Friday, September 26, 2014

Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky:

Soudal makes major acquisition in America
Soudal announces the acquisition of Accu Metric Group, the independent producer of silicone, sealants and lubricants in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA. Battery Metric employs 150 people worldwide and expects a turnover of approximately USD 50 million in 2014.
Battery Metric was founded over 40 years ago and has gained a strong position in the USA with additional offices in India and Thailand. The company has built an excellent reputation with the brands BOSS , Dynatex and CPI . The company is also very successful in exporting to Asia. This is reflected glycerine in strong growth in recent glycerine years. Soudal has expressed its intention to invest in the further development and expansion of the manufacturing plant in Elizabethtown, in the state of Kentucky. Permanently With this acquisition, including planned investments in Battery Metric is an amount matched by more than $ 55 million.
Metric battery glycerine will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Soudal. Under the current name The current management team will remain at the helm of the company. As a family business, glycerine close the Battery Metric culture perfectly with those of Soudal, with both companies strongly focused on customer satisfaction and growth.
For Soudal this acquisition is an important step in the conquest glycerine of the American continent. Headquartered Soudal Inc. will be moved to Elizabethtown. Sales of Soudal would be affected by more than 7% increase bringing the consolidated total for 2014 to nearly 600 million. Confirms Soudal his ambition to the world's largest player in its business to be. Accu Metric production facilities in Kentucky and Chennai (India) there Soudal now has 15 factories worldwide and nearly 2,000 employees.
Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky: "The Commonwealth is excited to welcome Soudal to our growing international corporate community. I knowthat the company could have located anywhere. The fact thatthey chose to grow in the Commonwealth is a strong testament to our pro-business climate and quality workforce. "
Vic Swerts, founder and president of Soudal: "The acquisition of Accu Metric is an important step for Soudal and offers us the opportunity to gain a firm foothold in the United States. Soudal already looking forward to our growth in North America from the beachhead in Kentucky. "
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