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Chemicals and Chemical Products Wholesale: If you are interested you can contact them at telephone

Nitric acid or nitrate (English: Nitric acid) is the acid that is harmful. If contact can cause severe burns nitric acid was discovered by analyzing univar the "Muslim alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan" About AD 800 Pure 100% nitric acid (anhydrous) is a liquid crystal. density univar of 1,552 kg / cubic meter. And a temperature of -42 C to a solid cube with a white crystal. And it boils at a temperature of 83 C, but it can boil in a. Although the light at room temperature [1].
Chemical compounds in nitric acid (HNO 3), or Aqua Fortis UK (aqua fortis) or Spirit univar of the Night Monster (spirit of nitre) is a corrosive liquid and colorless univar acid is a poison that can cause it. cause severe burns Solutions containing more than 86% nitric acid and fuming nitric acid that can corrode the metal Ta Kun. Which can be classified into two categories: white (white fuming nitric acid) and red (red fuming nitric acid).
Chemicals and Chemical Products Wholesale: If you are interested you can contact them at telephone number 089-5147020 Conceptual Product Source 1 ml nitric acid, 68% (Nitric univar Acid 68%) Local, Korea, 35, 280 kgs. / Drum.Tank Car. 2. nitric acid 10% (Nitric Acid 10%) Local, Korea, 1,000 kgs / Drum.
ADEX INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Leading supplier of industrial chemicals from factory in wholesale and retail prices. In all industry univar sectors, such as agriculture, fisheries, textiles and so on. If you would like to contact you by phone 089-5147020 concept.
chemical list (33) chemical product (33) for the chemical (33), chemicals (33) Activated carbon (2) Ammonium Chloride (1) Ammonium Sulfate (1) Borax (1) Calcium Chloride (1) Calcium nitrate (1). Citric acid (1) Coustic Soda (1) Formaldehyde (1) Magnesium Chloride (1) Magnesium Sulfate (1) Nickel Sulfate (1) Nitric Acid (1) Phosphoric acid (1) Polymer (1) Sodium Carbonate (1) Sodium Hypochlorite. (1) Sodium Metabisulfide (1) Sulfamic acid (1) ethanol (1) ferric chloride (1) hydrochloric acid 35 (1) hydrogen peroxide (1) pac (1) potassium hydroxide (1) sodium hydroxide (1) sodium nitrate (. 1) sodium nitrite (1) sulfuric acid 98 (1) of sulfuric acid (1) acid sulfa Mick (1) sulfuric acid (1), citric acid (1), boric acid (1) formic acid. Mick (1) acid residue (1) chlorine (1) Copper (1) Alum (1) ethanol (1), calcium chloride univar (1) calcium nitrate (1) magnesium chloride. B (1), magnesium sulfate (1) of ammonium chloride (1) and ammonium sulfate (1) Soda Ash (1) Caustic Soda (1) sodium (1) potassium, calcium hydroxide, B (1). Titanium dioxide (1), hydrogen peroxide (1).
2014 (15) August (1) July (1) June (1) May (2) April (2) March (2) February (3) January (3) 2013 (18). May (1) November (5) October (2) September (1) August (5) POLY ALUMINUM CHLORIDE (PAC) or chemical accelerate the ... Activated carbon or activated charcoal or formic acid Formic acid or Nitric Acid, nitric acid, potassium hydroxide, univar potassium hydroxide (KOH) June (1) May (3).
Accelerated chemical precipitation Chemical precipitation accelerates univar a chemical additive to reduce thrust between.

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