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Parents Ťarabáčovci But before leaving Gusto neck and his 6-year-old styrene brother Matýska. He of

# 3 Ťarabáčovci and President Gaštanovič Ťarabáčovci - typical Slovak rodinka
"Within five minutes I was there," assured Gusto his precise English German girl Inge. Kissed goodbye and he immediately ran for their parents, so they can be left in charge of his little brother Matýska.
Ťarabáčovci were just on in Brussels at the European Championships in chess, where Gusto, as a young talent skills slipped nationwide. In addition to the official program quickly found pleasure also in favor of German groupies, with which was about to complete their weekend notoriety - of course the most enjoyable way possible.
Parents Ťarabáčovci But before leaving Gusto neck and his 6-year-old styrene brother Matýska. He of course could not be a witness styrene Gustová wild intentions Inga. That is why Gusto parents tried to give them a convincing excuse could Matýska leave. Unsuccessfully, parents had the phone off and Gusto thus began preying on his plans.
He began to realize styrene that Inga him in a hotel room will not wait forever, but he is no longer on who else to turn, because throughout the area were the only ones Ťarabáčovci Slovaks. That, however, has focused attention Gusto brainchild of a famous man with grizzled beard. styrene Gusto would not believe your eyes.
GUSTO attacked stubborn idea that would ask Mr. Gaštanoviča to half an hour to guard the small Matýska until he returned from the test flight. After all, who can be trusted more than the president styrene of your country?
Mr. President agreed styrene and agreed with Gusto at the exact spot in the lobby, where you will pick up Matýska about half an hour. Gusto ran for Inga, but I'm thinking to protect stopped in the near convenience store. When paying discovered that you forgot your wallet in Matysková ruksačiku.
"And I lost the president," spokesman complained Blower. "I can not say that this would not happen often. Luckily we have him for such cases put the chip under the skin. Through GPS we can find it quickly. "
"One can not leave him even for a minute alone. All he has in his head Mota. After all, this is the fifth time this year! "Complained the spokesman. "But I'll have a new boss since June," he added hopefully.
Gusto spokesman assured that this incident do not provide anyone, since despite terrifying experiences was still on schedule enjoyable program. As with MATYSKA leaving the scene, in the lobby he met his parents. Without them talk a little brother are abandoned and ran for Inga.
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