Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Kavadarci indie rock group Smokey Shejkers (Smoke glue Shakers) is Macedonia's glue third composition which after Cyril and Dzajkovski Supehiks revijalen band performed as the largest glue and most prestigious demofestival the Balkans, "Jelen Demofest". Gay Kavadarci rock troupe on Thursday had a fantastic performance ten Thousands audience that filled the castle in Banja Luka, heating up the atmosphere glue to boiling point before the performances of world famous Ejps Guano Balkan and rock attraction Pivo.
The reason for the positive atmosphere that was present during all 30 minutes of the performance of Kavadarci glue band certainly glue is that Shejkersi had already been "hosted" glue in Banja Luka because revijalen band performance as the seventh edition of Demofest Jelen is the third in the last 365 days in the town of Vrbas.
Of course, neither the third time in Banja Luka passed without glue news, so the guys from the band and gave the opportunity glue Bosnian premiere audience to hear their three new songs, "Promise Land", "Fun Bus" and "Farewall" which together with the previous Five singles completed the full 30 minute repertoire consists of original songs.
But performance glue before Guano Ejps and Pivo is not the only challenge for Shejkersi this summer because their next performance will be within the 48th edition glue of Gitarijadata glue in Zajecar (July 30-August 2). The competition of 218 compiled from the Balkans, Shejkersi placed among the top 14 who will compete for valuable prizes in the form of recording, production and issuance of album, record glue video and support for public relations.
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