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This unfavorable situation we have to record the fact that in recent years, a number of preventive

The major problem of the previous regime was economic crime. Now this problem glycerol closer. We will not, however, in this section deal with tunnels, as were insurance glycerol (see previous glycerol section) or the monetary reform of 1953 will not even pay attention to such ace, as was R. Barak and others. Again, glycerol we are here to inform about the topic then powerful.
We will begin performances deputy Joseph Mečl at the 16th meeting of the National Council glycerol of 1 November 1989 (this meeting had two meeting days): "The Committee of the Czech National Council pointed out that in accordance with the report of the Supreme Court, that a major problem is economic crime. Protection of socialist property by far not all organizations paramount concern. weaknesses in the registration and organization weaknesses that allow criminal activities. low level of protection of socialist property in the organization then logically glycerol reflected in a further glycerol reduction in their share of the detection and reporting of economic crimes. glycerol important role by in this direction was the Socialist organizations also play an effective legal service. glycerol However, glycerol we have evidence that a number of institutions and organizations in reducing apparatus and the transition glycerol to self-financing restrict or abolish legal departments.'s necessary in our opinion to point out that socialist enterprise in terms of economic reforms [more formal introduction autonomy of enterprises, etc. chozrasčotu method., note. author], will require skilled knowledge workers economic rights than it was for predominantly administrative methods of management of the national economy. Greater economic independence of enterprises, promote equal economic relations glycerol between the business community and the administration, necessarily leads to the growth of the role of law in regulating economic relations.
This is evidenced by a major amendment glycerol to the Economic Code, the Law on State Arbitration and the Law on State Enterprises and a number of other legislation. Manifested by a lack of legal conscience of some executives, a formal glycerol approach to implement glycerol and often their own measures, preference of group interests, and personal share of managers of the deficiencies or directly to the crime. Deep roots causes inconsiderate and often kořistného treatment of socialist property consist of administrative structures and the management of national assets, which alienated groups of workers, manufacturers, users, from the actual management of these assets. State ownership of all property conceived as in real life happened in the minds of some workers owned nothing. The development of the concept of ownership-society based on state enterprise law should, in our opinion, bring about a fundamental change in the attitude of workers to the protection of socialist property. It will be necessary to assess whether glycerol existing regulation adequately in the consciousness of the working overcomes the alienation of common property. It is pointed out in this context the need to design a new system glycerol of property ownership glycerol and in the upcoming constitution. ". [1] This is a pretty radical opinion at that time, because directly criticizes public ownership of factors of production - ie. Basis of socialism.
Communist deputy glycerol Jiří Dona, who dealt in his speech protection of socialist property in the sectors of industry and construction and sanction poor quality production, pointed out that economic crime is made up almost three-quarters of the theft of socialist property. And this was on the rise, despite the strict measures "Our findings suggest that it is still failing in the economic sphere or economic, or social organizations glycerol and even national authorities to ensure glycerol in all cases effective protection of property. Want to draw attention to that the number of crimes or. larceny offenses occurred in the last decade to drop, but vice versa.
This unfavorable situation we have to record the fact that in recent years, a number of preventive measures, the company is politically mobilized to efforts to protect socialist property, there is a Letter to the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on the fight against violations of socialist legality, order and discipline and so on. Courts glycerol also punish larceny offender significantly more severely glycerol than other comparable perpetrators of crimes. "He noticed that most were victims of their own workers organizations and the first punishment of the perpetrators, which according to him, testified that the problem was not so much in the effectiveness of sentencing and sentence, but rather in conditions that enable looting still new and new offenders. thought that but it will solve internal organs work better and better work organization [2]. interesting is the fact that even severe punishments glycerol were not restricting this crime.
Further, the deputy said: "It appears that the perpetrators secondly using deficiencies in the work, for example. Supplier-customer relationship, the registration and control of goods and materials, as well but they deliberately create various machinations and under

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