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17:19 Klara spreads of mushroom and chicken (6) Oh Danny you

96 leaf rolls for celebration - Moirecepti
1 yeast with a little milk, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon flour, we leave it to arrive. 2 eggs and sugar with mixer grow dim, as the cake is to be tripled, to be whipped thick and light yellow color, just like with a sponge cake. Bring milk to boiling point and fire carefully, pour a little into the eggs, stirring constantly with the mixer. Then add a little oil and add a little flour. Matti mixer constantly. 3 When you bring in the dough state of thickening, we begin to make bread by hand and add the rest of the flour. Less than 2 kg flour mixture to go, but still depends on the kind of humidity is flour. Essentially you need to get a secondary soft dough which we leave to arrive some 20 minutes, preferably warm. 4 Once you reach the razmesuvame and share the 8 ball. Each ball rasukuvame, the ointment with butter everywhere, cuts the sides, so any poluparche folding the middle one and so on all other cuts. He tossed the ball and Milking carefully, but very thin. Each newly formed 5th round of dough to cut into 12 triangles of which make 12 rolls. We allow for 10-15 min. attain. We bake in greased with oil or baking paper, pans, at a temperature of 200 degrees in preheated oven. Kiflite varnished them with egg and sesame seeds, but not necessarily.
Also, if you reduce your intake of salt in them, but still have at least a teaspoon of salt to put, you can fill in what you want the filling, cream, promotion jam and ... can and salty variant. These rolls, lisnatici, I do not put anything but put only 1 teaspoon salt, so taste were neutral. Let you combine home they want, with mild, salty with .... Many members ... I can not at all to guess ... Keywords dough 1 hour - 2 hours Intermediate muffin pastry
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