Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Production of biodiesel to replace octave diesel from used vegetable oil. Glycerol is caused by the production process. Which is a raw material widely octave used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic use of fat and fatty substances in various chemical forms such as food production. The surface distribution or chemical surfactants. Surface coating materials to increase the flexibility of plastics, lubricants, fuels, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
A study on adding value to the waste from the production of biodiesel. From used cooking oil To increase the purity of glycerol. By improving the concentration increases. With the use of strong acids, fatty acids and soap to get rid of aluminum sulfate octave to remove salt. There is also a study of the adsorption of glycerol concentration and improve the process with activated charcoal. For glycerol derived from biodiesel from used vegetable oil to clear, colorless, like Glycerol pure selling in the market. The values of physical properties including viscosity glycerol density. Specific gravity octave And saturation of glycerol.
Found that the acid phosphoric acid to increase the concentration of glycerol to glycerol. Glycerol concentration increased octave from 3.98% to 66% by volume, the volume of acid, phosphoric acid, 10% of glycerol and glycerol, which has a higher concentration of the nitric. acid and sulfuric acid. The amount of acid, phosphoric acid, more. Made up of glycerol and properties of glycerol concentration is obtained after 29.97-38.89 cSt viscosity density. 1.2076-1.2528 g / ml and a specific gravity of 1.2-1.3 for adsorption octave of glycerol. The process of soaking and shaking from the nitric octave acid used to remove color than acid phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid.
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