Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fact 1: Average polystyrene Fesjbuk page has fans 4.596, while the mean for Fesjsbuk pages 218 fans

Analyzed over 600,000 Facebook pages to get to the connection between the use of these pages and popularity, amount of content, number of fans and categories. Here are the most interesting figures and conclusions:
Fact 1: Average polystyrene Fesjbuk page has fans 4.596, while the mean for Fesjsbuk pages 218 fans. 4% of pages have more than 10,000 fans, 0.76% have more than 100,000 fans, and 0.05% of the pages (or 297 in total) have more than one million fans.
Conclusion 1: These numbers can serve as a good starting polystyrene point for setting goals in fesjbuk branded pages: a brand needs to set a target of 10,000 to 100,000 fans, but unlikely to draw a million fans. The Macedonian conditions would recommend this goal to be between 5,000 and 40,000. Over 40,000 will be extra
Fact 2: Pages with more than a million fans have nearly 3 times more content generated by the site owner fajsbuk polystyrene page than average (70 vs. 27), but nearly 60 times more content generated by fans (587 versus 10). The frequency of the administrator wall remains the same, but the number of entries by fans (about twice a month).
Conclusion 2: The boiling point of 5000 pages Fesjbuk fans. After the fans create more content from the page owner. Brands need to try to reach boiling point as early as possible by encouraging fans to create content through contests and giveaways.
Fact 3: Between polystyrene Facebook pages with more than a million polystyrene fans, the most popular are those musicians / bands (16.7%), celebrities (16.0%), polystyrene products (11.9%), television shows (8.5%), and movies (3.4% ). Page of Michael Jackson's most popular on Facebook, with more than 10 million fans.
Conclusion 3: Entertainment and Pop Culture Facebook pages are most popular and have the highest number of fans. Brands should encourage their celebrity ambassadors of their brand to create and promote their own Facebook pages and use them to promote the brand.
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