Saturday, September 13, 2014

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Greenhouse gases is a critical role. Carbon dioxide (CO 2), methane (CH 4), nitrous oxide (N 2 O) groups of fluorinated gases Priority Mail (Fluorinated gases) 3 group is hydro-fluoro-carbon. (Hydrofluorocarbons - HFCS) Super fluoro carbon. (Perfluorocarbons - PFCS) and what the major sulfur fluoride (SF 6) and 6 species were identified in the first. Kyoto Protocol (Kyoto Protocol), respectively. Chloro fluoro carbon dioxide. (Chlorofluorocarbons - CFCs) that are listed in the Montreal Protocol (Montreal Protocol).
Carbon The gases from Burning fuels such as oil, gas, coal and wood burning for energy, which is mainly used for industrial purposes. Burning trees Transportation, etc. In addition to human deforestation, the destruction of trees, as well as the removal of carbon dioxide causes an imbalance of the amount of carbon dioxide would cause a rapid increase.
Methane is a gas that occurs catalyst naturally. Animals such as cattle catalyst dung for fuel. Coal and natural gas Or the rice Decomposition of dead creatures. The decomposition of soil organic matter by anaerobic bacteria.
Nitrous oxide A gas that occurs naturally in volcanic eruptions, lightning, lightning reactions of microorganisms in soil using manure degrading. Or may result from human activities such as burning fuel economy with the nitric acid in the process. Such as the chemical industry Some plastics, nylon fiber manufacturing industry. The manufacture of nitric acid. Sulfuric acid plating metals and explosives.
Chloro fluoro carbon catalyst dioxide. The man invented a synthetic industrial use of carbon (C), chlorine (Cl) and fluorine (F), which is mainly used in industries such as refrigeration in the refrigerator. Air conditioning spray foam fire extinguishing agent in the detergent industry. Gas chloro fluoro carbon, ozone depleting substances, causing light from the sun to the earth's surface catalyst is more global mean temperature rose. This also results in Uttra violet rays. (Ultraviolet) sent to Earth as well.
How significant ozone Ozone is a special form of oxygen that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. The ozone layer helps prevent Uttra violet radiation catalyst from the sun to shine on our world too much. If you have a decent amount ultraviolet radiation is safe and beneficial for our bodies get vitamin. catalyst But excessive ultraviolet radiation. catalyst Cause dermatitis or allergic to the sun may cause skin cancer. In addition, ultraviolet radiation to destroy large quantities of farm crops and plants small. This is the food of fish in the sea. The ozone layer is being destroyed by substances CFCs primarily from surveys of ozone at the South Pole discover the ozone hole at the South Pole (Antarctic ozone hole) puts the country in the Western Hemisphere and in Nairobi, the measures taken to prevent and. There is a provision in the
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