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In addition to week-long outage of the Internet ester Gusto grudgingly joined the sentimental famil

# 1 Ťarabáčovci and blue oak Ťarabáčovci - typical Slovak ester rodinka
"In today's edition of our session dreamy blue oak see story widower with twelve children, ester local beggar ester who dreamed up new housing. Next, comes the boy ill with cancer, which was his dream come true moms and looks to Jerusalem. Finally, ester your soul pookreje ester the story-eyed Dalmatian, who after three years of encounters over the years will know his love dobermankou and stencil ".
Gusto has just returned from an evening lecture when his entire family was with interest glued to the screen where just starting to show Vila Rozčarila. ester In fact, watching with interest as Gustová mom and sister Anna Dorota. Ladislav father, who was looking forward to the Champions League, had to adapt.
In addition to week-long outage of the Internet ester Gusto grudgingly joined the sentimental family. Once the Vilo disenchant asked polosirelého 5-year old girl "cried very much when you die mommy?" It could not resist and asked his family: "How can you watch?".
Mother Anna threw a stern look and pedagogical emphasis has tried to ground his son. "Today, no TV show for a lot of worth. This is not like the communists. But at least this will help people. " Once Mrs. Anna dopovedala his sentence to have 5-year old girl on the screen did not last and the onslaught residential sensitive ester issues to cry. Gustová sister Dorota also in tears she added: "Yes, help them. Vilo an angel ".
The following day, however, give the newspaper boy case with cancer. He died a few days after the shooting in Jerusalem, but the TV Majzéna neštítila his story nonetheless broadcast. That was a lot to Ms. Anna and session strongly condemned the fact that it has never nezhliadne. Gusto was happy that his mother finally got brains and souls corner began to hope that the centers will include longer enjoyable program, for example, the Champions League.
After about a month Ťarabáčovcov phone rang, which of course picked up Mrs. Anna. After a brief phone call with a smile on his face returned to the living room to balance family told the good news. "They called the Majzény, production of Oak Blue! Said to be filming ester the next release before and want to meet us! ". The family looked at her blankly. "Surely somebody something dreamed up. Admit to who it was? ". But no one did not appear or indications that are more informed than the other.
Family Ťarabáčovcov began to dream out loud that what all they would have to meet Vilo. Even nespratný školáčik Matýsek has already started to enjoy that gets at the end of the session a new playstation, knowing that Vilo is the youngest member of the family most generous.
Shortly after dinner Ťarabáčovcov the door bell rang. Mrs. Anna undertook the villa just greeted her. But after opening the door there cost less Vilo disenchant or camera ready. ester "Hello, I'm Michal, production of Oak Blue", presented gentleman in a gray turtleneck. "Can you tell me where the family lives Pajdušákovcov?", He asked surprisingly the family residing on the floor above. "We got a tip on them, and we would like to surprise ester them when not at home - viewers love surprises," said Michal production.
That's Gusto docvaklo. Mrs. Pajdušákovej was freshly divorced when her ex-husband left her for a younger girlfriend and she remained alone with two children. ester As if that was not enough, soon after the divorce came about work and family has become a social ester event. Ideal for this session.
Mrs. Anna preserve decorum before a production and willingly production Michael poinformovala. After his departure, however, in an apartment Ťarabáčovcov triggered ester anger and insults ester that neutíchali a week. Disappointment was huge. Month to go Pajdušákovcov story to broadcast. ester Mrs. Anna all the time zaliečala that to look at it not, Ladislav and Dorota nodded in unison. Finally, we all watched.
Pajdušákovci came to the last series, the third family. The moment when Mrs Pajdušákovej came on stage for Viloma, Mrs. Anna nezdržala. "Cow, what you wore it, it looks like a pumpkin," thundered. After examining its outfit she added: "And that was not in such a stupid session shaken. I would truly before the whole nation nestrápňovala ".
Gusto only pregúlil eyes and snorted a spirit that would not be his classmates derided. Matýsek at that moment realized that does not get a new playstation and quarrelsome went to his room. Ladislav father ester would have looked like in the bedroom Champions ester League, but rather remained in the living room. For sure.
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