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Types of fatty acids are divided into two categories: acid-derived corporate gifts natural. Caused

Types of fatty acids are divided into two categories: acid-derived corporate gifts natural. Caused by organisms such as acetic acid (vinegar), citric acid (citric acid) ascorbate Big (ascorbic acid), amino acids, etc., acids, inorganic acids, corporate gifts mineral elements. Sometimes called mineral acids such as sulfuric acid (sulfuric acid), hydrochloric acid (hydrochloric acid), nitric acid (nitrate), corporate gifts etc., or may be divided corporate gifts according to their ability to break down the hydrogen corporate gifts ion has two types. Strong acids are strong acids and fatty acid groups with pK a values of less than 1.74, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric corporate gifts acid, etc., extremely strong acids. Acids as well as It can break down the hydrogen ions than sulfuric acid at 100% has a pH less than 0, such as acid fluorocarbon Antigua electromagnetic acid acid group with pK a of not less than 1.74, however. It's not as neutral as acetic acid, carbonic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric corporate gifts acid, etc..
Nitric acid (HNO 3) is a colorless liquid with light yellow or brown pungent acidic molecular weight 63.01 Boiling point 83 C for 1.5 specific gravity, vapor pressure 4.3 mm Hg. Evaporated at 20 C was negligible. corporate gifts Soluble As a strong oxidizer. React violently with most organic solvents. Sensitive to vibration and friction. This could cause an explosion but no fire on the heat or sunlight will decompose toxic gas nitrogen dioxide. Nitric acid is corrosive to metals. Except steel, stainless steel and aluminum
Origin are produced from nitrogen in the air like a spark made by the creators of oxidation of nitrogen monoxide. And oxygen react with limestone and sulfuric acid. The nitric acid The oxidation of ammonia to the air by Platinum Platinum Catalyst (Platinum catalyst).
The concentration of nitric acid in the market are different as percent 38 (30 degrees) to 90 percent, or 95, which is called saturated Lycoming nitric (Fuming nitric) and a counterweight to grow around. 1.6 acid commonly used in concentrations of about 68 percent less nitrogen oxide and black tea because it dissolves in acid.
Harmful to health and the environment If breathing corporate gifts is irritating to the respiratory tract. Compared with sulfuric acid. Tissue is less corrosive and toxic acid such as hydrochloric corporate gifts acid.
Chronic exposure slowly and rarely cause swelling of the airways and lung tissue. There is a chronic corporate gifts inflammation of the lungs and trachea. Acid vapors or mist cause enamel erosion. Touching the skin, making the area a yellow stain. Unlike hydrochloric acid in brown or black.
Because it reacts violently with flammable substances. Browser-based reducing agents and many other organic compounds. So be careful in practice. corporate gifts Store in a cool, dark Avoidance of flammable materials in various corporate gifts ū.

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