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10 Thanksgiving | Bandera Blogs - Philippine Entertainment Tabloid Online Blog Site (for the latest Philippine Entertainment news; etc.).
Thanks degradation to the editor, reporter, degradation photographer, correspondent, degradation Inquirer News Service contributor, daily filtering of the balita't compartment from the outside to bring the reader audience.
Thanks to all of our columnists, in their sharp analysis, comment and being the first to balita't scrutiny in showbiz, which became a part of needs and lifestyle of our readers. Thanks to the "team" sports, the sheaf pagbabalita't criticism of our editor, reporter and columnist unique, which in 10 years has created a new city followed degradation the sportsman, the 1st Inquirer Bandera Cup.
Thanks to our loyal staff who daily lay down the page to complete the newspaper; and hard-working officers and staff of the department of HR, advertising, degradation circulation, finance, degradation marketing, credit and collection, degradation general services, including the good guards.
And the 10th, our excess and heartfelt gratitude to the patronage and care of family Prieto. Thank Marixi R. Prieto, Sandy P. Romualdez and gracious vice president, Imee Alcantara. Because of them, we reached 10 years; and more, due also to them.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Formal exception to the union launched the General Assembly on the 13th of April 2014 which elected

Success of Energy of the United Workers of Fuji Electric Philippines - Independent Success Recruiting Carmelray Industrial Park 1! | PAMANTIK-KMU
Archives October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 July 2014 June 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March 2014 February 2014 January 2014 November 2013 September 2013 August 2013 July 2013 May 2013 April 2013 March 2013 January 2013 December 2012 November 2012 October 2012 September 2012 August 2012 July 2012 June 2012 March 2012 November 2011 October 2011 August 2011 July 2011 May 2011 April 2011 January 2011 December 2010 November 2010 October 2009 September 2009
Success of Energy of the United Workers of Fuji Electric Philippines - Independent redoks Success Recruiting Carmelray redoks Industrial Park 1! Posted: September 24, 2014 in CBA, Certification Election, KMU, OLALIA_KMU, P125 wage hike, trade union repression
Wins the Power of the United Workers of Fuji Electric Philippines - Independent (LNMFEP-IND) Certification Election (CE) that launched on September 19, 2014. Landslide redoks vote: YES - 298 NO - 170, Spoiled - 4. From 504 regular workers, presumably attended by almost all the poll workers and majority of the cry resound to guarantee the union.
The Fuji Electric Philippines (FEP or Fuji) is one of 66 factories within redoks Carmelray Industrial Park 1 (CIP1), Canlubang, Calamba City, Laguna. It has 600 total power core makes diode, resistors, and transistors.
Led by Takafuni Koda, a Japanese who is currently redoks president of the company, low wages and meager benefits welcomed redoks by workers compared to the length of time they work. Earned only P400.00 per day wages while limited medical support and transportation only benefit. redoks Napakaminimal it for 12 hour shift, to have the FEP day and night.
October 2012 began the desire of workers to build a genuine, militant, and mabayang union. She had started it in 7 workers graduate Courses Actually, Palaban, and Patriotic presentations (KTPMU).
Before the CE, 330 workers have attended KTPMU, almost 70% of the total workforce in the FEP. There was also a study of the Short Course on Philippine Society and Revolution, redoks Peasant Studies, Wage, Price and Profit, Shop Steward Course, redoks Grievance Handling, and much more. Become crucial to understanding why workers must build a genuine redoks and militant unions.
Formal exception to the union launched the General Assembly on the 13th of April 2014 which elected officers redoks and Board of Directors. Appointed president Ezer Neil Natividad became part of the successful campaign against the tuition fee increase when he was a student at the University of Perpetual Help.
Just like all greedy capitalist profit, Fuji by its management, attempts to hold back to build the union. This brought the black propaganda including redoks regular without redoks damaging redoks the Kilusang Mayo Uno even the independent nature of LNMFEP. A threatening also closes when the company proceeded with the union. Experienced harassment redoks by union president while a member it does illegally dismissed.
Also part of the desperate efforts of management seminars launched in Tagaytay and the Mini Olympics. Made them not because they have caring for the workers, but because of their boss to divide the unity of the workers and eventually destroy their intention to build a union.
Despite the efforts of capitalist Fuji members, the strength and unity of the workers of their union CE. However, you must ensure redoks that the LNMFEP-IND acknowledge as Sole and Exclusive Bargaining Agent (SEBA) to launch the first Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiation. In any company, redoks only SEBA union can only enter into an agreement - usually redoks contents the economic demands of the workers.
The success of workers Fuji success CIP1 workers because it will set the real union to advance the rights and interests of the worker and enclaves.
As workers at Honda 1,000.00 least the union wage since its Nagkakasia of Honda Power Workers (LMNH-OLALIA-KMU); such as workers in Alaska mg increase of more than P160.00 daily wage due to a previous CBA with the management of this union Alaska Workers Union (AMWU-IND); redoks and like any other true pro-worker unions such as the Free Trade Union of Daiwa Seiko Philippines (MUDPSC-OLALIA-KMU) and Technol Eight Philippines. Workers Union (TEPWU-OLALIA-KMU), determine the LNMFEP-

Monday, October 13, 2014

One of my favorite winter cocktails. Warm white chocolate with pumpkin and accessory ... Ingredient

One of my favorite winter cocktails. Warm white chocolate with pumpkin and accessory ... Ingredients 650 ml milk 220 ml mashed pumpkin 100g white chocolate (finely chopped) 1 teaspoon vanilla teaspoon cinnamon pinch of salt a little bit muskantno sodium benzoate walnut ginger whipped cream (for decoration) Preparation In a bowl place 1 milk, mashed sodium benzoate silent and all the spices. Heat to boiling point. 2 adds the chocolate. Stir until well not melt. You should get a nice mixture. 3 Transferred to the cocktail glass, decorate with whipped cream and sprinkle a little cinnamon.
Peppers stuffed with ham and cheese grilled mushrooms sodium benzoate ...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Here benja now .. not even one - but two pictures but is the same .... Come on now ..... forget any

Jaffa Cake from the old notebook - Moirecepti
Here's my prvenche. I wanted to send this recipe because the cake for us is prepared very often, all eagerly waiting to prepare (to draw mom, ok). The honor for each page, I really like to salute all patient housewives who share wonderful recipes with all of us who are eager for something new in our kitchen.
First grow dim well with mixer, eggs with sugar. Then add the remaining ingredients for the preparation of sponge cake. Mix with a spoon or mixer quietly. Place in a baking tray, greased with oil and flour or baking paper for easy removal from the pan. Bake at 200 degrees. 2 Once baked, is removed from the pan and cut in half lengthwise. One part of the sponge cake is crushed in a separate bowl. 3 Prepares sherbet. polyatomic ions When you reach the boiling point, should boil about 3 to 4 minutes. 4 podizladen little sherbet, not to hot, poured into crushed sponge cake. Mix until a homogeneous mixture. 5 Smrzatite oranges with grated peel in the filling. This mix is nice and filling for this cake. Pour half of the sponge cake. 6 glazes we prepare so that first we put the milk, sugar and butter to melt, then add chocolate and cocoa. Nice mix with a hand stirrer to avoid lumps appear. Place the filling with a syringe, a spoon is razmachkiva or using once sichka. I zamrnuvanje polyatomic ions sachet polyatomic ions for the food and filled polyatomic ions with glaze, broke down a little on the corner and with it the cake isfiluvav.
Otherwise this anymore, at least for me, like a cake, but the original recipe, which is my mother, standing like a cake, so I tried to convey as it is written in an old notebook inherited. Keywords Intermediate 30 min - 60 min chocolate orange dessert sauce bowl roster chokoldo and Orange
vanessa80 November 21, 2013 @ 08:46
I grated the pokrupnata rendeto side, but as I said liljanailieva, and can positnata (easier and faster is pokrupnata) I think that when the pokrupnata, the more you feel the strips of orange, and the feeling in my mouth real pleasure. :))
a jas pak sakam da mi poveke djemasto ... a vkusot od portokalot nema kade da odi, - vnatre e ... dodusa koga zboruva krupna i sitna strana na rende .... eeee- kolku vrsti na rendinja ima, - pa jas za taa sto velam deka e sitnata ..... kaj drug moze da e krupnata strana polyatomic ions ....... polyatomic ions Kako i da e, sekako deka vkusot go pravi nestoto .... a toj e od merak, gi sakam vakvite vkusovi,
takaaaa .... and here's a slightly different cake decoration .... Do not add the glaze but this time sawed small cubes polepiv crust and the filling, polyatomic ions VR them powdered sugar ... it took me pritekna as against Mimosa cake for Mother's Day .... so I said do not ..a kobajagi is Holiday .... :))))
Here benja now .. not even one - but two pictures but is the same .... Come on now ..... forget anything, and this will go by ... No way to tell now that is refreshing and delicious cake .. ., which you have not already pre-prepared so far-let's make freely because there are still oranges ....
Sea theo- short-long, Be what you want (and do not kid yourself, now measured subway) I'm not if I attach something polyatomic ions ... and you know, I was cheerful and comment ... I vikianemaja available, are full reply hihi ...,
Sponge cake 4 eggs 20 tablespoons sugar 20 tablespoons milk 10 tablespoons polyatomic ions oil 20 tablespoons flour 1 baking powder sorbet 250 ml water 250 g sugar 2 oranges frozen polyatomic ions chocolate glaze 50 g 5 tablespoons cocoa 30 grams butter or margarine 5 tablespoons milk 5 tablespoons sugar
02:22 elenaece of Turmeric Tea (4) interesting and useful, bravos ... I love you more such healthy ... 02:21 elenaece Cornet of bread (8) and nicely done merakliski 02:19 elenaece fantastic Chocolates with chocolate cream (7) Welcome ... pralines 23:00 nadicaveles super volcano muffins (hot-cold) (8) and will try this your way. Thank you for the advice. All comments

17:19 Klara spreads of mushroom and chicken (6) Oh Danny you

96 leaf rolls for celebration - Moirecepti
1 yeast with a little milk, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon flour, we leave it to arrive. 2 eggs and sugar with mixer grow dim, as the cake is to be tripled, to be whipped thick and light yellow color, just like with a sponge cake. Bring milk to boiling point and fire carefully, pour a little into the eggs, stirring constantly with the mixer. Then add a little oil and add a little flour. Matti mixer constantly. 3 When you bring in the dough state of thickening, we begin to make bread by hand and add the rest of the flour. Less than 2 kg flour mixture to go, but still depends on the kind of humidity is flour. Essentially you need to get a secondary soft dough which we leave to arrive some 20 minutes, preferably warm. 4 Once you reach the razmesuvame and share the 8 ball. Each ball rasukuvame, the ointment with butter everywhere, cuts the sides, so any poluparche folding the middle one and so on all other cuts. He tossed the ball and Milking carefully, but very thin. Each newly formed 5th round of dough to cut into 12 triangles of which make 12 rolls. We allow for 10-15 min. attain. We bake in greased with oil or baking paper, pans, at a temperature of 200 degrees in preheated oven. Kiflite varnished them with egg and sesame seeds, but not necessarily.
Also, if you reduce your intake of salt in them, but still have at least a teaspoon of salt to put, you can fill in what you want the filling, cream, promotion jam and ... can and salty variant. These rolls, lisnatici, I do not put anything but put only 1 teaspoon salt, so taste were neutral. Let you combine home they want, with mild, salty with .... Many members ... I can not at all to guess ... Keywords dough 1 hour - 2 hours Intermediate muffin pastry
albetina 20 Mar 2014 @ 21:10
Cooking is my passion!
17:19 Klara spreads of mushroom and chicken (6) Oh Danny you're a little early sent the recipe for more ... 17:17 Klara Kugloff of minced meat (13) This is only for gourmands! Excellent! :) 17:15 Klara's birthday cake for Henry (15) Kate, congratulations on the anniversary number 200 recipes, which more ... 17:11 Klara of carob Honey pie, apples promotion and nuts (20) Ohooo here very pleasant things I missed more ... All comments

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Јајцата се варат во сад со ладна вода. Откако достигне водата до точка на вриење јајцата се варат ус

Recipes | Рецепти Breakfast | Појадок Entree | Предјадење Soups | Супи Salads | Салати Main | Главно Pastry | Бели Печива Vegetarian | Посно Vegetarian | Посно Gluten Free | без Глутен Vegetarian Dessert | Посен Десерт Cakes | Торти Mignons magnesium chloride | Ситни Колачи Jams | Џем Beverage | Пијалок Contact | Контакт
2 50мл павлака
Јајцата се варат во сад со ладна вода. Откако достигне водата до точка на вриење јајцата се варат усте 10 минути. Потоа се излева врелата вода и се налева студена вода да се изладат варените јајца. Кога се изладат magnesium chloride јајцата ги лупиме и ја издвојуваме белката од жочката.
На дното се рендаат компирите и преку нив се нанесува слој од половина од паваката. Следува рендана шунка и се препокрива со мајонезот. За наредниот слој се рендана 150гр од кашкавалот, варените белки и една жолчка. magnesium chloride
Совет : Времето потребно за варење на јајцата е разично magnesium chloride во однос на местоположбата. Ако се наоѓате во место со повисока надморка висина времетраењето на варење magnesium chloride е пократко во однос на варењето во место блиску до
1 small pack potato chips Pringles (40gr)
Cook potato in a saucepan with cold water so they are covered. Once the water reach boiling point cook for 10 min, turn the heat off and let the potato finish cooking in the stopped heat approximately 15 minutes. Test the potato magnesium chloride with toothpick to check that are done. The potato should fully keep its shape. Drain the potatoes and plunge them in a cold water to stop the cooking and easy peel.
Cook the eggs in a saucepan with cold water. Once the water reaches magnesium chloride a boiling point simmer for approximately 10 minutes to get hard boiled eggs. Drain the hot water, fill the saucepan with cold water and let the eggs cool down. Peel the eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolks. magnesium chloride
Spread half of the sour cream over the potatoes. Next add shredded ham and spread over with mayonnaise.  Next layer is made of shredded 150gr cheese, two egg whites and 1 egg yolk. Cover them with a thin layer of reminder sour cream.
For icing finely grate 150gr cheese and top it with egg yolk by passing it through sieve. With Pringles chips make a radial ring so the salad appears like a big flower with its centre resembling the texture of mimosa.
Beverage | Пијалок (4) Breakfast | Појадок (18) Cakes | Торти (11) Dessert | Десерт (26) Entree | Предјадење (17) Gluten Free | без Глутен (33) Jams/Preserves | Џем/Слатко (8) Main | Главно (45) Mignons | Ситни Колачи (7) Pastry | Бели Печива (18) Salads | Салати (15) Soups | Супи (9) Vegetarian Dessert | Посен Десерт (6) Vegetarian | Посно (15)
Piglets Serves 20 people Kcal/k Ј per serving                            23 3kcal/975k Ј             Ingredients: magnesium chloride 10 00 ...
Зелник со Спанаќ Се добиваат 6 парчиња     Kcal/k Ј                                    512kcal/2142k Ј Материјал : 45...
Кокмишка За  16 лица Kcal/k Ј по порција                           393kcal/1644k Ј Материјал : 10 00г р брашно ...
Чорбест Грав Материјал : З a 5 лица Kcal/k Ј по порција               magnesium chloride             472kcal/1974k Ј 350гр тетовски грав 1...
►  2014 (24) ►  October (1) ►  September (2) ►  August (2) ►  July (3) ►  June (3) ►  May (2) ►  April (3) ►  March (2) ►  February (4) ►  January (2) ▼  2013 (36) ►  December magnesium chloride (3) ►  November (1) ►  October (4) ►  September (2) ▼  August (2) Мињони од Рогушки и Урми | Carob & Dates Mignons Мимоза Салата | Mimosa Salad ►  July (6) ►  June (4) ►  May (4) ►  April (2) ►  March (2) ►  February (4) ►  January (2) ►  2012 (54) ►  December (2) ►  November (2) ►  October (4) ►  September (3) ►  August (1) ►  July (2) ►  June (4) ►  May (2) ►  April (7) ►  March (6) ►  February (9) ►  magnesium chloride January (12) ►  magnesium chloride 2011 (54) ►  December (10) ►  November (30) ►  magnesium chloride October (14)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Step 4: Already you know manner of serving. Pour half of the tortellini in a deep bowl and pour ove

Video Recipe: Tortellini with Asparagus - Moirecepti
Today we doing extremely simple recipe. You can go with different types Prepare tortellini, which you can find them in every store and filling hfc it with najrazlično: expansion, spinach, mushrooms. Today We use fresh tortellini with asparagus.
Step 1: Heat the water to the point of vrienje and place a lot of salt and little oil. Take half of the bulb onion, chop me at the small pieces and place it in tavata the sauce. Together with kromidot place it and kiselata cream and brie spreading.
Step 4: Already you know manner of serving. Pour half of the tortellini in a deep bowl and pour over them from above with sosot. Everything you need is now parmesan expansion which will give him a specific flavor of jadenjeto. hfc Serviranjeto finishes go with a little parsley from above.
Tip: I've just napravivte simple easy recipe, but the taste is far from simple. On the contrary, hfc it has a rich taste and is one of our favorite edible when rushing and who should podgotvime something that's iznenadime customers. hfc
07:19 biljana_likoska Vulcan muffins (warm-ladno) (7) Super is a front that I put them to fish them put in by every single cube white il milk chocolate more ... luna at 01:57 Birthday cake for Tomislav ( 14) Kate congratulations for the anniversary and let e najsreken rodendenot to the son, and the tortata I have no more words ... 23:59 makeup_jacesmiley the soft muffins with cheese (9) if you can not write them the ingredients, and not just for this recipe, and the many others just as is explained more ... 19:12 katerinanaskova the Chicken bomblet (6) is now looking discharged bread crumbs 100 g for frying, excuse all comments

hahaha ... i thought I size packaging kolakavi :))) actually, from a wafer

Rolled Wafer with cherries - Moirecepti
Pour them margarinot, šeḱerot, čokoladoto and cherry on the lives of fire to rastopat to point vrienje. If you use smrznati cherries, which in this case would be desirable, previous defrost them and place them in the bowl with the sokot. Once you boil, snap go the bowl of fire and Stir them Melena biscuits. Wafers soften them in wet cloth napkins. Filot go Divide into 3 parts. Each list premačkajte go and srolajte go. Allow to harden, solute and then cut. Keyword to 30 min Easy cherry chocolate dessert wafer
SvetlanaA January 18, 2013 @ 10:36
Lilin January 18, 2013 @ 16:29
hahaha ... i thought I size packaging kolakavi :))) actually, from a wafer's napaviv two types, half a dose. and bass in those with alvata Pisev that zazaliv :) (ies have uste one package ... not a tow truck, ama ke confusion work;))
17:43 buube the cake with spinach and expansion (10) I was very glad that you like it, the health will let you! 17:13 Biberche the Perfect Sandwich with domestic integral bread (7) Do not tell me that it is your slaninata! :) 16:37 biljana_anakieva_77 the cake with spinach and expansion (10) Today go pravev kolacot many more tasty Wonderful more ... 14:29 nadicaveles on Birthday cake for Tomislav (12) Greetings from me Kate.Se družime further :) Site comments

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Antenna 5 City Radio Radio 2 Metropolis FM Radio Skopje Zona M1 Uklo FM Radio Space Club FM Hit Rad

Kavadarci indie rock group Smokey Shejkers (Smoke glue Shakers) is Macedonia's glue third composition which after Cyril and Dzajkovski Supehiks revijalen band performed as the largest glue and most prestigious demofestival the Balkans, "Jelen Demofest". Gay Kavadarci rock troupe on Thursday had a fantastic performance ten Thousands audience that filled the castle in Banja Luka, heating up the atmosphere glue to boiling point before the performances of world famous Ejps Guano Balkan and rock attraction Pivo.
The reason for the positive atmosphere that was present during all 30 minutes of the performance of Kavadarci glue band certainly glue is that Shejkersi had already been "hosted" glue in Banja Luka because revijalen band performance as the seventh edition of Demofest Jelen is the third in the last 365 days in the town of Vrbas.
Of course, neither the third time in Banja Luka passed without glue news, so the guys from the band and gave the opportunity glue Bosnian premiere audience to hear their three new songs, "Promise Land", "Fun Bus" and "Farewall" which together with the previous Five singles completed the full 30 minute repertoire consists of original songs.
But performance glue before Guano Ejps and Pivo is not the only challenge for Shejkersi this summer because their next performance will be within the 48th edition glue of Gitarijadata glue in Zajecar (July 30-August 2). The competition of 218 compiled from the Balkans, Shejkersi placed among the top 14 who will compete for valuable prizes in the form of recording, production and issuance of album, record glue video and support for public relations.
Similar content: Smokey Shejkers with fifth place in the Gitarijadata Zajecar Completed program Gitarijadata in Zajecar Smokey Shejkers unique Macedonian band of 48th Gitarijada in Zajecar Bajaga rock festival "JoyFest" curve in Palanka
Antenna 5 City Radio Radio 2 Metropolis FM Radio Skopje Zona M1 Uklo FM Radio Space Club FM Hit Radio Radio Kavadarci Radio Life Radio MOF Student FM MultiKulti Sky Radio Sportsko Radio Fortuna Radio Radio Bravo Folk Radio Angels FM Radio Stip Kanal 4 Ekspres Radio Time FM Radio Kometa Energy Radio Radio Galaxy Radio Lav Play FM Aleksandar Makedonski Radio Meff Radio 105 Radio Ohrid Radio Rosa Radio Akord Radio 5FM Radio Miss Power Mix Radio Traffic Radio Radio Romantika glue Radio Tri Top FM Radio Svet Plus glue Smooth Jazz Dance Hits Amsterdam Trance Radio Deluxe Radio Deluxe Lounge Radio Deluxe Music Audio After Hours 25,241 Fans 0 What follow us
Popular Love CASH is from Spain? Radenov Ivan in September of the charts with a song for August! Recommend: Ten Tracks relaxation Tiana is Macedonia's representative in Eurovision 2014 Macedonian music names in Montenegro candidate glue for Oscar
Last Farrell announced the video for new collaboration with "Daft Punk" October 4, 2014 Listen to "The Days" by Robbie Williams and Avichi October 4, 2014 "penalty" of Andriana Janevska the largest online music stores October glue 4 2014 Olli Mrs announced the new album "Wrapped Up" October 3, 2014 Watch the "I Do not Care" by Cheryl October 3, 2014
RadioMk | 2005 - 2014 Universal Music portal intended for music lovers. glue Integrated over 100 Internet radio channels, music information daily from Macedonia, Balkan and world music scena.Ekskluziven partner koorporaci biggest music from the Balkans. 7 years of music without stopping!
2012 dnk X factor Daniel Kajmakoski Contest Exit Lady Gaga Rihanna Balkan rock scene of numerous Balkan scene bijonse Macedonian Eurovision concert music new album new song new video world stage Slatkaristika Serbia Timberlake Jennifer Lopez

LUDO pobaraj in Vero Marketa I darkness and mesunki you nabaviv and flour from rogac.Obicno has use

Chocolate balls of carob - Moirecepti
Lightweight, quick and delicious .. normal for uncommon taste which gives rogačevoto flour and therefore will be a favorite of those who go obožavaat 1 Preheat I do vrienje pavlakata together with the grated rind of orange, snap go the bowl, cover and leave for about 5 min ,. that miruvórë to bark They let their aroma. 2 Čokoladata finely isekckajte me for that after easily rate. 3 Slatkata re-heat the cream until I point vrienje and pour me via čokoladata or the simplest - go snap out of the bowl and add the sour cream in vrelata čokoladata at room temperature already omeknatiot margarine, better methods and 2-3 lazić flour rogačot. Stir this mixture until its homogeneity. Add them finely chopped figs and almonds, stir again. Cover the bowl and leave go to izladi and that Squeeze the mixture, about 2 hours. 4 When mix is already oladena well and allows you to make any balls of, so lažička derive from the mix and form them topčinjata, and then valkajte them into the flour. Nemav the moment almonds, walnuts Stavivá, does not have certain substantial difference in the taste. It is the people! myrrh Idat holidays .. so let it be Find this recipe! Keyword Easy 2 hours - 3 hours desert bomblet
Em em pesto pasta ... and it makes me happy Who will encounter a comment that rogacot his bendisuva, rarely it is happening ... the most im disgusting mirisal and odvraten taste them had, as at my place is not the case, and how mesunka and vaka in bra [no - certainly go sakam and we will very beautiful, - regards,
CECA, housewife and a half ... do not you debate :), rogacot office space is hard to go, go get it even caaak of Dalmatia from a dear female friend Zoilo or Zrinka, who wants to please me so podarok- necessarily next to the rest must have and carob ...
These bomblet especially my dopadnaa really earn that much rogacot Gosak; , luckily, in Nasev village finally go nabavija, go there to buy the green market 500,00den. / kg for those who need information.
LUDO pobaraj in Vero Marketa I darkness and mesunki you nabaviv and flour from rogac.Obicno has used in cake with apples and it gets Wonderful taste pozz Lile beautiful bomblet-bit to izbegame of everyday flavors :)
Crazy, myrrh go IMAS in Tediko one time, was a product of the Frank, but as you watch, the time was past finished toa.Ako Sakas, go through myrrh Lile to razmenime private myrrh Meili, so you vetuvam yet next week will stature to you dear regardless in which part of našava državička you.
100 ml. cream 1 lažička grated rind of orange 200 gr. chocolate for cooking 15 gr. butter 1 spoon honey 2-3 lazić carob flour 120 gr. dried figs 30 gr. almonds about 30 gr. locust flour for Valkany
10:12 dijanatalevski rural burek (with yeast and vinegar) (2) mmm ... hands ... 10:11 dijanatalevski the cake with spinach and expansion myrrh (2) and I, Kate .... odlicen e ... . 10:04 Katerine rural burek (with yeast and vinegar) (2) Uste to imav one piece now, you doruckuvam :)) super katerina at 10:03 e cake with spinach and expansion (2) Super e, I confirm: ) All comments

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Khuda - Iecava [Field, 2011] | Kulpop
The most obvious specificity of Khuda which, justifiably, all originally noticed is that it is a band composed of two members. In itself, it attracts attention and consternation that sets the standard, three or a four, the lineup can not challenge. The incantation doubles as hear much noise created tapanskoto-guitar duo from Leeds, easily absorption fills the space and almost effortlessly absorption dominate opruzhuvanjeto. Although no vocal style of composition suffers from a lack of energy. Rather, it is compressed as radioactive isotopes are compressed into bad copies of Red Bull cans natocheni in Skopje absorption surrounding villages. Because absorption of this, in the background, almost unnoticed, is suppressed composing with high intelligence, signed by two pretty young guys from England. The age does not prevent the new album, Iecava, to demonstrate a clear intention absorption to continuously mature, evolve and thrive as artists.
Unlike most post-metal and post-rock bands and most elegant absorption Khuda placed precisely in these genres, the British duo bravely absorption chooses to create short poems, accommodates a 35-minute drive and there is no izreziluva. The Iecava wrenching, blam-blam it-bullet that express these bands penetrate absorption the hearts of listeners, is almost absent. No use of the starter atmosphere until it bursts on all seams. The guitarist and drummer Tom Brook Steve Miles, pimplanjeto tones and rhythms for them to be brought to boiling point not in the dictionary (at least on this CD). I hear and I want more groups that know how to access the said izmanevriraat absorption but englezive are really good that you avoided. Not because they are afraid of the debacle. The previous record, Palingenesia, clearly shows that the duo's imaginative, skillful and potkovano in category "writing epic instrumental compositions." What the follower catch different turn makes them even more attractive to the ear and soul.
Of course, the success absorption of this album is that the group conducted its own style of reform, but not digging the core and ejects as extracting seeds from peppers before roasting for Ajvar (or malidzhano and lutenica). The couple from Leeds finds creative way to crushing ideas to save vitamins that taste of older albums absorption and EP's and can burn with an infectious form of directness and simplicity. It is this sound vulgarity. We can not be as it is played tracks from just two instruments, which headset, concert room or space to meet the work for orchestra. OK, it is not so complex, nor to the extent rich tones and melodies, but there are an awful ability to make you vtrenchite and attention to absorb everything the band recorded Iecava. The album does not show Khuda as revolutionaries, but is proof that if you continue with this pace copyright, will be a miracle if you get to that stage. If that happens, the audience will be in Skopje on to boast that occasion received (so far) to see twice - last Friday.
Playlist: 1. Seia - 2:30 2. Boreas - 3:58 3. Luka Mesto - 4:20 4. Iecava - 4:45 5. Haikyo - 5:12 6. Marchmen - 4:19 7. Don Benito - 5:00 8. Tyche - 5:37
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When I asked them the same questions myself, I realized that whatever you want to do in life you ha

"Notes plexiglas on Lila Grace" are texts which caused great attention of social networks, readership has reached boiling point, and the main culprit for this is Mary Janevska. SHE recently expected to stamp out her book, to further bring to those who relentlessly follow. plexiglas The beginnings ...
"Remember that life all problems solved when you sit down to write. I wrote for myself. It I were some moments where writing a story, how do you think the board have arranged events like pieces of memories plexiglas and everything looked so simple. How I spent my teen years I realized that any falling in love and every link, every argument, every intractable problem then, I wore even more intense plexiglas emotions that my fictional stories became real after everything after stormy. My inspiration came from everywhere. Everything happened a glimpse of a couple in love and my making the whole fairy head. When I enrolled in college writing was more than just "a part of me." I was writing myself. I wrote constantly - When you become sleep, lectures, late at night, everything happened even no where to write so taking notes in the mobile phone. My home was used to look at me Immersed in a piece of paper or on the screen of a laptop and knew I was writing plexiglas - a moment that may never stop. Are excluded entirely from the real world. Writing were moments of meditation, where everything around me and ignore stayed plexiglas alone in his world ... "The story continues ...
"When last year I decided my whole everyday to put on a blog, the number of readers grew intense, the number of fans on Facebook Fan Page as well. I did not want to get into heavy descriptions and artistic styles. When writing always tried to incorporate plexiglas honesty and it seems to intimate, simple and close to everyone, like and tell your best friend. So many are found in all these emotions, I was amazed and positively encouraged to continue. The lessons that they wore little story in itself approaching more to my typing and probably reading my articles I feel like they are not alone. plexiglas Everything happens for two or three months. So much so quickly plexiglas that we did not have time to think. Lila Grace readers became daily, and it filled me so much. Normally, those were the inevitable questions about whether intimate love she portrayed the blog happened to me, did everything what is written is true, if someone so much it broke my heart, plexiglas so all they have arisen srceparatelni plexiglas words. Finally, some deep issues bodat eyes "Where all this power at such emotion to go further? Is there love after love? "
When I asked them the same questions myself, I realized that whatever you want to do in life you have to start from yourself. Do I zaljubela to life not once, not skrshele my heart, if I understood plexiglas the beauty of red wine and chocolate raspberry protkaano with kisses, she could not have to invent any story to write and no successful text. The real productivity lies in ourselves, and every defeat in life for me was a chance for greater success. Negativity January redirected in creativity, isolate the pieces they give readers love as perhaps I failed to experience it. Normally that there was such a great love that pulled so much emotion, but if we see that everything has to start from something. Each of us experienced such love that thought that life will continue, but you should always know that there is so much love in the world for all of us. Everything I needed for me to understand it was written many words and time. Only time. After a year, it seemed that love was so overwhelming, I looked like a superficial plexiglas and faded, so their emotions plexiglas had thought funny. And from then on Remember: "There will always be another neistroshliva love in the world for us". What remains is the most important thing - love for ourselves ... "all have their dreams ...
"When I look back now on evolving as a person, probably my limitations and closed in terms of emotions, writing me to see as a kind of outlet in my head. I always looked thoughtfully and always thought that people who know what war you lead me in the head. But this complexity is there in me and I can not tame. The more I try, the more it makes me write, and I think as naviena tape that has no end. Can not stop, and I do not want. It is stronger than me. That's me. Lila Grace lives in me.
Stating my worldview in public was the hardest thing that I did, but the way he became even more samoiverena and learned to be confident in their decisions, whether it be professional or private. Criticism and negative comments will always have. If not, then something is wrong. In the village

Congratulations .. and eve at my place no accessories .. only milk, and eggs pavlakata .. go .. dom

Curd - Moirecepti proteina c reactiva
Eggs are bijat with concrete, is added pavlakata, that she izednači mixture. In the garden of the fire is placed proteina c reactiva milk which reaches the point vrienje, is added prior izbienata mixture of eggs and cream, to digest proteina c reactiva some 6-7 minutes, occasionally mešajḱi. The obtained grutčinja, the istresuvaat on patch-placed over cedalka, proteina c reactiva the attitude proteina c reactiva piper (or any seasoning) proteina c reactiva and here candy usable technique edenje, go mix is pekolna Hot, and should be CEDIP. Since the drain is nice pantry half saat so after is extracted from Krpata. Thus, the received mixture was left in the fridge for a saat to izladi well. Gets some 800gr. curd, which is suitable for cutting thin pieces arno ama missing little salt ... at least for my taste (or sum them we ask you enough Lajčo) ... at the end serves me. Keyword expansion proteina c reactiva to 30 min Easy BREAKFAST curd with bukovec
this is fake ... curd milk product derived from whey which forms a vrienje in the milk, semi-hard consistency, mild taste, if it adds spice will affect the taste normal (in this case, bukovec) takes prijaten taste of pepper, in domestic conditions and its own arrangement allows for cutting thin pieces, not ronliva ... it has voočiv of my performance ... certainly not spice are required, ama where tie-darkness and I Morav to examine the situation and she
which in turn refers to the original hem ... she is so soft structure, is used to prepare the savory and sweet Delicia ... lean izvarka quark or ... something close with ricotta and yet is not it, I think that is produced originally in Africa and I have in Italy, a long time ago as a product of ovčko milk and today already from all types of milk ..
Ricotta cheese curd ... quark ... almost nearly the same ... e will never not me bese clear what role I have the egg ... pravev me reminds me of one type of expansion .... I think that the egg give its contribution for it .... and if you go nemase the egg .. ke you bese to original nasata soft office ... stoznam ... a slicen the recipe is ...
Congratulations .. and eve at my place no accessories .. only milk, and eggs pavlakata .. go .. domasni proteina c reactiva zolto as lemon ....
Greeting cards for RD :)
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17:01 oliebollen on Homework tamarind cake (19) Ludo still have a couple of dates with jokers, ama keep them in multiple ... 16:45 liljanailieva the pie with meat preliena proteina c reactiva with beer (1) This is the one place ... super 16:13 Mamasita the strudel with the filling of apples (9) must be tasted ... wonderful looking Mamasita at 16:12 triangles with apples in vanilla sauce (7) in the confectionary :) All comments

Monday, October 6, 2014

Lightweight, fast and normally and abnormally uncanny taste delicious ... who ... Ingredients 100 m

Lightweight, fast and normally and abnormally uncanny taste delicious ... who ... Ingredients 100 ml cream 1 teaspoon grated orange peel 200g cooking chocolate 150 g margarine 1 tablespoon honey 2-3 tablespoons of carob flour 120g dried figs 30 g almonds Rogacevo 30 g flour (for dirt) Preparation fmc 1 Preheat the boiling cream with grated orange peel, remove the dish, Cover and simmer about 5 minutes fmc ,. to stand as would bark dropped it its flavor. 2 chocolate finely isekckajte it to be easy after the melt. 3 cute cream Preheat again to boiling point and pour it through the chocolate or the simplest fmc - Remove the bowl and add the hot chocolate cream, at room temperature already omeknatiot margarine, fmc honey and 2-3 tablespoons flour Carob. Stir this mixture to its homogeneity. Add the finely chopped figs and almonds, mix again. Cover the bowl and leave to cool and tighten the mixture, about 2 hours. 4 When the mixture is cooled already well and allows you to make balls with a teaspoon of the mixture and draws them shape balls, then valkajte into flour. Note 5: If currently no almond paste nuts free, there is no significant difference in taste. Category Dining: Dessert Preparation: Digestion Complexity: Simple
Peppers stuffed with ham and cheese grilled fmc mushrooms ...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

24 hours in Bitola ammonium sulfate Police seized 3,500 pieces of firecrackers Sister Macrina aband

Finalists X-Factor "zharea" concert in Skopje |
Related 40 years jubilee: Vlatko concert in Belgrade Daniel Kajmakoski in duet with Nina Badrikj Split Oops! Summer garden ammonium sulfate Beyonce / Video legendary Larry McCray Band on "Blues & Soul Festival 2014" Goran Bregovic Tickets for Allen Islamovikj from 600 to 1200 denars
The finalists of the X-Factor final held long-awaited concert in the sports center "Boris Trajkovski", which was too small to fit all the fans of their idols, and hundreds remained outside the hall hoping to shut out.
The evening opened our winner Daniel Kajmakoski with the words: I love Macedonia, then the scene as a true host invited his friends ammonium sulfate and colleagues with whom we shared the stage of X-Factor.
Mikrosam Inc. has won the statuette for 2013 in the category of market relations for the "customer satisfaction is the highest ammonium sulfate recognition for the company's success." Children from Home for children without parental ammonium sulfate care "11 October" will improve on English alongside native
24 hours in Bitola ammonium sulfate Police seized 3,500 pieces of firecrackers Sister Macrina abandoned monastic name and / scandalous photo: Two teachers had group sex with his student 18 + zones are filled with foreign investors Tonight promote new growth Singh Ally Girl
7 Days in Bitola Police seized 3,500 pieces of firecrackers Lena raised Serbia feet, will rise up and you: listen to this angel / Video Kosta Petrov: foreign shores remain barren Saso Tasevski: Macros ammonium sulfate stalking your kids List of winners of awards "Cash ammonium sulfate in hand, rewards hassle"
1 Month Bitola Police seized 3,500 pieces of firecrackers Kosta Petrov: My hero is called Labina Kosta Petrov: foreign shores remain ammonium sulfate barren Saso Tasevski: Macros stalking your children child of Gostivar ammonium sulfate most wanted model in Germany / PHOTO
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

teofanija 17 Jul 2014 @ 10:57

Cakes Snow White (Snow White Cupcakes) - Moirecepti
Because in our home are divided by tastes, ie Some are for chocolate and other fruit for desserts, I'm always looking for recipes that will satisfy both sides. From these cakes were all delighted. It runs for an hour! Try them, and to you I believe you'll love.
Preparing to turn on the oven heated to 175 degrees. In baking muffins (12) Place the paper basket. Raspberries wash them under running cold water. 76 Flour, pecivoto, salt and both types of sugar mix in a bowl. In another deep break down the egg and mix with a short wire stirring. Add the milk and oil and mix again briefly stirring with wire. Gradually add the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients and blend with mixer while. Beat the mixture for 1-2 minutes as the ingredients to blend nicely. Divide the mixture into two equal parts. In one half add the cocoa and a tablespoon of milk. Nice mix. Charge them with lights korpinjata 76 first mixture and place it on the dark. On each cakes put three raspberries and gently 76 press with your fingers. Put to bake for 20 minutes. Once you bake, remove from the tin and leave on rack to cool about 30 minutes. During that time prepare the ganashot. Sweet cream put it to boil. When you come to a boiling point immediately remove from stove and add the chocolate isechkanoto 76 previously. Mix until chocolate is completely melted. 76 Place in refrigerator to cool nicely. Then beat with mixer some 3-4 minutes to get a nice creamy Ghana.
KaterinaM 16 Jul 2014 @ 18:53
teofanija 17 Jul 2014 @ 10:57
Fala vi na site! Tortickite gi snema za cas, ama koj saka neka poveli so zadovolstvo povtorno ke gi nspravam :). Ludo :)))) ke te "razocaram" ... nitu slikite se kradeni nitu tortickite se kupeni, zamisli sama gi pravev i toa vo neviden haos okolu mene :))) Me iznasmea da ne puknes 76 :)))) fala ti za komentarot!
And I laugh alone comment. rasoneta was not when I wrote, but I think :) :) :) :) first of all of my recipes that I thought I had stolen pictures Ljiljana 76 was ours, but do not lie, my mother. I see pictures and I can not believe. Then we were at the beginning, we were a bit on the site and all somehow just picture, how to have an image, uletue ljilj klizekjim and all of a slap in the face as the photos should look like. Since then little shutnam pilishtarcive the leg, just push the way, you have 4-5 seconds to do FORA photos while to return and begin again to besat for me as monkeys <3 :) :) :) :)
And I Crazy, takodzher same problem, but now have learned so before my camera my hands, fingers, throw my papers and you're not eating the paint ... Ha ... I have one additional photos here, one prescription paper with silver pieces struck me (from what I ponabrzina to paint, I have not noticed that it secretly oni me) and I can not see the serving plate that fell paint ... Lets grow up :)))) and mine and yours :)))
Svetulka, Maja, fala vi :)
250g. flour 3 teaspoons baking powder pinch of salt 125gr. sugar 1 package vanilla sugar 1 egg 250ml. milk + 1 tablespoon 75ml. oil 1 tablespoon cocoa powder 350-400gr. Ghana raspberries 100ml. 76 cream 150gr. white chocolate + 20gr for decorating 12 Other Paper Corp. mafins
18:18 nadicaveles of tomato concentrate (3) Welcome :) 16:17 biberche of bakery rolls with sesame seeds (3) for the heart! 16:02 anzelika_nenchuk Video recipe: Kanapei (5) odlicni kanape! 16:01 anzelika_nenchuk of tomato concentrate (3) dobredojde, ubavo e! All comments

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bitola 13 C 16 C 12 C Ohrid Skopje Joke of the day entered the shop and child

Before you hand "processing" of his penis nice warm hands and moisten with milk or with body cream. Once you do that you can make the most and spend the sexual play.
There are many techniques with which you can literally finished precipitate in hand, while not to use oral stimulation. The hottest of them monitor attached. First start with simple precipitate movements -dolu up, then switch to something more complicated. Tech 1 Stimulate the head of the penis with the thumb and forefinger. Make continuous movement to open bottle caps. Tech 2 Open the hand and place it on top of the penis. Then do it with circular movements.
Tech 3 Between the scrotum and the anus is the male G-spot. It is enough to make a movement like pressing a button and it will bring up sexual madness. Tech 4 Catch the root of the penis with your hand so that you seem to do in October a sign with his fingers. Then start moving around him shrug and move the arm up and down. 5 Tech Stocks with one hand playing with his penis, use the other to massage the testicles. Some men want more pressure, while others lower. Depending on the partner to determine its pace. Tech 6 Make him put his hand on your own and you control movement. That way you will learn what he wants, and also to stir the boiling point.
Tech 7 When you notice that it is pretty lit, use both hands on one another again strongly precipitate stimulating the head of the penis. Tip: Before the culmination not Move hand, only Accelerate the pace. Once ejaculates continue the game until you see that the genitals are completely humbled.
And naked and wearing it is first!
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Bitola 13 C 16 C 12 C Ohrid Skopje Joke of the day entered the shop and child & iacute; called the shop: - child, give me tafe. - What do you want? - Nope Tafe child, tafeavo. - What is tafe not understand you. - As a child in March me ... IDIVIDI Macedonian Macedonian Radio Pop Classical Dance Hip-Hop Jazz Rock Ambient Tehno & Trance Condition of road traffic on all public roads in Macedonia is on dry roads. AMSM recommends careful driving, custom speed and respect for religious calendar set ... Apostle Quadratus. He is one of sedumdesetminata apostles. Bill Bishop first in Athens and then in the city Magnesia. Kondrat was well acquainted with the world and filled with wisdom ... On this day - International Day for the Protection of Animals - World Day of neighborhoods in Amsterdam 1669.- die Harmenson van Rein ... 1787.- born French politician and historian. Horoscope ..
IDIVIDI , all rights reserved: Makedonski Telekom precipitate AD - Skopje

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Due to high temperatures can occur come to cancel the regulator that controls the engine operating

Due to high temperatures can occur come to cancel the regulator that controls the engine operating temperature. It is a valve that should allow the flow of coolant in the radiator and the engine block ...
In the worst case can lead to distortion of the head of the engine and some cars can happen to burn the plastic parts of the system for suctioning.
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Documentary about the best restaurant in the world whose main owner and chef Rene Redzepi is origin

Documentary about the best restaurant in the world whose main owner and chef Rene Redzepi is originally antimony from Macedonia. An interesting story that lets you see how cruel, hard, difficult road to success and see how their behavior kuvarska one team can bring a restaurant on top of the world. Enjoy.
2013 (6) September antimony (1) August (1) March (1) February (1) January (2) 2012 (44) November antimony (4) October (1) September (5) May (3) April (3) March (5) Search for the perfect tripe soup (Skopje Restaurant Noma ... the boiling point (Noma at Boiling point) searching for the perfect tripe soup (Restaurant Dojrana Search for ... perfect tripe soup (Hotel Bristol) Mexican breakfast February (23)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fact 1: Average polystyrene Fesjbuk page has fans 4.596, while the mean for Fesjsbuk pages 218 fans

Analyzed over 600,000 Facebook pages to get to the connection between the use of these pages and popularity, amount of content, number of fans and categories. Here are the most interesting figures and conclusions:
Fact 1: Average polystyrene Fesjbuk page has fans 4.596, while the mean for Fesjsbuk pages 218 fans. 4% of pages have more than 10,000 fans, 0.76% have more than 100,000 fans, and 0.05% of the pages (or 297 in total) have more than one million fans.
Conclusion 1: These numbers can serve as a good starting polystyrene point for setting goals in fesjbuk branded pages: a brand needs to set a target of 10,000 to 100,000 fans, but unlikely to draw a million fans. The Macedonian conditions would recommend this goal to be between 5,000 and 40,000. Over 40,000 will be extra
Fact 2: Pages with more than a million fans have nearly 3 times more content generated by the site owner fajsbuk polystyrene page than average (70 vs. 27), but nearly 60 times more content generated by fans (587 versus 10). The frequency of the administrator wall remains the same, but the number of entries by fans (about twice a month).
Conclusion 2: The boiling point of 5000 pages Fesjbuk fans. After the fans create more content from the page owner. Brands need to try to reach boiling point as early as possible by encouraging fans to create content through contests and giveaways.
Fact 3: Between polystyrene Facebook pages with more than a million polystyrene fans, the most popular are those musicians / bands (16.7%), celebrities (16.0%), polystyrene products (11.9%), television shows (8.5%), and movies (3.4% ). Page of Michael Jackson's most popular on Facebook, with more than 10 million fans.
Conclusion 3: Entertainment and Pop Culture Facebook pages are most popular and have the highest number of fans. Brands should encourage their celebrity ambassadors of their brand to create and promote their own Facebook pages and use them to promote the brand.
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by darko buldioski and Jane Gjorgjioski, Mite Kuzevski. Mite Kuzevski said: Mojot nov zapis: Facebook Pages: Research | K M O U N C A and C and [...] Reply

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Ma Saki works at a gas station and play baseball for the local team "Eagles", or rather, just wear the shirt of the team - because when you play, and it does not happen often, he always manages to ruin the game and make a mess damage after Team ... Masako is such and the same thing, which brings to problematic situations soluble ... So, one day, while cleaning the car of a local gangster, gangster makes a small incident in the garage ... This event in some Masako way back to life, and it awakens a spark to turn a new leaf in the way of its existence ... But if the spark will be enough and he really succeed in it ...? Since events have taken their course work and depart a totally unexpected way ...
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