Sunday, August 10, 2014

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It happens often. People ask, how much can buy a cheap computer. How about try to put together some of the cheapest commercially available computer dtt components? I tried to put together (not real, only on paper) one such piece.
For the folding rates used freely available on the pages warehouse Agem and without signing a registered customer. For about the same price (even cheaper) you should be able to own such a machine dtt to fold or somewhere and buy it directly composed seller. For accuracy (and for sophisticated) states a description of the component.
The whole machine is a compound of relatively higher quality dtt components and it is not a full lower ceiling, just closer to him. I kept the rule that it is not always advantageous to buy the cheapest (eg., If the mouse, keyboard, hard drive and CDRW / DVD).
The kits I created two. First, I call it mini, trying to get the lowest price. dtt Assembly standard (definitely recommend more), dtt is slightly more expensive, but also more sensible choice. Very particularly important dtt to increase the memory to 512MB exchange CDRW / DVD to DVDRW (practical).
When all this underscores and added, so the customer pays mini assembly for 7340 CZK with VAT. The assembly is based on the standard 8928 Sk VAT. The table shows the price for the CRT, the LCD monitor. At the end I show even more expansion options at a reasonable price.
Everything has a cost. In this case, the weakest link assemblies motherboard, processor and graphics card. Everything is integrated on the motherboard (along with the sound and network cards). Of the mentioned parts of the weakest link processor VIA C3 Samual. Its performance is degraded computer for office use, web browsing, play DVD movie or movies in DivX format (it's about the maximum). Games, multimedia dtt applications and more complex graphical programs is better to avoid.
If you are looking for a computer for their employees, this may be the correct choice. So if you want to work only on what should - Word, Excel, Email, Internet, and nothing more. Or if you know that the computer will not require more power, so when this option I see no problem.
Squad Mini CG ECS 789 Motherboard with CPU VIA C3 Samual 2 2000 + (800MHz / 133) who is on the board. Chipset VIA CLE266 + VT8235. 2x memory dtt DIMM for DDR266 max 2 gigabytes 2 x IDE ATA 133, 2x PCI, 1x CNR. 2-channel audio, 3D Graphics UniChrome, network card 10 / 100LAN. 1 parallel, 1 serial, 6x USB2.0, 1x RJ 45 Size 9.1 "x 7.5", Flex-ATX 1 675,00 MICRO ATX 350W TX-124 cabinet suitable for board MICRO / FLEX ATX format. Positions 2x 5.25 ", 6x 3.5", 4x slot. The front panel USB and IEEE1394 connector, audio output. Cooling Air Guide. Certified quality 350W power supply, power cord included. Dimensions 180 mm x 360 mm x 405 996.00 A-DATA DDRAM 256 megabytes dtt PC-266 chip to marry high quality branded memory A-DATA functioning in all motherboards. 837.00 Hitachi 80 gigabytes 7200 2 megabytes SPEED 7200 RPM (nominal) Buffer cache 2 MB average access dtt time <9.0 ms 1 305,00 CD RW / DVD LG 4522 Combined bulk burner with a DVD drive. dtt Burns 52x CD-R, 32x CD-RW, 52x CD read, 16x DVD. Version without the software. 880.00 FDD TEAC 3.5 "1.44MB dtt reliable Teac 3.5" internal floppy drive formatting to 1.44 megabytes of PC in white color 200.00 Keyboard Chicony 9810 PS2 classic brand WIN98 / 2000 compatible keyboard, excellent quality. 117.00 GENIUS dtt NetScroll 110 USB Optical white white mouse with 800dpi sensor, with 3 buttons, scrolovacím wheel, connectable via USB 158.00 6 168.00 Price PC (VAT) 339.92 dtt 7 CRT Monitor LG 17 "Flat CRT T710BH dtt 17 "monitor with ez-Flat with 1024 x 768 @ 85Hz, 0.24mm point size, frequency horiz. 30 - 71kHz, vertical. 50 - 160Hz, 15pin D-Sub, TCO'99. gray-silver 9 3 306,00 474,00 Price with CRT computer monitor (with VAT) 274.06 11 LCD Monitor BENQ 17 "T721 Silver-Black 17" LCD monitor with 8ms response. 1280x1024 SXGA resolution, contrast ratio of 500: 1, 300 cd / m2, image area 337.9 x 270 mm, 16.2M color palette, size 0.264 mm, viewing dtt angle of 160/160 Input D-Sub, DVI, 2x 1W speakers 5130, 00 11 Price 298,00 computer with LCD monitor (with VAT) 13 444.62
Standard assembly 789 ECS Motherboard CG processor VIA C3 Samual 2 2000 + (800MHz / 133) who is on the board. Chipset VIA CLE266 + VT8235. 2x DIMM memory

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