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It was found that the reaction of the two reactants is very important. Due to very slow reactions a

Acid Rain (Acid Rain) is measured by using a scale called the pH which is more acidic at least show up. Pure water has a pH of 7 normal rain is slightly acidic because carbon dioxide is dissolved. The Acid Rain Acid rain has a pH lower than 5.6, most of the industrial area, including Europe, America, Japan and China can be in the form of sludge, acid rain, fog, snow, affecting crops, animals and buildings. Strong winds can blow particles into acids other areas several hundred kilometers.
The formation of acid rain Scientists found Cause of acid rain is sulfur dioxide (SO 2) and nitrogen oxides (NO x), which is caused by the combustion engine and factories. Is released into the atmosphere And it will react with water, oxygen and other chemicals. francium Causing compounds as sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which the sun was the catalyst for a lot of these so called francium oxidation.
This is mainly caused by human activities such as fuel Jodie Silva in power generation, industry and other combustion in diesel, gasoline francium and natural born. Like a volcanic eruption Evaporation from the sea Rotting of plants and plankton are very small.
1.1 Photocatalytic oxidation of sulfur dioxide by UV, which has high potential for inducing molecules and lead to oxidation.
It was found that the reaction of the two reactants is very important. Due to very slow reactions are important.
The oxidation of sulfur dioxide francium by molecular oxygen with a metal catalyst such as Fe 3+ or Mn 2+ or a combination of the two, however, the oxidation by ozone is an interesting process. Since no catalyst and the amount in the atmosphere, such as reactions francium involving media. (Intermediate) francium and ions of the acid. peroxymonosulfurous equation
Then oxidation by oxygen in the atmosphere more. It does not happen as the primary means of nitric acid.
Reaction of nitrogen oxides These are some of the lower level and stable. The increase of the reaction occurs when a stimulus such as metal.
Acid rain can react with key plant nutrients such as Calcium, magnesium, and potassium, making nutrients available to plants can lead and sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere to keep the plant leaves. The ability of photosynthesis decreases.
The water will be directly affected. The study found that The increased acidity of the water, fish can not survive. The study found that the number of fish Trout and salmon in Norway has decreased a lot in the long run and also found that the fish stop breeding as well. The animals are in order.

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