (12) Greetings from me Kate.Se družime further :) Site comments

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