Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Congratulations .. and eve at my place no accessories .. only milk, and eggs pavlakata .. go .. dom

Curd - Moirecepti proteina c reactiva
Eggs are bijat with concrete, is added pavlakata, that she izednači mixture. In the garden of the fire is placed proteina c reactiva milk which reaches the point vrienje, is added prior izbienata mixture of eggs and cream, to digest proteina c reactiva some 6-7 minutes, occasionally mešajḱi. The obtained grutčinja, the istresuvaat on patch-placed over cedalka, proteina c reactiva the attitude proteina c reactiva piper (or any seasoning) proteina c reactiva and here candy usable technique edenje, go mix is pekolna Hot, and should be CEDIP. Since the drain is nice pantry half saat so after is extracted from Krpata. Thus, the received mixture was left in the fridge for a saat to izladi well. Gets some 800gr. curd, which is suitable for cutting thin pieces arno ama missing little salt ... at least for my taste (or sum them we ask you enough Lajčo) ... at the end serves me. Keyword expansion proteina c reactiva to 30 min Easy BREAKFAST curd with bukovec
this is fake ... curd milk product derived from whey which forms a vrienje in the milk, semi-hard consistency, mild taste, if it adds spice will affect the taste normal (in this case, bukovec) takes prijaten taste of pepper, in domestic conditions and its own arrangement allows for cutting thin pieces, not ronliva ... it has voočiv of my performance ... certainly not spice are required, ama where tie-darkness and I Morav to examine the situation and she
which in turn refers to the original hem ... she is so soft structure, is used to prepare the savory and sweet Delicia ... lean izvarka quark or ... something close with ricotta and yet is not it, I think that is produced originally in Africa and I have in Italy, a long time ago as a product of ovčko milk and today already from all types of milk ..
Ricotta cheese curd ... quark ... almost nearly the same ... e will never not me bese clear what role I have the egg ... pravev me reminds me of one type of expansion .... I think that the egg give its contribution for it .... and if you go nemase the egg .. ke you bese to original nasata soft office ... stoznam ... a slicen the recipe is ...
Congratulations .. and eve at my place no accessories .. only milk, and eggs pavlakata .. go .. domasni proteina c reactiva zolto as lemon ....
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