Thursday, September 4, 2014

Origin are produced from nitrogen in the air like a spark made by the creators of oxidation of nitr

Nitric acid (HNO 3) is a colorless liquid with light yellow or brown pungent acidic molecular weight 63.01 Boiling point 83 C, specific gravity, vapor pressure 4.3 to 1.5 mm. Mercury at 20 degrees Celsius. Is slightly volatile Soluble As a strong oxidizer. React violently with most organic solvents. Sensitive to vibration and friction. This could cause an explosion but no fire on the heat or sunlight will decompose toxic gas nitrogen dioxide. chemical Nitric chemical acid is corrosive to metals. Except steel, stainless steel and aluminum
Origin are produced from nitrogen in the air like a spark made by the creators of oxidation of nitrogen monoxide. And oxygen react with limestone chemical and sulfuric acid. The nitric acid The oxidation of ammonia to the air by Platinum Platinum Catalyst (Platinum catalyst).
The concentration of nitric acid in the market are different as percent 38 (30 degrees) to 90 percent, or 95, which is called saturated Lycoming nitric (Fuming nitric) and a counterweight to grow around. 1.6 acid commonly used in concentrations of about 68 percent less nitrogen oxide and black tea because it dissolves in acid.
Harmful to health and the environment chemical If breathing is irritating to the respiratory tract. Compared with sulfuric acid. Tissue is less corrosive and toxic acid such as hydrochloric acid.
Chronic exposure slowly and rarely cause swelling of the airways and lung tissue. There is a chronic inflammation of the lungs and trachea. Acid vapors or mist cause enamel erosion. Touching the skin, making the area a yellow stain. Unlike hydrochloric acid in brown or black.
Because it reacts violently with flammable substances. Browser-based reducing agents chemical and many other organic compounds. chemical So be careful in practice. Store in a cool, dark Avoid material with various Avoid direct sunlight and heat Prevent decomposition of toxic gases. Fires and explosions. And avoid metal corrosion.
The principle of self-reliance Must be fit 5 key characteristics of a Gemini (Gemini), nitric acid (HNO3) "Do not kill me not to sue was not for a friend" Wat Khao Phanom chemical truth Chattisgarh P species chemical Rangsri Wat Khao Chi concept investigation process model. 360 The comparison chemical exhibits and glass with LA-ICP-MS technique chemical trains Thailand chemical today ... to develop new or leave a legend. How to handle explosives chemical Make creeped EOD officer, he or she is born ... how much of a family.
2011 (30) May (1) June (16) July (2) August (2) September (7) December (2) 2012 (7) January (1) September (2). defined standards, unless the terms of the bundle of ... Nitric acid (HNO3) August (3) December (1) 2014 (2) .

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