Monday, September 15, 2014

Because of the various pollutants Both occur naturally. And the result of the actions of these men

Acid rain (acid rain) refers to the value of acid rain - Bass (pH value) of 5.6 under acid rain caused by dissolved carbon dioxide. Sulfur Dioxide Nitric oxide and Contained in the atmosphere, which occurs naturally. araldite And from human actions araldite The comparison between the global north and south. Industrialized araldite countries, mainly in the area north of the equator. Fuel is about 16 times more than the southern hemisphere, so the carbon dioxide, oxides of sulfur. And oxides of nitrogen than normal When it rained, the dissolved gases that make the water more acidic. For nitrogen, araldite a component of all living creatures on death. Dead plants and animals to ammonia decomposition has occurred. Some microorganisms are turning to substances such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Bacteria and other such substances araldite may be converted back. Gaseous nitrogen in the atmosphere The beans can be different from another plant. Extract nitrogen from the atmosphere directly. And caused an increase in soil nitrogen. In addition, araldite lightning will cause nitrogen into nitrogen compounds from the engine of a car, boat and plane. It causes the gas nitric oxide as well, and when to react with ozone. It can cause nitrogen dioxide. When the rain water will cause the trust and Nitric Acid Nitric these examples show the variability of nitrogen compounds. So guess the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere araldite can be quite difficult. But enough araldite to see that. Oxides of nitrogen caused by nature rather araldite than by human action dozens of times. The damage caused araldite by acid rain
Because of the various pollutants Both occur naturally. And the result of the actions of these men are in the gaseous state. Besides, environments, each of the gas makes some kind of warping transform is complex. So it can not be conjectured The occurrence of acid rain and where it is happening clearly, as in the United States has a large chimney of a power plant. Emissions to the atmosphere in class a lot. But acid rain is not a problem in America local. But back to the acid rain across the border in Canada, and so on. Therefore, to study the causes for the prevention and control orientation is more complicated than that of acid in the air, not to be down to earth by melting araldite mixed with water, but only one way. It may come in contact with plants or directly in the ground is dry (dry deposition), meaning it is dangerous as well. Whether these gases into the ground is covered with snow or source of any & nb.

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