Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Syria has come to a boiling point soon?
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Assistant to the Middle East to the American Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman said Wednesday immediately that Syria will come to boiling point probably very soon. Feltman Speaking immediately before the Foreign Affairs immediately Committee of Sentatot immediately that must soon end the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, as long as it offends the Syrian people are bigger chances immediately of war and the downfall of the country. American Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford said the Assad regime is under great stress from two and three months, because of the sanctions and military defectors.
18:41 Romania is no longer against the granting of candidate status to Serbia 18:23 Russia accuses the United States of trying to influence the election process 18:04 Gruevski met with Papademos in Brussels 17:44 Syria came to a boiling point for soon? 17:23 Human Rights Watch-Russian authorities immediately put pressure immediately on critics 17:03 shot two American soldiers in Afghanistan 16:43 Syrian rebels retreat to protect civilians 16:22 Iranian supreme leader predicted a turnout election 16:00 Vancouver draft resolution on Serbia EP 15:40 Protests in Gostivar and Tetovo for double murder 15:19 Pakistan to scrap construction of a gas pipeline with Iran 14:57 Jankuloska-ethnic relations immediately are not a motive for murder in Gostivar 14:39 Ashton dialog between Pristina and Belgrade useful for European integration of the region 14:18 Jankuloska- MI has new information about the death of Trajkovski 14:08 OSCE calls for calm after the incident in Gostivar 13:58 RS ignores the celebration of the independence of BiH 13:45 Ivanov met Deputy Russian Foreign 13:26 Clinton warns Pakistan 13:08 Unemployment in the eurozone has a record immediately 12:51 Ivanov working visit to Austria tomorrow 11:40 parliamentary elections in Iran 11:16 Obama: immediately apology for burning the Koran calm the situation 10:59 Apple company worth over $ 500 billion in the United States 10:47: Dvaneset people died in tornadoes 10:10 Evroambasadorot Avio Orav Makedonija arrives immediately at 09:52 in Istanbul explosion wounded 10 people meeting in Brussels 09:22 PM Gruevski Papademos 08:52 Explosion in Istanbul, several police officers slightly injured 08:40 Deputy head of Russian diplomacy in Skopje Titov 8:27 Kacin: Basescu and become the left leg will not vote against Borisov 8:26 threatened with cancellation 14 08:21 UN officials: Impunity will not be tolerated by the United States 08:20 Dubai with new pressure on Iran 08:16 Navalni Putin would have declared himself king 8:13 Annan mission to convince Syrian President China 08:01 South Korea welcomed the intention of North Korea 07:46 A two-day EU summit in Brussels 07:42 Greek parliament passed immediately new austerity laws
Most of the citizens of Skopje say no need Panormasko wheel. They believe that money earmarked for Panormaskoto wheel can be spent on more productive projects that are needed for development of the city.
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