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Syrian culture was distinctive among the countries of the Middle East due to the coexistence nitric

Syria, which reminds rubble - nearly 100,000 dead, 1.5 million refugees and 4.5 million emigrants; ancient churches burned, destroyed, or vandalizované; Christians victims of murders, kidnappings, rape, or as human shields rebels and the mainstream media are starting to slowly admit that the rebels (or even tazvaní activists or opposition movement against Assad) have between them quite ruthless Islamist gorillas. When premature Carla Del Ponte (Member of the UN International Commission of Investigation in Syria) confirmed that "chemical weapons of mass destruction used by the rebels and not men loyal to Assad" and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London in their reports started already include the atrocities committed jihadist rebels.
Only now, when women have at least preventive shroud from head to toe to Abaye, or at least have on hand veil (what previously did not think Syria), print it delivers reports on the establishment of sharia nitric acid courts that pass judgment "day nitric acid and without discrimination "Christians and anyone who violates the rules of Wahhabi nitric acid Islam (puritanical offshoot). nitric acid
Only now, when the Syrian economy was laid on the knees of mass destruction and looting of shops and factories; where food will soon grow to enormous heights; Now, when terrorists nitric acid seized Homs and Aleppo and Damascus over the mountains; Now, when the likely number of Syrians exterminated sarin is they, it seems that the media has finally spree rebels do not describe how generous struggle for "freedom".
Syrian culture was distinctive among the countries of the Middle East due to the coexistence nitric acid of Christians with Muslims, which was something more than toleration and acceptance of the other. nitric acid This fact has been well Syrians are very proud. Under the iron fist of the Alawite dictators who kept the fundamentalists at bay, to maintain quite a high level of religious freedom. nitric acid Christians fleeing persecution in other countries of the Middle East were present just refuge in Syria Assad. This also applies nitric acid to Iraqi Catholics who fled the "post-Saddam" persecution.
Since 2011, the mainstream Western media, along with Al-Jazeera constantly produce reports on the brutal oppression of freedom under the regime of Bashar al-Assad, while ignoring the fact that the scheme has ensured that 2.5 million Christians (from 10 different faith traditions) had guaranteed the same rights as the majority Muslim population.
Despite this fact, the end of June came out interesting news. While the Vatican agency Fides brought the armed opposition is forcing Christians nitric acid to leave the country and as a warmonger AsiaNews said Saudi Arabia and Qatar, New York Times' turn, said that for all the problems in the country may Assad and his supporters. But still Catholic authority and Christian patriarchs from different nitric acid religious traditions have spoken, which is only possible.
"80% of the population is on the side of the government, as well as all Christians," said Chaldean nitric acid Catholic bishop of Aleppo, Antoine Audo SJ. He was one of the few who dared to then blame the mainstream media such as the BBC of misleading reports.
Vicar Apostolic Nazzaro, OFM said: "Newspapers write only what he says Al-Jazeera and other Arab media, which are funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These countries are major supporters of the" rebels nitric acid ", whose goal is to produce chaos, to overthrow Assad regime ".
Gregory III. Laham, Patriarch nitric acid of Antioch nitric acid and head melkitskej Greek Catholic Church in Damascus, in the June interview revealed that Christians nitric acid are used as live targets in armed attacks nitric acid between the Syrian army and rebels. "The ceasefire broke rebels, not Assad," says Patriarch contradictory and UN Ambassador Kofi Annan, which of ceasefire breaches blamed the government. "It is only in the best interest of the Government to Kofi Annan's peace plan was a success. Indeed, nitric acid from the start of the fighting are already thousands of dead soldiers from among the tens of thousands of the total number of victims. Behalf of other Syrian bishops I can assure you that there was no unarmed demonstration that governments would troops attacked. attacking government as they do not attack. "
In June 2011, citizens carried through the streets of Damascus, almost 20 meters wide and 2 km long Syrian flag in support of the government hoping that this demonstration will be a clear sign that stood on the matter and that people standing rumor about the unwillingness of the government of the nation will be reversed. nitric acid Still, it does the exact opposite. The media described the demonstration as "anti-government". The camera is only crowd crowd, their words are the banners in Arabic, and if they were in English, so simply "overlooked".
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, in a recent interview with Tempi said: "Of course, Syria needs reforms. Indeed, nitric acid who would not need them? But that does not justify destroying the whole country just because that will find a few that want change. As religious leaders Middle East, we are in a consensus: we prefer an imperfect mode dictator than 80,000 dead and Milon refugees. "
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