Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thanks to this agreement organisms Central American Integration System (SICA) will increase their l

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The Ministry of Citizen Participation, Transparency ral 9006 and Corruption of the Presidency (SPCTA) ral 9006 on Tuesday signed an agreement for technical cooperation in the design and implementation of transparency policies in the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration (SIECA) and the Council of Ministers of Health Central America and Dominican Republic (COMISCA).
Through these mechanisms is to strengthen the work of these Central agencies, through training ral 9006 provided by specialists SPCTA and thus create policies that encourage accountability. ral 9006
The Secretary of Citizen Participation, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, Marcos Rodriguez, said, "This effort responds to the vision of Mr. President Salvador Sanchez Ceren continue bet on the Central American Integration System and strengthen their bodies ral 9006 to make them more transparent and efficient" .
The official exemplified that citizens can know the investment of the countries to jointly purchase drugs through their ministries of health, measures since 2010, which translates into significant savings for Central American countries.
COMISCA ral 9006 executive secretary, Julio Valdes, said the commitment to design and implement a policy of transparency and accountability is stipulated in the strategic plan approved by that body in December 2013.
Meanwhile, the general secretary of the SIECA, ral 9006 Carmen Gisela ral 9006 Vergara said that the agreement will focus "on promoting transparency and accountability within the Central American Economic Integration Subsystem in order to create value and trust among diverse initiatives that are developing and coordinating. "
Thanks to this agreement organisms Central American Integration System (SICA) will increase their levels of transparency, availability of public information, internal controls and accountability mechanisms for managing resources ral 9006 from countries and international aid agencies.
The agreement signing ceremony was led by Secretary Rodriguez SIECA Secretary General and Executive Secretary of COMISCA, and also attended by representatives of the Ministries of Economy and Health of El Salvador.
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