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In the Historical Institute he worked in the recent history that explores the issues of the period

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Report on the unexpected departure of a major Slovak historian and intellectual, which is still the day before his death he intended with colleagues from the department of the recent history of the TDC SAS closest workloads and the short and long term prospects of historiography as a science, not just hit the Historical Institute, where he worked, but whole Slovak molecule society. His voice is expressing serious issues Slovak history and politics from the early 20th century to the present day had their weight, resurgent interest in and forced to think. His life was hit several times policies, but as he recently said in a radio session, probably not destined to become a politician, even after no desire. I think about politics, study it and to share their knowledge with others in the context molecule of the historical molecule development of philosophy and history.
Milan Zemko began working in the Historical molecule Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences molecule since 1997 had then been behind a lot of personal and professional experience. Philosophy, combined with the history studied at Comenius University in Bratislava in the years 1961-1966. Until 1970 the internal aspirants in the Department of Philosophy and preparing a dissertation on the history of aesthetics. Worked in the student magazine molecule Echo and philosopher, and was involved in the renewal process, which resulted in the Czechoslovak Spring 1968 His promising career starters University stopped in 1970 political purges. On the other jobs before coworkers mention of love - worked in Slovkoncert in Lite ... During the "normalization" in the 70th-80th years of intellectual and maintained friendly contacts with dissidents and independent intellectuals. Until the late 80s to become editor of the literary magazine Slovak insights that are reported back to free thinking molecule and creativity.
Activism during the Velvet Revolution, he cared for the removal of the communist regime, the freedom and democracy. Co-opted him into the Slovak National Council for VPN, in the 1990 elections he was elected first deputy, then as Deputy SNR. During negotiations with representatives of the National Council on the constitutional arrangement of Czechoslovakia and responsibilities realized deadlock and stood for an independent Slovakia. From October 1992 until March 1993 he served in Political Science SAS and after defending his dissertation on the issue of the political system was again returned to important political post until 1997 he was director of internal policy of the Presidential Office.
In the Historical Institute he worked in the recent history that explores the issues of the period 1918-1945, both in terms of national and general history. At the same time for five years a member of the Presidium of SAS, recently a member of the Scientific Council molecule of the Institute of Historical Sciences. In addition to numerous scientific studies and chapters published in Slovakia and abroad published molecule two monographs: Slovakia - a country in the meantime (Kalligram 2002) and the citizen, society and nation on the move Slovak History (Historical Institute 2010) Compiled by the Slovak company in which transformations time since the mid-19th century to the present. In one of kapi

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