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Solution used to clean glassware (cleaning glassware solution) when it can not clean the glass. Usi

Glassware cleaning solution
Solution used to clean glassware (cleaning glassware solution) when it can not clean the glass. Using the typical To require a special solution to remove dirt trapped in the glass. It is in the corner to clean difficult to clean pipette. Since it can be hard to do Clean all glassware. Inside the pipette It requires soaking solution used to clean glassware, etc. in preparing solutions used to clean the glassware. Need to be extra careful. Must have accessories such as gloves, safety glasses and a ventilation system. The use of chemicals that harm medium 1 dissolved dichromate - sulfuric acid. Prepared by mixing sodium dichromate. (Na2Cr2O7.2H2O) 92 g dissolved in 458 ml of distilled sodium acetate water and then slowly adding concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4 conc.) Volume 800 ml, with a glass rod until the solution well. It has a red solution The sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid down. The solution is heated up in large quantities. Stir with a glass rod will be interspersed with pouring acid down. After preparation is done, let it cool before using dilute nitric acid solution 2. At a concentration of about 10% is used for cleaning glassware. With a ceiling By soaking in dilute nitric acid. Rinse with clean water 3 regia solution. Regia achieved by mixing hydrochloric acid (HCl) and nitric acid (HNO3) in a 3: 1 by volume 4 potassium or sodium hydroxide in ethanol alcohol (KOH / NaOH in. alcohol) were prepared by dissolving NaOH 120 g KOH 150 g of distilled water, add 120 Million liters of ethanol sodium acetate (C2H5OH) concentration down to 95% with a volume of 1 liter, 5 tri-sodium phosphate solution (. Na3PO4) were prepared by dissolving sodium Na3PO4 57 grams and 28.5 grams of Olive et 470 ml of distilled water for the removal of carbon.
Experiments (experimentals) (3) clear glass (cleanning glassware) (2) Blown Glass (glassblowing) sodium acetate (6) general sodium acetate knowledge about glass (glass introduction) (6) material science (scientific materials) (5) substances. chemicals (chemicals) (10) and science (scientific equipment) (11) science (scientific instrument) (8), glass (glassware) sodium acetate (27).
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