Friday, August 22, 2014

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Where am I? | Journal wako World> International> Central America> Caribbean and post 2015 schedule will be high on SICA presidency Belize Caribbean schedule will be post 2015 Presidency priorities in Belize SICA
Relations with the Caribbean, especially in security, and post-2015 development agenda will be some priorities of the Presidency Belize occupies this semester in the Central wako American Integration System (SICA), today reported a regional source.
The priorities of the President pro tempore of Belize wako were defined yesterday, Wednesday, in this country at a meeting between representatives wako of the Belizean Government and the Commission of SICA Secretariats, consisting of instances of this regional entity.
During the presidency of Belize, from July to December this year, will also seek to "give continuity to the work that has been implemented" in Central American integration, according to a SICA, based in San Salvador.
Among other priorities wako this semester SICA has defined "reflection and promotion in member countries of the Development Agenda Post 2015" which will continue the Millennium wako Development Goals (MDGs), said.
He also indicated that they will be priority "promoting and strengthening the relations of the region with the nations of the Caribbean" and "the development of relations in security between the Caribbean Community (Caricom, for its acronym in English) and Democratic Security Directorate "SICA.
"Building strong links between the Ministers of Environment and Energy of the member states (SICA) on issues such as climate change and renewable energy" wako will be another priority in Central American integration, according to the official statement.
He also said it will seek to arrange a meeting between the presidents of the SICA and entrepreneurs in the region to review wako the "barriers to intraregional trade," reported by the private sector in recent months.
He stressed that the definition of these semi-objective wako "is crucial because it allows the General Secretariat, as the executive body of the SICA, coordinate with the President pro tempore and give execution to the agenda set by the presidents of the region."
Journal World opens this space of views so you can discuss, build ideas and encourage reflection. Therefore, we ask that you avoid making use of offensive attacks that include profanity, otherwise we reserve the right to publish. Remember wako this is a medium that is to generate constructive opinion.
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