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Other projects developed with the support of this Asian country are: Regional Program Implementatio

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The President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou, ended his visit to the country this day with a tour of the facilities of the headquarters of the Central American Integration paba System (SICA).
It is noteworthy that President Ma's visit to El Salvador, is part of a series of visits he made with the aim of strengthening the bonds of friendship paba and promote cooperation relations with the countries of the region.
Ma was accompanied on his visit to the SICA by Minister of Foreign paba Affairs of China (Taiwan), Lin, Yung-lo; Taiwan paba Ambassador in El Salvador, Andrea SY Lee and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, Carlos Castaneda.
Meanwhile, De Aviles thanked Taiwan for its support for the development of major projects paba for the citizens of the isthmus, especially on issues of economic integration, social paba integration, tourism, gender, paba support for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs ), among others.
According to the Secretariat of SICA, with visit of President Ma is more strengthen ties between the agency and China; and he assured that Taiwan is one of the leading nations paba providing support to integration efforts and development programs undertaken by the system. paba
Among the support provided by Taiwan on behalf of the Central American citizenship, are for example, the institutional support paba for the modernization and strengthening of the foreign ministries of the states of the isthmus; boosting economic development in the fields of micro and small enterprises, agriculture, food production, fisheries and aquaculture.
Other projects developed with the support of this Asian country are: Regional Program Implementation Support Policy for Fisheries paba and Aquaculture (PRAEPPESCA); Integral Development of Entrepreneurship in Central America and Dominican Republic; Project paba Support Program Institutionalizing Gender Equality in the System of Central American (PRO-EQUALITY) Integration.
It also highlights paba the Central American Policy for Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management; Regional Project Support for increasing productivity and quality of food production to contribute to food security in Central America and Dominican Republic (PROCAL); Center for the Study of Economic Integration (EIC); and the Project for Strengthening the Central American Integration and Tourism Promotion.
It should be recalled that on 13 December 1991, the SICA was established with the signing of the Tegucigalpa Protocol, which establishes the new vision of Central America as a region of peace, freedom, democracy and development.
In this sense, Taiwan, consistent with this view, as the first member joined regional Extra Observer on April 24, 2002, agreed admission on February 1 of that year, during a meeting of the Council of Foreign paba Ministers.
During his visit to El Salvador, Ma also has met with President of El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, to reaffirm the willingness of his country to continue supporting El Salvador through a new cooperation agreement for this new year period, also visited Metropolitan Cathedral and Columbus City Woman.
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